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  2. USA Olympic Women's Hockey Wins Gold!

    Easy still not recovered from the curling loss
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  4. The feedback thread

    Seems like we are getting a lot of new members crossing over from Facebook and they are nothing but trolls ,this new member samrob10 is a piece of work after answering his want list this so called member emailed me about a TBTC Stevie y jersey made three offers before I could respond . I did send pics and asked if any questions after making a last offer I accepted he came back with it’s not 100% correct so he would only offer the first offer I agreed and then nothing . He also b u lol s h it ed about buying a jersey from ADAM. WHICH IS KNOW UP ON EBAY . His feedback on eBay is far from good maybe we should look closer at who we accept on this forum .
  5. Future Expansion

    Didn't see anything on this recently. So Seattle sent in an application a couple weeks ago to be the leagues 32nd team. The city finally reached a deal to completely renovate Key Arena (again). The league has already said that the next expansion team Expansion Draft would be the same rules as what Vegas had. Starting 1 Mar, Seattle will be doing their Season Ticket drive. Goal for Seattle is to begin play in the 20/21 season as the Arena would be ready in 2020. All my life, I have cheered for Seattle sports (except for baseball, but my fandom of the A's is still tied to the State of Washington), I have always wondered if Seattle got a team would I change allegiances from the Sabres to a Seattle team, I guess we could possibly find out in a few years.
  6. Edge Jersey Timeline

    To be honest, I’ve found better deals buying TI jerseys from MeiGray and on eBay than I have found anywhere else. Especially after the Adidas change, retail jerseys (Devils of course) at 50% off (the best discount I saw) were $150, while MeiGray had TI for $129. That said, I’ve never given any consideration to whether a jersey is TI, I'd never use that as a basis of my purchase decision.
  7. Edge Jersey Timeline

    True! From an aesthetic accuracy point of view it makes sense though for people around these parts.
  8. Edge Jersey Timeline

    If available at the same price, yes. Which on its face does not convey any additional value over a retail authentic, it’s literally a choice between things of the same value by crazy people who feel an extra piece of twill on the fight strap attachment is somehow better.
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

  10. The Official IceJerseys MLB thread

    Pretty sure its Majestic in house on that kind of stuff (a lot of stuff Majestic tends to do in house if I'm not mistaken). EPS usually does a really good job with baseball stuff.
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Got this yesterday and only fitting as his number will be raised into the rafters tomorrow. Patrik Elias 14-15 red set 1 game worn. Worn in 10 games and had 1 goal and 4 assists in this jersey. Has some decent (for him) wear of 3 repairs on the left shoulder, a mark on one of the back numbers and some small random board burns/marks. This is my 4th Elias currently in my collection and wanted a red one as the other 3 are white.
  12. Edge Jersey Timeline

    You just said most of us would buy TI if available, so that conveys value, and I'm sure JB hangs out here so they're gathering consumer insight.
  13. Edge Jersey Timeline

    Ok, now I’ve heard it. I still don’t believe they are more valuable.
  14. Edge Jersey Timeline

    I actually paid a bit more with JB for the TI, just because. Wasn't a lot more.
  15. Edge Jersey Timeline

    Good to know, thanks
  16. Edge Jersey Timeline

    No they don’t. Some guys would choose a TI over a retail blank if they are the same price, but I’ve never heard anyone say they paid extra for a TI.
  17. The Official IceJerseys MLB thread

    Anyone know who did the 2013 All Star Jerseys?
  18. Edge Jersey Timeline

    I've seen some team issued jerseys, but was never really sure if they sell for more than a regular authentic or not. Do you know if they do?
  19. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    I have ordered from Jersey Baron a ton in the past, always a great experience. Recently I exchanged a jersey that I bought from them a while back (a blank Rangers Stadium jersey) for one that was a size up and customized as a Lundqvist. Extremely smooth transaction
  20. Edge Jersey Timeline

    Team issue(d) is a blank jersey issued to the team that is unused. Either way you say it.
  21. Edge Jersey Timeline

    No, they’re the same thing. The team actually possessing a TI blank jersey changes nothing about it.
  22. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Not sure if this has been posted before, behind the scenes at SLC (you can see the Arenas templates):
  23. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Not bad, dsl. That'll make a nice Patrick.
  24. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I tend to agree, I'm just really reluctant to use it based on some of the previous posts with the Penguins jerseys, and how I've seen the colors run on these jerseys. Kinda don't want to have to wash it too many times.
  25. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I would think acetone should get the off pretty easily. I've gotten worse off with it.
  26. It arrived today v. 8.0

    So I decided to be the guinea pig for the Flyers jerseys. Stripping a Carnival Lehtera #15 and covering it with a Patrick #19. Really only two nervous areas: - Getting the Carnival patch off - The top corners of each #5, the #9 will cover the rest of it First, I went for the patch... Aside from two really tiny glue spots, that came off really clean. I was worried about damage to the dimples, but they seem fine: The numbers were not as forgiving, and definitely left some glue residue. I've hit this with an iron and a t-shirt, with not much luck. Rubbing the glue after hitting it with the iron through the t-shirt seems to break it down a little bit, and like I said, I'm really only worried about the top corners of the #5, so overall... this is gonna work out ok for me, but I dunno that I'd want to try it again.
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