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  2. That's most likely just something that was sold at retail at the time. No team wore a Canada Cup patch on their jerseys until 1987 and even then it was only Canada for some reason.
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  4. You can see the main layer is also sewn down despite the middle layer being kiss cut.
  5. Nice Canucks! Could you elaborate on that stitching difference? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
  6. Surprise Sunday delivery from Canada Post. Box from Keener... The Bure is a font correction. Somehow, Great Plains got the simple number font wrong back in my retail management days and they were who we used. While I am pleased with the overall work Keener did here, I am disappointed with the Mogilny jersey. The fonts are fine, the kiss cut numbers are what they should be... except one detail that was explicitly discussed before sending, and clearly written on the form I included in the box. The main layer in he numbers is also sewn down on game jerseys, Keener staff said they would do it that way and they did not. Both my last two experiences with Keener had a detail discussed and missed. With them shut down now, I don't think I will even contact them to send it back just to have the main layers get a stitch-around. I will see if whoever I send jerseys to next can do that simple request for $5-10.
  7. Is it alright if I ask how much all of this could be worth? A friend of a family friend is in need of cash and wants me to sell this stuff for him. I take it that it's not worth much, eh? Except MAYBE the McDavid card? In any event, what would be a fair price to sell these individually for on eBay? Thx. And yes, unfortunately the jerseys are just replicas, but new with tags, I believe. Hallsy is autographed, Yak-attack is not.
  8. ^ anyone have any luck or info on said jersey posted above your help would be truly greatly appreciated Thanks Guys !
  9. No problem. It was time to let it go and since you like the rare stuff it went to a good home. Enjoy!
  10. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Holy smokes! A team repair on one of the arms, washed a lot of times AND sourced straight from a locker room person!?! Why aren't you people bidding!?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/RAY-BOURQUE-1991-92-BOSTON-BRUINS-GAME-WORN-75TH-PATCH-HOCKEY-JERSEY-TEAM-REPAIR/312799589980 I don't know what the blurry pics are of Boourque are supposed to show.
  11. Another great deal with @Biscuit In The Basket
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  13. Maybe it was authentic. Misspellings happen 😂
  14. I never said that that time period was perfect, but a lot of teams looked their best before the Edge switch. Case in point, the Stars and Flames in the 06-07 season because they'd both ditched their awful alternates. Their looks were ruined by the Edge switch.
  15. That's where my avatar jersey came from. It took almost 6 months to get that. They told me it was because Bauer thought that the team might fold and they stopped making their jerseys for a while. Barry Kemp then bought the team with all his money from "Coach" and other tv shows and moved them from the LA Sports Arena to Long Beach. I'm glad I have an authentic of both the home and road for the one year LA Ice Dogs.
  16. Fellow weirdo here. Totally bought from RCS ads out of Hockey News as a kid. Had an Isles fishsticks and original Preds from them that I remember.
  17. I bought so many jerseys from River City Sports. I thought I was the only weirdo Most notably I got my green North Stars from them and a big block CCM Pens without the NHL shield that at the time had me thinking they were selling knock offs until I found this board. I think I still have a few of their mailers they sent out. Loved that place
  18. Yup, we always got the catalog and checked out all the jerseys of teams we otherwise would never have known about. I still have an Orlando Solar Bears as a result.
  19. Wow, that brings me back. Used to get their catalogs in the mail. I’d ask for an authentic jersey for my birthday and Christmas. That’s how my collection began as a kid
  20. don’t forget about the diagonal ‘Pittsburgh’. When Snoop wore that jersey i feel like they blew up in popularity
  21. Two Brandon Mashinter Icehogs jerseys: Home w/A 16/17 Alt w/C 15/16
  22. How many could you wear at once...
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