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  2. I need to get some old Astros stuff. Might do a Biggio or Berkman with the Enron Field patch (talk about an odd ball patch).
  3. Just got this back from Keener. It was well worth the wait.
  4. Has anyone been in the Canucks store recently. Curious how they've applied 50th anniversary patches to the Indozeros in their store. Might have to just bite the bullet, buy one and remove the patch to get one. Would like to know if it's worth the effort given how the team is putting an obscene amount of adhesive on their numbers for game jerseys.
  5. That Votto is hot hot hot! I had a reproduced version of that. Simple and easy but very sharp looking. The Marlins need to go back to that color scheme and identity. It was so much better than the crap they've worn since. Seeing this thread reminds of that I'd bought some more stuff in the last few months. Let's go through them, shall we? First, a guy who at least made the Hall of Fame ballot, Billy Wagner. His 2001 post-9/11 road alternate: Speaking of Wagner, his rookie jersey from the ONE game he appeared in way back in 1995 at Shea Stadium (with one of my favorite patches from that era): Then, a really wild flannel Tampa Tarpons "throwback" from 1999 worn by hitting coach Leon Roberts: and finally, what just showed up today, a 2010 Tarpons throwback worn by Eric GRANT Balfour (who the hell is Eric Balfour???):
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  7. All Star alert! 2019-20 Travis Konecny, road set 1. TK wore this jersey in 3 PS and 14 Reg games, including an overseas game in Lausanne, Switzerland. He scored 5 goals and 11 assists while wearing it. Has a nice black mark on the front that was easily photomatched, lots of inner pilling, some board burns and marks, as well as some team repairs on the right sleeve. Love this one!
  8. mfitz804

    Newer Jerseys

    Thats what she said.
  9. Good to know. Maybe I’ll try stripping at some point.
  10. Weeeellll....the author did bump it in November 2018...
  11. Last week
  12. You resurrected a thread from 2011...deserves resurrection, no?
  13. mdwsta4

    Newer Jerseys

    I stripped an Indo just fine. The one I purchased was stitched. Came off easily
  14. Are they not glued down? Honestly it wouldn’t be worth the time or money for an import if adhesives are involved.
  15. Looking for an Authentic Salmon Red Canucks Skate Jersey. Can be authentic or game worn, but prefer authentic for cost reasons and don’t have any particular attachment to game worn jerseys.
  16. I went to All Star Fan Fest this weekend. The only MIC’s I saw were Bruins, Devils, and Kings. They all had crappy heat pressed customization too🙁
  17. Looking for a blank Pro Player 'Hawks away (red) and a couple of 2.0 white blanks either wordmark or vector in a 52. Can already done as Seabs or Campbell. Prefer the Soupy to be a vector but not a deal breaker if it isn't. Thanks.
  18. I'll have to check but I know I have the Reebok ones still in the bags. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk
  19. Ya they are not on ice spec, but the material was the MIC quality
  20. Sorry I went to all 3 team stores 10 minutes before it started nothing but hangers, replicas and youth in every team
  21. Agree 100%. Making negative comments just messes with a guy’s ability to sell and I hate that. And any time I get back what I paid, I’m elated. Granted gamers hold their value better, but still.
  22. Price is honestly irrelevant. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay. Most of us aren’t doing this to turn a profit. I think the vast majority of us just want to get back what we paid for things when we sell them. If that isn’t possible, then we are the ones who get to decide what we’ll settle for. I can’t stand when people comment negatively on prices. If you don’t like the price, make an offer or move on. Simple.
  23. I get when people use auctions as a gauge but people often lose the context of them. Just because someone got a great deal or got bent over a barrel doesn't mean that is the typical or average price point.
  24. Yea, I've never had a problem with RA. He's been a solid dude every time we've spoken, but the comments were getting to the gatekeeping side of things.
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