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  2. Looking for a few jerseys for my Zarley Zalapski collection. (Size 50-54 preferred) Any Zarley Zalpski Game Worn Jerseys 1989-91 Hartford Whalers Home or Away - either Mesh or Ultrafil, no Air-Knit 1991-1993 Calgary Flames Home White 1994-1998 Calgary Flames Home White 1999-2000 Philadelphia Flyers Road Orange (The one with the CCM and Silver NHL on back hem) Early 2000's KOHO Vancouver Canucks Navy Jersey (The one without the stick-in-the-rink shoulder patches) I am also looking for the following jerseys not ZZ related: 1987-89 Chicago Blackhawks Home W
  3. Nice, gotta love how elaborate these Griffins jerseys were with the puffy crest and the vinyl layer.
  4. Not a gamer, just an authentic. EPS did the customization, with the heat-pressed vinal middle layer of the 3-layer letters and numbers.
  5. Haha, awesome! I've got an inaugural Griffins coming this week should be posting here soon. Is yours a gamer? Pics? Sweet Jags, @PensJerseys
  6. Thrilled to finish this one up. 1998-99 Jagr Starter mesh jersey, autographed. Kit by @TMLFAN Wasn't until I got the back numbers on that I realized I put the nameplate on slightly crooked. Have to fix that here some day... 🙃 https://flic.kr/s/aHsmQUz74d
  7. Last week
  8. Actually I was just, today, admiring a nice puffy crest of an IHL Grand Rapids Griffins (Ivan Ciernik) jersey I have. Super nice.
  9. Yeah old time hockey for sure with that Lambert stat line. I can't get enough of these old IHL jerseys, the Bauer ultrafils are unreal. The designs are cool and I've been made aware that a number of the teams did puffy crests too.
  10. Figured I would join the party of comparing sizes. These are all MIC Adidas Size 58. The CKA is wider than both Canucks jerseys, and it's noticeable when I put each one on too, yet the 2018 ASG jersey is wider than the CKA jersey. CKA's arms are wider than all others, but the stars sewn on CKA's arms makes comp photos a pain. VAN White Tag 2018 ASG Tag VAN Blue Tag CKA Tag Also looked at dimples and the white Canucks seems like a bit less weight was put on the press than the others, that all feel the same.
  11. Plot twist: he owns the Roy jersey.
  12. My Nike 52 fits way bigger than my CCM 52’s from the early 90’s. Especially around the neck. Consider players regularly wore Nike 52’s which would put it at the equivalent of a 56 in today’s sizing. I prefer 50/52 in modern cuts
  13. The gamer without the patch? I was under the impression the team used a single set for the second half of the season when they played this game so the patch was sewn on then removed after the game?
  14. Sweet Gulls jersey. I just glanced at the Hockeydb list of players from their 1994-95 season, and there are some interesting names in there. (I like the Denny Lambert line of 25g - 35a - 222pm. Old time hockey). I've got a Minnesota Moose Dave Christian with the IHL 50th patch. Nice.
  15. Some nice Hawks jerseys on this page... I always liked this jersey (black version only), will soon be made into a Rucchin from 94-95. I had to strip a number off of it, but it came out excellent, no sign of the strip. Bonus being it came with an original IHL 50th patch.
  16. I’m not sure why everyone says Nike run so big. I have had a couple 2002 Olympic jerseys and a 56 fit exactly like a CCM 56. Possible this is just a phenomenon seen in the smaller sizes?
  17. Yeah, thought it was a good price as well And this size 58 Nike is about right for me (6'4, 286 lbs), although I don't really wear my gamers.
  18. I wondered who snagged that. Was close to pulling the trigger for price alone, but then thought about how big a size 58 Nike would be. I could literally use that as a tent
  19. I'd definitely grab one off you
  20. Brad Brown 1998/1999 set 2, nice fighter/enforcer wear with several blood and sweat stains
  21. Only real difference is the game worn practice jersey had all red or all black collars. Obviously regular practice jerseys have the contrasting white parts of the collar and back neck yolk. I really want to work down my collection to two dozen jerseys. At least I say that’s my goal. Was at 100+ and have about 40 at the moment. Trying to free up closet space and just keep stuff that is special (to me)
  22. NEVER pass on Ultrafil! It's the law How accurate is the the practice jersey from what they wore? Looks really cool And what's the "2-dozen number"?
  23. I'll never pass a deal on an ultrafil. This is in mint condition so chances are I'll have some patches made up for it to replace my existing ultrafil. Sticking with one in, one out Similar to the red WC practice jersey I had done by CSL earlier this summer, KB67 made up a black Keith version for me Very happy with how this turned out, but it's going on the FS block. Trying to get close to that 2-dozen number!
  24. If anything, the HHOF patches would make for a nicer looking quilt than the NJ 10th anniversary patches
  25. From my casual observation, Lutch provides jerseys for most KHL teams, but the Edge 2.0 (Reebok and CCM branded) has been worn by at least a few teams. CKA is the only one I've seen wearing MIC Adidas but I haven't looked hard lately either.
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