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  2. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    Cool story. The wangs goal is one I think of in this case as well. I also see the "A" as an honor, which encompasses many of those great moments. It's a tough call. But I could always just have two Seabs jerseys...
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  4. The Want List

    Checking if anybody has an authentic 2002 Finals patch before I buy a repro?
  5. It arrived today v. 8.0

    It has both. Extra large printed on the tag, and 52 in ballpoint.
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sweet caps pickup!
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Wow, nice pickup! Does the tag actually say size 52 on it? I thought those Sandows came in letter sizes. Just curious.
  8. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    2 that comes to mind for this topic is Graves when he wore the "C" in 99-00 when Leetch was injured and a preseason Home Blue Gaborik when he wore the "A" in a game vs the Devils.
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yeah, I saw the mention on and pics of a NNOB one. There are a couple old GWA examples that do have names, also referred to as preseason jerseys. If anyone here on the board has more info, PM me.
  10. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    that's what she said?
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yowza! There is actually a strange history with those jerseys. They were only worn during a pre-season tournament that was played in Sweden in the early 1980's and I THINK...THINK they were NNOB.
  12. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    You’re not fooling anyone, Mike. We know you love to Wang Chung!
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sandow durene Caps, size 52. Not sure if I'm going to customize this one, but I'm jazzed just finally having a vintage durene in such great condition.
  14. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    I'm not a fan of wangs either.
  15. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Price Drop Bump
  16. Meigray Expo 2018

    Was a very busy day/weekend on my family's end so apologies for the late post! It was nice to see so many familiar faces from all around the hobby as well as this board. Unfortunately, the day goes way to fast but there is always next year to look forward to. We thought it was a nice turnout with lots of activity. Pleasantly surprised to see more Devils representation this year. Would love more of course, but i'm not sure it's a Development camp issue as much as it's both interest related and it being prime Summer time, where people just have "summer things" going on. But, the people who come make the event and hopefully it can grow even more. Mike Rupp was a nice choice as a guest and helped with some homework regarding our game worn helmet of his. We joked with him that he can have his hair back that is stuck in the padding glue lol. The two Rebeccas from the Riveters are great. They make you want to be a fan based on how respectful and appreciative they are of their fans. Got a game used Riveters puck signed by Russo as well. Russo is really a great ambassador for the women's game. We got three (!) Devils road jerseys (58, 58, 58+) and two are available. We also have a Bruins home that is a 58 and would like a 56 instead but couldn't find one. It seemed like the Capitals were the team that was predominant among the blanks. Lots of trading of blanks among attendees. It's great that the free jersey has returned as part of the Expo, i think it's responsible for some additional draws for sure. We won a raffle for the 4th year in a row. We've won one in each of the years they've done it which has to be a record lol. Even our friends who came won one, so our luck rubbed off on them as well lol. This year we won a Devils Bryce Salvador stick. It's marked with the teams he used it against so hopefully a match can be found as well! Our table was next to two first time collectors who displayed. They are Rangers collectors and great guys to boot and it was fun having the two rival teams next to each other. For our table, we wanted try to find a happy medium in how many is enough to display without making the table look cluttered. We upped it to 25 jerseys and that seems to be a good amount to display provided they are folded in a way that maximizes space. One thing we enjoy is our table being next to the Swap Table. It was awesome to see so many deals going on. Lots, and i mean lots, of quality jerseys that we enjoyed looking at. We were tempted to grab an open spot for the grab bag, but the images of so many faces who came out of it in the past are still seared into our consciousness that we stuck and passed. Used the $ for an great non-Devils specialty "themed" jersey, two Devils gamers and a practice worn Devils for $25 at the warehouse. I'm sure i am forgetting more i'll add later, but i hope that those of us who attend and share our experiences will entice others to come and share the fun of the day.
  17. Meigray Expo 2018

    No Caps alts and only old style Stars.
  18. Meigray Expo 2018

    Cracker Barrel is awesome.
  19. Meigray Expo 2018

    We're any of the Caps they gave away the white or red 3rds? We're they giving away any of the newer green Stars or were they the old white or black ones that said DALLAS on the front?
  20. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    I hear ya. I thought about it as well. but, I hate the wangs and I was at that game (and game 6). plus, Seabs and I have the same b-day and he has been referred to as "birthday" for many years now. for him to be the one to score against the hated red wings and to be there to see it was.... awesome. thus, for him, no A. I'd almost say the same for Hoss considering game 5 vs Nashville.
  21. MeccaDon123's sale/trade thread

    Bump for new jerseys in 1st post.
  22. Meigray Expo 2018

    Great seeing Kurt, Mike, and Louis in person and whoever else I may have met -- I am unsure whether or not you are on here. Got some good jerseys, but the highlight of the day is, and will always be, going to the Cracker Barrel after (about a 20 minute drive west).
  23. Meigray Expo 2018

    They were 2.0s wordmark and mostly 56s. I ended up with a red and a white after trading with Brilliant.
  24. Meigray Expo 2018

  25. Last week
  26. Meigray Expo 2018

    Online sale is live now! Go get 'em!
  27. Meigray Expo 2018

    Assuming the Caps (and all giveaway jerseys) were Reebok 2.0s? Were the sizes reasonable or were they the small tent variety?
  28. Meigray Expo 2018

    There were some whites in there too. I had traded my Stars one for a white which I then swapped for a red.
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