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  2. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    If it turns out I am wrong, I'll eat my words, but this really annoys me about these different levels of "authentic" jersey created first by Reebok, and now by Adidas. Salespeople are not educated enough about the differences, and although unwittingly, provide misleading information to customers. I'm willing to bet that those pre-ordered "authentics" that arrive in September will NOT be the same as the on-ice jerseys on the display mannequins.
  3. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Both. The jerseys were displayed on mannequins in the middle of the store. They are also taking preorders for Adidas "authentics" that are expected to arrive in mid-September. Not sure about country of manufacture but when I asked the salesclerk if they were the same as what was on the mannequine, he said "yes."
  4. Mfitz804's sale thread: The Jersey-Go-Round

    Bump with a few price drops.
  5. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Front Yard -- the Blues jerseys were just on display at the team store? Or were they taking orders for that style yet?
  6. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    The new Jets jerseys were on display at their draft party last night. The fellow who runs their game used gear was on hand at the event. Sadly, he also confirmed these Canadian models won't be available to the public. The jerseys on display also had the same twill lettering and two-layer numbers used in the past seasons since 2011-12. Apparently those are remaining the same even with the change to Adidas. Only the nameplate material was clearly "off" since Adidas nameplates aren't readily available yet.
  7. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    So I stopped by the Blues team store today and to my surprise they had the new Adidas jerseys on display. These were made in Canada. Unfortunately I couldn't try one on but, after a brief inspection, the construction of the jersey seem similar to the EDGE. The only thing that seemed weird to me was the shoulders - not just the material but the assembly itself. I'm not a clothing designer but it's like there's an extra panel of material on the shoulder yoke for some reason? Looking at release photos of other teams, this seems to be a standard part of the ADIZERO template. When the NHL released photos and descriptions of the ADIZERO jerseys, I was scared the new material would be snag prone like EDGE 1.0s. After seeing and feeling it in person, the new material seems like it should hold up well to abuse. Junkyard's description of it in the original post was perfect. It basically feels like air-knit without holes. Personally, I'm indifferent about the new collar design but not a fan of the new NHL shield. It's a bit too flashy in my opinion. Only the home blue jersey was customized. What I found interesting was it had sublimated numbers with perforated holes just like the World Cup jerseys. I had a brief conversation with the salesclerk and was told this type of customization is something Adidas is trying to market to teams so this was done as a prototype. Apparently the Blues aren't the biggest fans of it. I'm not sure if they will continue to use Liebe but it will be interesting to see how the gamers are customized when the upcoming season begins.
  8. Nameplates Needed

    Looking for this red in both airknit and ultrafil. Same red the Minnesota Wild use, which apparently is called "Montreal red." Go figure.
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  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I'd recommend calling them. They're not listed on the web site.
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Perfect ,I need a 56 will look after all my gamers are finished and shipped
  12. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thanks bud, waited all season for it and it was the only black one in size 52!
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    A great looking Flyers jersey
  14. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Pro Knitwear told me that they only did the fight strap patch for the gamers but there's at least one fan jersey out there that has it so I'm going to ask them to add it when I send them my order. Worst case scenario, they say no and tell me that they already told me that they couldn't do it and I play dumb and claim I forgot that.
  15. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Never. Enough. Patches.
  16. It arrived today v. 8.0

    One of the last team issues Jersey Baron had, to be shipped off to Pro Knitwear in a few days.
  17. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I'll be happy as will my wallet.
  18. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Got it. $200 for a blank authentic isn't bad, if that's the case.
  19. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I'm not sure there's a clear answer yet on any of those, just rampant speculation.
  20. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    So just to clarify (I haven't been following), Adiadas will sell the Canadian on ice jerseys for $200 blank, cheaper indo edge style jerseys made overseas (sold at nhl shop, etc.) and then fanatics owns the rights to sell replicas? What's the material and patch difference like with all three? Because the patches and crest on the Hawks replicas compared to indo and 2.0 are terrible.
  21. It arrived today v. 8.0

    2016-17 Practice Worn jersey. Defensemen typically wear the black practice jerseys. The Flyers have two defensemen that wear a size 52, so this was worn by Shayne Gostisbehere and/or Michael Del Zotto.
  22. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Must find arenas jersey....
  23. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    As a Devils fan, I personally have larger concerns than a couple stripes. Our fan base resists change, there have been multiple such issues in the past 5 or so years. Bottom line, changing the jerseys does t have anything to do with whether management cares about the team or the fans. And anyone who calls the team over something like that has way more free time on their hands than I do.
  24. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    What is wrong with that? Rather have fans that care, then fans who don´t give a Fu** about their the Devils management for instance
  25. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Shut up, no you don't. You too.
  26. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Same. At first I thought they sucked. But they've really grown on me.
  27. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I like those Leafs Centennial jerseys more and more every time I see them.
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