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  1. eBay version 4.0

    Stephane Richer game worn Canadiens Ebay has gotten tooooo big. There is no way,10 years ago, this jersey would sell for only $300. Richer was a huge offensive part of those late 80's early 90's Canadiens, a top two line player. Its either eBay has gotten too big or there are way too many places to check for game jerseys or both. But its not worth putting jerseys on 7 day auctions unless you want to get half of what you should be getting. $300 for a game worn Richer, what a joke, a retail authentic costs that, this should have at least sold for $1000. Unless someone out there knows this jersey is "suspect" or something.
  2. The Patch Thread 2.0

    The patch on the blue is not the same you won off of ebay, is it? The patch on the blue is different than the one you sent me the link to. Both pictured here are original, the one you sent me the link to is a nice repo but still a repo.
  3. The Want List

    A blank size 54 or larger blue USA WCoH jersey (no NIKE barcode) is goona cost you $400, or more. If it has the NIKE barcode and real 3" patch, at least $500. Those sell quick and are hard to find. I've seen the smaller sizes like 52 or below sell cheaper. There is always the rare one listed cheap cause the person doesn't know what they have, you would have to check ebay daily for a few years and you might find one like that. I have a bunch of them but they are all worn or issued. But I have a few priced not much more than the $500 and they not only have the NIKE barcode but also the Meigray USA Hockey tagging.
  4. The Want List

    Are you looking for the material the word "Reebok" is stitched on to be navy or the word itself to be navy?
  5. 1997-98 Washington Capitals Customizing Help

    Make sure Keener doesn't bind the edges of the nameplate. Cutting Edge Sports made sloppy kits and didn't bind the nameplates. If you ever have a white jersey done up, always remember to pee on the nameplates to simulate the yellowing from the cheap Arse glue they used.
  6. 1997-98 Washington Capitals Customizing Help

    Better off just buying a Detroit jersey from a real team in '98
  7. Griswold CCM. Big block or Small block?

    Movie was released December 1, 1989 meaning it was probably filmed in '88 before big blocks ever came out. No nameplate. I'd be more impressed if you make the shoes cousin Eddie wore.
  8. The Want List

    $1,000,000 but Canadian dollars, I'm not willing to pay that in US funds.
  9. The Want List

    Looking for Finland blue authentic from the NIKE 2002-2006 era in size 56 or larger. Any help would be great, similar to these:
  10. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Patches $3 first patch/ $1 for each additional patch
  11. Black Friday Forzza's for sale page PATCHES

    End of the World Bump
  12. I have a 2004 World Cup Patch available, if you're still looking, I noticed you were looking last month.

    1. forzzaazzurri


      Hello, I'm real sorry for missing this message from you, I've been out of town, still am actually, away from a computer most of the time and relying on my phone.  If you still have the patch, send me a pic to  Thanks again, Rich

  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That's a nice jersey, I had a chance at a game version goalie cut with NHLPA logo, it had a ton of signatures on it so I hesitated, somebody bought it. Another one that got away.
  14. The Want List

    Anybody have the authentic (double elbows, fight strap etc.) version of these they want to part with? Size 56 or larger. Either version, the home white is fine too.
  15. The Want List

    Do those game versions of the Swift jerseys have the thermo bonded seams? Or are all the seam stitched like the replicas? Anybody have a Canada or USA etc from those years? I remember they ran really tight.