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  1. eBay version 4.0

    So here is the deal with the PP dance...... way back after the strike (2005) when the blues were HORRIBLE, there wasn't much to do at games, so this guy that had season tickets about 6 seats down from mine said he was gonna honor this guy Yargo by doing this dance he did to try to get the Blues some mojo. This yargo guy used to go around in a full circle and put his arms up and down. Since it was that last row that this guy was in (me still currently) he didn't spin all the way around. People in our section started doing it I guess cause it was more entertaining than what was going on on the ice. I still never understand it, and at one point people started making big hands and they even had a tutorial on the jumbo tron how to do it.?
  2. Sorry, but I have another question. Does anyone know the size of the nameplates the blues would have used from around 90-95 and if they are surged or not?
  3. Awesome. Thanks, so it looks like 3 3/8" and it doesn't look surged..... am I correct?
  4. Sorry that starter is actually from 98
  5. Not sure if this is correct place to post, but I need to know the correct size of nameplates for Blues mesh starter 2000 year and 2005-2007 Blue Reebok. Need to cut up some jerseys and need the correct size and if they are surged or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Nameplates Needed

    So is the organization, with a top line forward's name to go on it.
  7. Edge 1.0

    I just realized that last night. Hmmmm ok what to do?????!!!
  8. Goalie Masks

    That is some nice Norris division matchups, even if that CUJO is more central division. Pretty awesome nonetheless
  9. Edge 1.0

    Perfect, a bunch of crappy players or end of their career players to choose from on that team. guess I could go with Big Walt, Kariya, Jackman, or Backes. I would rather do Backes when he was a captain, and Tkachuk and Jackman from the previous set same with Weight. Maybe and a strong maybe Perron
  10. Edge 1.0

    Once the edge templates started I didn't pay much attention to when they switched over to 2.0, I'm trying to figure out who I want on my Blues third 1.0 so just need the years of 1.0's.
  11. The Patch Thread 2.0

    They will not put them on nameplates, they don't even have any and the Blues had to supply them (so I was told by the head honcho)
  12. Hope this is the correct place, but a buddy I work with got a Blues Winter Classic jersey for Christmas size XL and needs a large unfortunately everywhere around here (St.. Louis) is sold out of size large (not lettered). He said he called around and was told by everyone that they are not getting anymore in. Sorry not sure how hard he looked online, but I went to the normal places and found nothing. Was wondering if anyone knows of any other places or maybe have the opposite problem and got a large and need an XL. Told him I put it out here and maybe someone could help.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Wow that is brutal
  14. Seabrook 2015 WC jersey lettering

    Man I guess my searching really sucks. THANKS!!!!
  15. Seabrook 2015 WC jersey lettering

    To all you Hawks fans out there.... much to my dismay, I have to letter up a Hawks 2015 Winter Classic jersey with Seabrook on it and I'm having a hard time finding a good pic of a 7 from that year. I was hoping that maybe someone has a gamer with a 7 or one that was done to correct specs they could post a good straight on pic of the back and sleeve numbers, so I can make this up correctly.