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  1. Yzerman for Sale

    Truth is stranger than fiction...I don't remember that wedding day, but clearly I had a blast. Now someone buy this man's jersey!
  2. Comprehensive jersey history

    Finally, someone understands me! 1983-1993 is still available, but running low...which is good news. Thanks again for all those who've supported my efforts Sens will be released once I get pics of their NHL100 outdoor jerseys (finally!). Pens is not far behind. 1994-2004 I'm trying for 2018, but TBD 'cause despite filling a lot of gaps, it's a crap-ton to document. My site will be updated shortly with some great blogging goodness that includes some amazing collections, and to answer the thread question, I've been working in the background on an overall database that will cover late 70s to present day, all's just that, well, it's going to take me a while longer, as it's also a crap-ton to document. The Sens ordeal has been really crazy, and yeah, you guys are going to be the first to know, but lots of content coming very shortly. I love you all!
  3. Rise up against Indozeros

    You guys are the best! Post 1: We need to band together and rise up against this grave injustice...Adidas has to hear from the little guy, and while individually we may not wield a tremendous amount of power, together, we can...nay! We will start a revolution!!! Here, brothers, take this empowering information and let's show them once and for all!!! Now who's with me?! Post 2: Have you guys seen Jeremy Scott's 2015 fall collection? Post 8: Remember the cola wars? Post 10 through 26: Oh, I don't upset tummy these days means I usually stick to a cold ice tea and a sugar cube on the side as a little treat to myself.
  4. Un géant québécois du chandail de hockey voit le jour

    TY for posting this
  5. One of these little guys should be in every collector's tool kit -
  6. "Stitched"

    I think you missed the memo on how to name a topic
  7. The Patch Thread 2.0 It's noted in the Sens book...unless the Senators decide to fire their entire front office again this fall, it'll be available sooner than later
  8. The Want List

    No kidding! 6,365 replies!!! Now that's how you ask for what you're looking for!
  9. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Ah, the internet...I miss you guys Please be nice so I don't have to totally emerge from my reclusive state.
  10. Question about Gretzky Nike Oilers jerseys

    Trevs with the post resurrection! Noice.
  11. Penguins Collection Sell Off!

    That's the beauty of it - they're all still new to me, and that's all that really counts Besides, Cosby's still relevant, no? *cough* Merci monsieur
  12. Slim's goodness for sale/trade

    More crap...looking to trade if possible. Gamers - Authentics - Should have more uploaded soon. Got anything good to trade?

    Andrew Heidecker according to the Q&A in the listing.
  14. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Best thread I've read in a long time...better late than never As I'm sure some of you may have noticed, I only recently started posting a few jerseys in FB groups, and sure enough - Guy1: "Hey, would you trade?" Me: "Yes, but specifically looking for '94-04, preferably patched...what have you got?" Guy1: "Well, I've got a 2013 Preds Kevin Henderson or a 2015 Wild Jonathan Blum - would you trade for those?" Me: "..." Guy2: "Hey, would you trade a Heatley for that Savard? If not, let's talk about a cash sell!" Me: "What Heatley?" Guy2: "Wild 3rd, '11-14" Me: "I'm looking for '94-04 specifically, sorry." Guy2: "How much American dollars are you asking?" Me: "Uh, I believe $550 is what I posted, no?" Guy2: "I think so but there were two actually. Wasn't sure which was which" Me: "Did I somehow post different prices? Or are you referring to another similar jersey? I'm confused " Guy2: "No your good haha 550? Will you do obo and payments. I would really like to have it" Me: "I'm sure we can work something out, but I have $500 into it and depending where you live, shipping will run me approx. $30, so not much wiggle room on price, but payments are fine - what do you suggest?" Guy2: "450.00? And I would want to do like 3 payments! Not to many" Me: "$500, I'm not losing on the jersey...3 payments? And when would I expect them exactly?" Guy2 MIA since Sunday. I approve this message.