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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    $200 usd for Canadian made authentics. Giddy up.
  2. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    This. It's especially easy for me since the Leafs jersey is pretty much unchanged. If I can somehow land and indo for under $50 I'll consider it failing that forget it.
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I concer
  4. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Man you guys go nuts for hangars. I just use these. Good enough for crappy Leafs jerseys.
  5. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    More info about the new "Adizero" jerseys
  6. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Looks like all teams will be going with perforated numbers. Big time boooooooo on that as I can't customize my own jerseys now.
  7. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Remember boys, adidas will only be selling "authentics" because the replicas will be made by Fanatics.
  8. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Whomever handles that stores twitter account has a pretty good understanding of the differences in jerseys. I asked if they were made in Canada. Let's see what the answer is.
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

  10. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Oh c'mon the craps arnt that bad.
  11. 2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Yes, the equipment guys scan them after games I think. If your on Twitter follow Dana Heinz. He posts all kinds of penguins dressing room stuff
  12. Nameplates Needed

    Need a White mesh plate for an 80's north stars jersey and yellow ultrafil plate for an 80's Kings jersey. Anybody?
  13. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I want PK to win the cup so bad just to see the freak out from Montreal.
  14. Detroit Red Wings ultrafil question

    The late 80's early 90's were a weird transition time for ccm. They were changing from small block to big block no shield to shield, everything was just all over the place. I've seen years where Leafs jerseys had different fonts depending on the player.