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  1. NHL Team Customizers

    He won’t unless you buy a jersey, I’ve tried. We’ll, maybe he will if you’ve spent a lot of coin with him. I have not so it was a no go for me.
  2. It is good or not?

    Slightly off topic but has anybody purchased one of these blank jerseys from RCS? They are dirt cheap and could be good donor jerseys for nameplates depending on what the material looks like. River city sports branded jersey
  3. What jersey did you wear today?

    The Olympics were not kind to Canada in terms of OT and Shoot-outs. I actually didn't mind the US women winning after losing the '14 gold medal by blowing a 2-0 lead with 3 minutes left.
  4. It arrived today v. 8.0

    You’re not really going to put that in the garbage are you?
  5. Stayed up to watch. That Lamaroux shoot out goal was straight filthy.
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Seriously though. You think a team like the hurricanes or panthers are going to turn away fans when their arenas half full to begin with? The one and only way to fight this is the fake stuff has to be caught when coming into the country.
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    High five Brent. Looks sweet.
  8. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Worst kept secret ever.
  9. Sittler’s record 10 point Jersey is found
  10. Nameplates Needed

    Tough to see but that's definitely an edge plate.
  11. Nameplates Needed

    I am almost certain the white jerseys the pens wore in the 16 finals used Edge nameplates.
  12. Nameplates Needed

    If I recall correctly they used air-knit but switched to edge the last season they wore them.
  13. eBay version 4.0

    If you don’t care about getting a made in Canada this is a good deal. They also have a 52. Toronto Arenas
  14. What jersey did you wear today?

    So that’s a S, a K, and a R all next to each other so that’s a no. Let’s do that hockey.
  15. Nameplates Needed

    That’s how you treat a paisano? Vergogna.
  16. Nameplates Needed

    Need a red edge nameplate for a Hawks jersey. Just has to be long enough for Kane. Hit me up if you can help.
  17. It arrived today v. 8.0

  18. It arrived today v. 8.0

    The stitching and slightly turned letters arnt really an issue for me. Shows that it was all applied and stitched by hand but the no space on the nameplate would bother the hell out of me. I honestly prefer the look of hand stitched stuff in comparison to the computer controlled. Looks too perfect for me if that makes sense
  19. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Really sloppy how They didn’t leave any space on the top and bottom of that Devils nameplate. If that’s how they get them from adidas they should cut the letters smaller.
  20. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    We just have to take the Adizero for what it is. It’s an over glorified replica with a fight strap. Just be patient everyone. MIC authentics will make it out eventually.
  21. Proper number style question

    I would love to see Josh’s response to being asked about specific nameplate placement and his response to being asked to fix a jersey because the nameplate was placed slightly too high or low. not trying to question anyone on here, we all want our stuff to be as accurate as possible but I don’t see how EPS could spend the time researching every jersey that comes through for exact nameplate positioning.
  22. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Looks like a little residue acetone will take care off. Lots of posts on here about what technique to use with acetone.
  23. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Shots fired.
  24. 2018 NHL All-Star Game Jersey Watch

    No MIC no care.
  25. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Are you guys serious? The man died suddenly on Boxing Day and the Leafs played in Arizona on the 28th. What did you expect for them to have made up in that amount of time during the holidays? They were so strapped for time they didn’t even stitch the patch to the jersey. It’s just pressed on. Good eye on Mike. It is a 1 that makes up the B.