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  1. Your Help with Jersey ID

    It’s rare but it happens.
  2. Previous winters have come, I wore a jersey daily, I shopped for jerseys constantly. As a result, I wound up with a ton of jerseys I didn’t really care about. Something is different this year. I find myself grabbing a jersey to put on less and less. I find myself wanting less and less. I think I’ll still look for the few older, vintage pieces I really like, but I’m going to limit what I buy and I’m going to try to stick to it. My theory has always been if I don’t wear it, I don’t keep it. If I’m wearing less, maybe I should keep less. Anyone ever get in a mood like this? EDIT: My 7,000th post, kind of ominous.
  3. Your Help with Jersey ID

    Once the requisite post count is met first, of course.
  4. Proper number style question

    I’ve done probably a hundred jerseys with EPS over the years, most of them Devils, but some other stuff too. They have only one time not had the right nameplate material, a 2002 All Star world team. Other than that, they’ve matched all manufacturers, materials and colors perfectly.
  5. Proper number style question

    It’s always suboptimal to send it anywhere but the official customizer.
  6. The Want List

    Need some Devils blanks. White especially but red as well. CCM, Koho or ProPlayer all work. Size 56 or maybe 58. Hoping for sub-$100 but we can talk. Also need as many vintage red and green CCMs as I can find, home or road, 56 or 58. Non game worn preferred. I’ll actually pay a generous finder’s fee based on the purchase price for the vintage ones.
  7. There's been a lot said about these jerseys from people who saw them in a shop or walked by them or saw them on the internet. I thought we should have a thread with reviews for people who have had a little more exposure to them. Arriving today was my new New Jersey Devils Adizero Indo, size 60. It is a pre-customized Taylor Hall, ordered specifically because I knew I had the ability to return it if I wanted to. APPEARANCE & MATERIALS: Overall I find the look of it quite appealing. The jersey material is similar to Premier material in texture as some people have said, but seems sturdier. The material is way thinner than a 2.0 and the jersey weighs far less. The fight strap which many have questioned does look kind of wonky. The jersey material in the crest looks pretty cool. FIT: The jersey fits slimmer overall than an Edge 2.0 does. Its more similar to the 1.0. I wear a 58+/60 in Edge, and this 60 fit me fine. I am not a fan of things that are slimmer fitting, ordinarily, but for street wear, I feel like it actually looked a little better being that it was a little fitted. Go figure. The sleeves are almost exactly like a 1.0, way too slim. Again, for street wear, its probably not an issue. They hit me somewhere just below the wrist, I have here long arms (37 sleeve) so this might be an issue for those of you who do not. The collar hits lower on the neck than a 2.0, which I rather enjoyed. I thought it was far more comfortable, especially when seated. CUSTOMIZATION: This is where they lost me. Single layer, two color vinyl garbage. Had the customization been better, I would be happy to keep it at the price. But not as is, its going back. Overall, I would say that despite it not being an "on-ice" jersey, it looks good and the quality is better than I thought. I would add a blank when they become available.
  8. I have a black Ultrafil practice jersey that I’ve tried to sell, to no avail. I figured maybe I could cut it up and sell the material for plates. Anyone have advice on how to do it? My working theory is, make sure to cut them like a half inch taller than needed so the edges can be done buy the recipient or their customizer, and cut the strips as long as possible; I can always shorten them later, but ya can’t make them longer. I’d cut along the seams first, to make sure I’m starting out with the most amount of uninterrupted Ultrafil I can find. I’d use the sharpest scissor I can find. Do I have it about right? Is there even a market for black Ultrafil plates? Any and all opinions welcome.
  9. In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    Their stores are full of fish and chips and posters of Harry Styles.
  10. In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    i think you're right, and also, for those whose bodies are not tailored in the torso area, it makes even more sense. Every game I go to, I see guys walking around in jerseys that are way too small for their non-athletic physiques. At first I attributed it to people not knowing there was a size difference between Edge and their predecessors, but as time has gone on, I still see it all the time. I'm not quite sure what the issue is. It could be that fashion has just trended toward more tailored looks, but as a big guy myself, you still have to buy an appropriate size for your stature.
  11. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    This is true. I think you would likely pay all or most of the savings to a tailor to sew on the kit, as they would likely charge you whatever they charge to sew a patch for each number (minimum of 3, max of 6 charges) and one for the nameplate. You might want to check the cost of the sewing if that is going to factor in. If you are doing it yourself, then go forth.
  12. Mfitz804's Sale Thread: The Jersey-Go-Round

    BUMP, price dropped on the Stevens Canada.
  13. Reebok Edge 2.0, Size 58+. This was a game issued that was stripped and re-customized by EPS. Zero evidence of the strip, looks brand new. $125 shipped. NOW $99.
  14. In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    I find them (at my size, anyway) to be about a size smaller in the body. The sleeves are exceptionally long, though I don't find them to be wide. I have pretty long arms (37" sleeve) so its tolerable for me, but they are still a bit long on me and I can see how they would be way too long on a lot of people.
  15. eBay version 4.0

    I expected shill bidding but it looks more like its just an old fashioned slugfest.

    LAST DAY!!! Until tomorrow when it starts again.
  17. eBay version 4.0

    Indirect links are only 5%!!!
  18. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Some people have much more time than money. Saving $40 could be a big deal to him, you don’t know. Plus if he’s like most of us, multiply that by 10 jerseys and it’s $400.

    Could possibly send me some more e-mails telling me how I can get things for 25% off? It seems like I have gotten one or more every day for the past 3 weeks.
  20. eBay version 4.0

    FYI my finder's fee is 10% of the purchase price.
  21. eBay version 4.0

    There he is and there you go.
  22. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Let us know if it works in practice rather than in theory.
  23. eBay version 4.0

    Make the offer, reference you are on IJ including your screen name, if he wants to deal off eBay, he'll find you.
  24. eBay version 4.0

    Didn't realize it was a board member. But I don't think I have seen a goalie cut Pro Player Devils that wasn't a game worn other than that one. Very nice.