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  1. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    Good to know, thanks for the clarification. I must have been mistaken on the 'A'.
  2. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    Was getting ready to send my WCOH jersey in to EPS for customization. Man, they want $85 plus sewing on the shoulder patch, assistant captain letter, and shipping!? That seems awfully high. Is that due to the perforated numbers or what? I thought they used to be $60-65 for customization.
  3. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Can someone please refresh my memory... who on here was selling SAP patches for the WCOH jerseys? I know they're also on ebay for $25, but if they're the same (and cheaper), I'd rather support a member.
  4. Purchasing insurance for your jerseys

    I just moved and got a new home owners policy. Added my jerseys to it and they are separate from the rest of the coverage. Cost me $110 for the year. I simply gave them a list of jerseys along with perceived value/what I paid. I have photos of all of them in case the insurance company wanted proof, but they didn't ask for it.
  5. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Who has enough photoshop skills to swap the center part of the collars? I wasn't a fan of the WCOH jerseys which were built exactly the same as the new NHL jerseys. The collars on most teams are horrible; even worse than the FlyKnit collars on Nike's NFL jerseys. If Canada made authentics are only $200 I'm sure I'll pick one up if nothing more than to put a 100th anniversary patch on it. Still can't believe I prefer the EDGE style to this...
  6. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    To me all the previews look like they're exactly the same as the WCOH jerseys. The material reminded me of a slightly thicker EDGE 1.0 material. Definitely going to snag, but not as easily as 1.0. I was not a fan of the WCOH jerseys and sold mine right after I got it. Much prefer the air knit in 2.0 jerseys. I'm most curious to see the Hawks sweater as I can't imagine they'll omit the chain stitching which is what makes the crest/shoulder patches so unique. I would hope they wouldn't use the jersey material for the tan face part of the crest, but I guess we'll see in a few days.
  7. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    Thank you for this! Do they do correct nameplate material too? Not sure what material gamers had
  8. I didn't necessarily like the WCOH jerseys and promptly sold my USA jersey after I got it, but thought about picking another up for posterity. Is EPS the place to send it out for customization to get accurate perforations?
  9. Weight difference between comparably sized 90s Ultrafil and Edge 2.0

    I keep jerseys in my office as well, but it's my home office...
  10. What jersey did you wear today?

    Ha! Yep! Went down to her knees. I was actually surprised because the jersey seems so small already!
  11. What jersey did you wear today?

    Some may recall that I used to have an old size 44 ultrafil that I'd have girlfriends wear to games. Then I stumbled upon a size 44 Indo which I thought would fit a bit better. Current girlfriend of the past 6 months is barely 5' tall and it fit like a tent. Needless to say, I'll be picking up a woman's premier for her to wear in the future. This was from the last two games in LA against the Ducks and Kings. I wore my custom 15/17 WC Hawks jersey. She would not like the fact I'm posting a photo of her with her hair looking so messy, but it's not like you can see her face so whatevs.
  12. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Man, I am still SO tempted by this jersey!! Love the more traditional number/letter font, all the patches, and of course, the awesome sublimated logos on the letters/numbers. So unique and awesome. What did Keener charge for customization?
  13. I've been itching for a Capital's 2015 WC jersey since they came out. I like the design and since I may be moving to DC later this year, figured I'd need to add at least one Cap's jersey to my collection for games. Rather than buying a blank and sending it off to Cutting Edge Sports I was thinking of buying a pre-customized jersey from the JB since there's only a $25 difference between blank and customized. Looking at GW images vs JB's auction, they seem really close minus the sizing (due to the smaller size of the jersey I'd get). Much closer than the Blackhawks jerseys he offers. Am I missing a detail which would make more sense to go through CES? Game Worn Baron's
  14. A bunch of jerseys for sale

    EDGE nameplates sold, still have a bunch of air knit nameplates available.