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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Makes sense, thanks!
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Not my normal pickups, but seeing as I moved to DC and play pickup at the Caps practice facility it makes sense. The Kings ran a sale so I picked up a pair. The yellow one is from training camp. Didn't have a choice on color, number, or anything. Will definitely be a beater pickup jersey. Shame I couldn't get any 54's as they fit much better under pads, but man I really like the 3.0 feel. Apparently this guy now plays for Columbus in case any of you CBJ fans are looking for something different...
  3. Griswold CCM. Big block or Small block?

    I always thought it was a late 80's replica since it had the replica style tomahawks.
  4. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I would buy one if they were available.... school-girl collar and all.
  5. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Did not realize they just wore a SS patch before, thanks! That could be an option. Shame I couldn't find one of the WC practice jerseys from last year with the old school crest! Did you pick up a red practice jersey? The one I'll be getting is grey. Did you have the rear done up as well? The Athletico patch isn't terribly complicated so I wonder how difficult it would be to have it made?
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Anyone know where I could find (or have made) a Blackhawks' sponsorship patch? Athetico Physical Therapy. Can't find any super close up/clear images of the exact font
  7. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    Did anyone see these? I'm guessing they're for Juniors since the Olympics already have 3 jerseys, but minus the blank white collar square they look pretty good
  8. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    Dear god tell me this isn’t it! Easily the worst jersey I have ever seen. Looks like a crappy soccer jersey
  9. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    Another Olympics, another authentic I won't be able to get my hands on...
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Looked at my order and I did specify an assistant captain A which it appears as though they forgot. Hell, I forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me. I'll reach out to Josh to have them correct. Bummer about the material/color, but I guess it is what it is.
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Just got this jersey back from EPS after a 2 month wait. Overall happy with the result. Perforated numbers are a cool touch although the nameplate material is different and just slightly darker. Has anyone else had a US jersey done with correct color material? Should I send this back to EPS? Thank you to a member who goes unnamed for the patch close up of perforation nameplate material/color
  12. It actually wasn't that bad. Plus I was able to sell the other jersey with the 15 crest and 17 arms for almost what I paid. So I guess it may not be my most expensive jersey. In all honesty, I want to make another one!! Funny. Like 6-7 years ago I was on the hunt for a size 52 white Hawks ultrafil. At the time, they seem to be impossible to find. Ended up trading my Hawks TBTC jersey for it. Was very happy with the trade at first, but obviously ended up regretting it. Thankfully I was able to find another TBTC for dirt cheap as well as a few more ultrafils as time went on. ha! If I do decide to make another one I'll let you know.
  13. I'm going to say this one....
  14. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Been pretty quiet on my front lately. Moved from Los Angeles to DC this summer for a new job and trimmed down quite a bit of my collection. Since I'll be going to a bunch of Caps games I figured I'd pick up one of their jerseys. Always liked the design of the 2015 WC when they played the Hawks. Felt details on the letters/numbers is cool and the fact that the stars are completely sewn is a nice detail. The front crest seems to sit a bit low and is less on the chest and more on the stomach and the shoulders/sleeves are constructed differently than any other EDGE jersey I've owned. Either way, happy to add this to the collection. Last week I posted about a 20% off code from which worked on jerseys. Gave it a try knowing I don't like the Hawks' new collar and was not impressed the the Adidas WCOH jerseys. I am blown away by how crappy the material is. No double elbows, flimsy fight strap, and paper thin material much like that of the Reebok premiers. It's horrible. Needless to say, it's being returned.
  15. World Cup Of Hockey Jerseys