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  1. Fighting Sioux Jersey early 90's?

    Looks like a CCM replica.
  2. Igor Larionov UCKA

    I find that Igor Larionov typically wore #8 in his career, at least in his Central Sports Club Army days. However, it seems he switched to #11 for one year in the early '80's. Does anyone happen to know why?
  3. Moscow Dynamo Jerseys

    Can anyone tell me what years Moscow Dynamo wore this style of jersey?
  4. Caught some of the LSSU/Notre Dame last weekend...looks like the Lakers road blue jersey has been changed a bit this year. There is a lot of yellow in the jersey now. The bad part is, the jersey yellow doesn't match the crest yellow or number yellow. I like last year's jersey much better.
  5. Loved the jersey match-up in Pittsburgh tonite!
  6. Well, dsl135, thanks again for all the effort - much appreciated. It's a shame this didn't work out.
  7. Whatever rule they are looking at is being mis-interpreted.
  8. I'm not blaming you so don't mis-interpret my frustration...Just watch, once they get this figured out, Union's campus bookstore will be ordering 100 of these jerseys.
  9. This is Union's first real big-name athlete and I'm certain the school lawyers have no idea what they're talking about. A simple call to Michigan, Minnesota, or North Dakota would get them the correct answer on this issue.
  10. Egads! Union better call Michigan quick!
  11. Gostisbehere is no longer a student-athlete at Union College - therefore, there is no NCAA rules violation.
  12. So Union's going to take YOUR idea and now spin it off as theirs for "charity?" Bush league!Union College should be freaking flattered as hell that 15 people want to wear their jersey.
  13. Someone get on Facebook or Twitter and send Shayne a note and explain this situation to him...I bet he'd be flattered that 15 or so guys who have nothing to do with Union College want to wear that jersey around to some college hockey games.
  14. I'm still quite certain that the rule is no CURRENT player can be used by the university, although perhaps the Ed O'Bannon case comes into play here...
  15. Scroll down for pics...
  16. UND was selling Frattin and Genoway jerseys within minutes of the two announcing that their time at the school had ended. Union doesn't know what it is doing.
  17. New Arrivals [College]

    What am I missing? The customization on those looks good. Am I wrong?
  18. It would be nice to have one of these Union folks give North Dakota a call and find out how this should really be done...
  19. I'm not sure how you can blame Gemini for Union College's sudden reversal of opinion on selling the jerseys. I know North Dakota's REA Store will not put current player names on jerseys, but the day after they leave school, you will promptly see now "former player" names all over the backs of jerseys in the store.
  20. Hey, dsl35, any word on...uh...nevermind...
  21. Moscow Dynamo Jerseys

    Thanks for the have some great jerseys in your collection.
  22. Hockey East Patch?

    Seriously? That'd be cool to see on a jersey. I have a couple of early 2000's Michigan jerseys as well as the late 1990's dazzle replica from Koronis.
  23. dsl, don't forget, I live about an hour away from Gemini's shop in Edina and would gladly pick these things up myself and mail them out individually to save the $25-$50 of having to ship it to you plus the cost of shipping to the final jersey destination. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Might be running into some problems guys.
  24. dsl135, I just want to say "thanks" for all of your work in putting this together and organizing it. I blew my jersey budget for the year out of the water with this one, but I can't wait to see this one arrive at my mailbox. Thank you again...much appreciated.