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  1. NHL Team Customizers

    Can Arena Wear do a Starter Rangers? On another note, I've been emailing Artcraft about doing my Koho Coyotes and the person I've been corresponding with keeps telling me that I won't need a nameplate, even after I sent them a picture of a Tkachuk gamer with a nameplate. They're insistent that they've always done them without plates. Weird...
  2. It is good or not? Are nhl127’s NHL2000 patches replicas or authentics?
  3. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    The NHL2000 patch was on the left side instead of the right and the ASG patch was a combination of the actual patch and a Nortel ad patch.
  4. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    I wish I'd taken some before pictures, but here's what the infamous Nortel Networks 2000 ASG jersey looks like post-strip. The ASG and NHL2000 patches were glued down and stitched, so once I got the stitches out I had to pull them up and there is some glue residue remaining, plus the outlines from the patches, but I anticipate them being easy enough to clean out. They're pretty minor. All three layers of the numbers were stitched through the jersey so I had to remove the layers one by one. That meant ripping the stitches on 12 different layers. Fortunately there were no sleeve numbers. I did rip a couple of small holes in the jersey when stripping the ASG patch and the front number, but I'm pretty sure that they'll both be covered when the patch and the number get replaced. All in all, for my first jersey strip, I'd say it turned out well, especially since it was more work than a normal strip would take.
  5. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Recent arrivals: No, that is not a spot on the Islanders jersey. There's something on my phone's lens (I'm getting it replaced soon, since the phone is 3 1/2 years old) so it can't be helped.
  6. Nameplates Needed

    I also need a black airknit plate if anyone has one.
  7. Is a backup worn goalie jersey more valuable than just a GI one?

    My thoughts exactly. I'd put bench-worn on the scale below game-worn but above game-issued.
  8. Out of curiosity, why don't you want to go directly to the on-ice customizer?
  9. First Time EPS Questions

    My Devils Volchenkov gamer doesn’t have it.
  10. First Time EPS Questions

    When did EPS start stamping their jerseys?
  11. First Time EPS Questions

    There has been no indication that the Hurricanes have used anyone other than EPS since 2001.
  12. Nameplates Needed

    OK, so when I order it from JB I'll have him send it with the Edge plate. Speaking of which, for some unrelated jerseys, does anyone have two Edge plates and/or one airknit plate in white?
  13. They're a bit pricey but the quality is excellent, as one would expect from the on-ice company. When I had them do my 2017 SCF Kessel, it was about $140 shipped: $95 for the customization, $8 for each patch and shipping. I assume that if I hadn't provided my own Edge plate, they would have charged for it.
  14. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    I emailed JB about a price and got a response, so he's not MIA.
  15. Nameplates Needed

    OK, so if I'm looking to do a 2016 SCF jersey I should get an Edge plate.