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  1. eBay version 4.0

    Really sorry to hear about this. How did you respond?
  2. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Let's not forget the micro-wave stand from this morning.
  3. Purchasing insurance for your jerseys

    Jerseys are covered under homeowner's insurance. However according to this New York Times article, "... if something were to happen to your house, like a fire, scheduling could help you avoid arguments with your insurance company over what was in your house." Basically with scheduling, you pay to have your insurance send someone to appraise your jerseys and your cost of homeowner's insurance goes up for extra protection. You also get what sounds like is more concrete proof of your jerseys in your insurance's eyes. https://bucks.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/28/the-best-way-to-insure-your-valuables/ I got a quote back today on scheduling (contingent upon the appraisal) that I am considering.
  4. Purchasing insurance for your jerseys

    I'm interested to hear how members insure their collections. Any big issues? Major lessons learned? I just emailed my local insurance agent with a list of all of my jerseys and how much I paid for them. In the coming weeks I'll be photographing all of my jerseys against the same background (for consistency's sake when I trade/sell and for insurance). I know it's covered under homeowner's but the agent has asked for receipts and possibly an appraisal for "scheduling" purposes. The receipts are going to be an issue for me since a great deal of my jerseys are like yours and come via the secondary market, thus an appraisal will be the best route to securing my collection. Has anyone had an appraisal by an insurance company? Was it accurate from your point of view?

    Yeah, by the sounds of it they're not budging on price. They even pointed out in their email to me that they normally go for $500. We're revisiting a previous topic but I have a hard time understanding how they'll move GIs of minor leaguers at $300, let alone $500. EDIT: I even indicated in my message that it would be nice if they came down to $200 or $250, hoping they'd at least knock down the price a bit. Nothing. If Kings fans can afford them, great but I don't see the lower name players moving.

    Just got an email response. Apparently there's a sale happening at the Staples Center for those minor leaguers. Once the sale ends on the 23rd, they go back up online. And they are keeping them at $300. So there's that. I'm holding off for now.
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Nice get at a good price, mfitz. Really sharp jersey.

    I just emailed them. They have two players who were with their AHL team whose Kings GI I want but not at full price. I specifically asked if they'd sell them in the $200 range. We shall see.

    I am tempted to get in on this now... Think they'd do a discount on a minor leaguer?
  10. The feedback thread

    Back when I first joined this forum a few years ago, I kept badgering @thebiggoalie about a jersey. I'd propose dumb trades. I'd lowball him. I'd disappear when he responded to my offers. Classic noob stuff. Alas, I stopped being an idiot,TBG stopped getting annoyed by me and a genuine friendship was born. Jerseys six, seven and eight arrived in the mail from TBG today. It was a big trade/purchase that I'd do again in a heartbeat. TBG is one of the nicest, most thoughtfully knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. And remember, BUY HIS STUFF!
  11. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    I am going to spam the sh%^ out of the facebook groups with posts about the Minneapolis expo this fall. But that's just because I'm a spiteful old man.
  12. Meigray Expo 2017

    I went, left a bunch of jerseys marked up with buffalo sauced-fingerprints.

    Though I do love the Kings home jerseys in this style (thanks TBG!!!!) I can't justify the price. Plus this thread just give me even more pause.

    I'm seeing at least two players of interest to me in that Kings sale but I just can't bring myself to drop $300 on a GI. Sweet jerseys but I hope the price comes down.
  15. eBay version 4.0

    That is a nice Brodziak jersey. It would look good with my road gamer.