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  1. Washing my Rangers Winter Classic jersey

    I just put it in the washer, cold, on the "extra light" cycle, and no other clothes. I was nervous because of the felt crest and numbers, I knew the jersey itself would be fine, the felt parts were what I worried about. Everything turned out fine though, it was nearly dry already when I pulled it out of the washer, the dirty areas are cleaned, the crest is perfect, still stiff, no wrinkling, the numbers are fine, colors didn't bleed or anything. Now, I wouldn't wash it on a regular basis, I've had it for a year and a half or so, and this is the first time I washed it. The only thing that sucks is that there was a small sticker attached to the tag inside the jersey, I think it was the manufacture date or something, but that obviously didn't survive the wash. Jersey turned out great though, thanks for all the advice!
  2. While traveling, my Rangers winter classic got a few dark spots on it, I don't think they're stains, just dirty areas. A couple are right on the upper edges of the crest. What is the best way to wash the jersey? The crest and numbers are felt, and I don't want to ruin them, obviously.
  3. What's It Worth?

    Blues CCM size 56, with Tony Twist's name and number, purchased around 1999, what would be a fair price?
  4. Fair price?

    I thought I attached a link to the first post, but it looks like it didn't post for some reason, but here are some pics of the jersey.
  5. Fair price?

    I have a CCM Blues authentic size 56 from about 1999 or so, with Tony Twist's name and number. It's in great condition, but the customization is a bit off, not sure if the name plate or numbers are off-center. The customization was done by River City Sports, where I bought the jersey. What would be a fair price for this?
  6. Pricing question

    , that was a nice jersey, he'd also posted it in a Facebook group, that's where I saw it.
  7. Pricing question

    I found guy selling a 2000-2001 KOHO Rangers Liberty jersey, customized with Adam Graves' name and number, and the Rangers' 75th anniversary patch. I highly doubt it's fake, the jersey looks to be in good condition. He's asking $225 for it, is that a fair price? It seems a bit high to me. Also, should the name be on a nameplate? It looks from the pictures like the individual letters are sewn to the jersey. It's a size 60, if that makes any difference, price-wise.
  8. Remind Me If Indo Edges Are Still Retail

    They had a couple of indo-edge Rangers jerseys at the NHL store in Manhattan when we were there a few weeks ago. I was listening to one of their sales guys try to sell one to a customer............for $400, with customization! I don't know if they had them for other teams, but they may have. I thought it was funny that they were asking $300 for blanks.
  9. Mike Francesca thinks all of you are stupid.

    Mike Francesca sounds just like Al Davis!
  10. Thanks for the info guys! My 2.0 size 60 is pretty loose in the arms and shoulders, the body is a bit tight, I'm a big guy. I have a size 60 goalie cut Koho, but that is really big, even on me, that's why I'm interested in that size 58 6100 jersey.
  11. How will a size 58 Reebok 6100 jersey fit vs. an edge 2.0 size 60? Will the older Reebok fit looser than the edge jersey? And isn't the Reebok 6100 jersey basically a CCM/Koho air-knit with Reebok branding?
  12. New member

    You're right, I just checked it, the left edge of the nameplate lines up with the edge of the two. The right edge extends a bit past the edge of the four, it's less than an inch though.
  13. New member

    Which one? I know the Twist is off, the Cally might be off a bit, but not much.
  14. New member

    Sorry for the difficulties, trying it now with imgur!
  15. New member

    Ok, here is the link to photobucket,