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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Haha. Half the time I see his name, my brain tries to add a "y" to the end.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sebastian Aho WCOH Finland: Ron Francis (my first pre-Edge authentic): And EPS fixed the placement of 10th Anniversary patch on my Brind'Amour:
  3. It is good or not?

    I bought this CCM Carolina jersey after only seeing a picture of the front. Wouldn't normally do that, but the price was cheap enough that I decided to take the chance rather than ask for more pictures (which was perhaps a stupid decision). It arrived today, and it seems off to me. I can't remember seeing the CCM logo on the back of the neck be this squeezed between the collar and the seam. Here's a picture of the neck tags. I have one of these that I know is authentic, but EPS has it at the moment so I can't compare them other than through photos. Did I end up with a fake?
  4. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I really like the new Canes jersey. I wish it didn't have the lace-up collar, just because the way Adidas designed that part of the jersey is terrible. Still good overall though. For the others, I like what they did for the Avs and Wild. On the bad side, Nashville needs a contrasting color on the shoulders since the yellow is so loud. And the sleeves on the Vegas jersey have one too many colors (what is the red doing there?).
  5. Proper number style question

    Good to know, thanks.
  6. Proper number style question

    I want to double check what specific instructions I need to give EPS for customizing a blue Finland 2016 WCoH jersey. I think the numbers should be single-layer twill with laser-cut perforations (or is there a better name for those tiny holes?). The nameplates look like the same material as the back (stretch mesh?). Any corrections, or anything else I need to specify? Thanks.
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Got my two spring sale jerseys back from EPS a couple of days ago. I'm probably going to send the Brind'Amour back at some point to get the patch moved, since it's too high. My fault for not being specific about placement.
  8. It is good or not?

    Thanks. That's what I thought, but I haven't spent much time learning to identify pre-Edge authentics.
  9. It is good or not?

    I bought this kind of spur of the moment, and now I'm hoping someone can tell me if it's legit.
  10. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Thanks. The more I stare at them, the more I think I agree the SportsK one is a little closer. Will probably end up ordering that one.
  11. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Quick question about 2002 Stanley Cup patches. It looks like there are two different versions of them: one darker blue (like patch collection's) and a lighter one (SportsK calls theirs "the lighter blue color patch"). Which one is better? Was it team-specific? Or are they the same and my eyes are just bad?
  12. eBay version 4.0

    I don't know, I think I'm going to wait and see what the new cat hats look like next year once they switch to adidas.
  13. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    I store mine in piles on the floor so my cats can sleep on them.