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  1. What about a Nike Sz 52...? Such as...
  2. Sizing help: I currently wear 54's and 56's in the edge 2.0. Wondering how this compares?
  3. The hideousness is here...

    Hm.. I thought it looked a little more like poo..
  4. The hideousness is here...

    Yes, you're missing an overpriced "Breakaway" Fanatics jersey in your closet!! And a dent in your bank account.
  5. The hideousness is here...

    They're practically giving them away!!
  6. The hideousness is here...

    I'll second that. However, at $130 for quality I can only assume is inferior to the previous Reebok replicas.. This redefines rip off. And if the quality of customization is anything like the previous jerseys from, the jersey assurance will hold no value as they'll be replacing a one disappointing jersey with another one.
  7. The hideousness is here...

  8. Dealing with JerseyBaron

    I emailed him on eBay, turned out he lived 10 min from me. He was fine with doing a pick up and gave me a great deal as I was buying 2 2.0's. Really nice dude.
  9. Hey guys, Just thought I'd share, Pro Hockey Life has Premier jerseys on for $49.99 for Black Friday (not that most of use rock those). However, for $49.99 they make a hell of a Christmas present to a fellow fan. Happy shopping, Cheers.
  10. 2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Clearly a fan made concept..
  11. 2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Yeah that jersey isn't doin' it for me at all... I'm assuming the Wings jersey will be the same in respect to that white stripe running through the jersey and sleeves for the sake of matching (hoping I'm wrong). They should have just had both teams wear their respective first jerseys they've ever used (Toronto Arenas & Detroit Cougars).
  12. Done Meeting up with the Jersey Baron next week! Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, I just had a horrible experience with (they stitched the incorrect sizing for the lettering on a jersey I had ordered) and am in need of an authentic Reebok Edge Red Wings jersey asap for a birthday gift. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need two size 54's, if anyone could help point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it! I'm located in Toronto and travel to Detroit quite often. If anyone can recommend somewhere local I would totally be willing to go and pick them up.
  14. HELP!!! Hey everyone! Hoping to get some insight into sizing for this jersey: I currently wear a size 54 in the Edge 2.0's and LOVE the fit of the 54. I have NO CLUE what a 48 in this older style would equal to in today's Edge 2.0. Is anyone able to help me out on this one? Is this a comparable fit? Thanks!