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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I would actually respect that. It would take away the fake-jersey-wearing customer's comeback of "it all comes from the same factories in China anyway" when pointing out that the materials on their jersey isn't what's used on legit authentic jerseys. Of course I'd still get called a liar somehow, but I cynically enjoyed those battles working that job!
  2. It is good or not?

    Not sure if I even have an interest in owning one, but definitely curious if this is good... price almost seems too good, but the front logo is convincing...
  3. It is good or not?

    Judging from my experience of a dozen years on the front line in sports retail, average fans have always had a hatred for the amount on an authentic jersey's price tag. The main problem with average fans is that they're stupid. While there are definitely a pocket of fans who knew exactly what the fakes were when they started appearing, there are a ton of people who really went for the hook, line and sinker and believe the Made in China crap is what's on the ice. I was called a liar more than a few times by people wearing these things in my store, bragging about how much cheaper their "real deal" was compared to our replicas.... meanwhile buying a hat off my shelves for the same price they paid for their jersey and not being able to put two and two together. What Adidas is banking on, is getting the fans who do know what fakes are and how much a real authentic jersey has always been at retail, and having them believe that they are getting that on-ice product at $180-200 instead of $350-400. I agree 100% with whoever said they are falsely advertising the AdiZero jerseys they're selling in stores. Since Adidas Hockey retweets almost every last little compliment they get, I figured since they read their mentions, I'd ask nicely when the Made in Canada authentics will be available. They will not answer me. They clearly do not want the average fan to know and understand that there is a difference between what's on the ice and in stores.
  4. The Patch Thread 2.0

    The one I had, I did the old boiling water (patch in the pot) and used tweezers to start peeling and it was like it was liquid glue that needed to be peeled piece by piece. In turn I think I boiled the patch too much and I'm probably just going to order another one and not bother trying to remove the back. It almost feels like it's glue meant to adhere the patch when it's pressed prior to sewing down the edges.
  5. The Patch Thread 2.0

    It's been a while since I've gotten patches and removed the plastic. I noticed the ones I got recently have a thinner layer on the back. I tried boiling one and it wasn't like it used to be where it all peeled off easy. Is this thinner layer of plastic necessary to remove?
  6. I think I’m turning a corner on collecting

    I go through phases. Months where I am good at refusing to buy anything new and then periods like I'm in now. I spent a month in Europe recently, didn't spend as much as planned there (awesome family taking care of me) and how do you think I've made up for that? Literally as soon as I landed, an 8-hour layover in Vancouver and I found Utica Comets game worns at Rogers Arena and it's only spiraled from there for the last 6-8 weeks!
  7. Blues Starter Customization

    I think you're probably right about the A being screen printed and stitched. (Interesting they would do that for letters while doing their old way for the numbers.) It seems like that whole late 90's / early 00's, the Blues did the screen and cover in stitching rather than kiss-cut. I'm starting to piece it together now. I know EPS can do the vinyl middle layer. They've done it for me before on an old Gretzky jersey. Anyone know if they can do this screen print style?
  8. Blues Starter Customization

    The white being the 97-98 alternate explains the middle vinyl layer in that timeframe. That said, the date on the MacInnis photo is from March 1998, which puts it in that season. I'll assume the letters for the front were kiss cut while the numbers had the middle vinyl layer? Just to understand the faux kiss cut look, the yellow layer is twill, the blue is screen print and the sewing is just to create an illusion that it's blue twill? Any better closeup photos anywhere? Sometimes I hate being a stick for authenticity!
  9. Blues Starter Customization

    While photos speak for themselves, it appears that the Blues had 3 different customization styles when they wore the Starter mesh jerseys. The McLennan photo shows clearly their unique vinyl middle layer. The MacInnis pic appears that the A is semi kiss-cut (can't find any pics to show if the numbers are too). The Turgeon gamer photo looks like the yellow is a vinyl top layer with the blue middle layer on top. Can anyone shed light on the different styles and if they were used on both white and blue jerseys? Is it random like the old Islanders wave jerseys?
  10. The Want List

    Random want: Blue St.Louis Blues 98-99 Starter Mesh jersey. Size 52-54.
  11. NHL Team Customizers

    Curious if any other Canadians here have had customs charges after sending jerseys to EPS. I will have 4 jerseys going there after Christmas. I used them once 5-6 years ago and I had an $80 customs charge from CBSA. The description of the goods on the customs label was "hockey jerseys", so I'm assuming they thought I bought the jerseys from EPS. Has anyone given any specific instruction to EPS for how they label your jerseys when they send them back?
  12. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Had a couple patches arrive this week. It's been a while since I've done that patch thing with some jerseys and it feels like the plastic on the back is thinner than it used to be. Does it still need to be removed before sending for customization? (EPS)
  13. Adizero Game Issue

    I'm assuming it will be a long while yet before those are accessible. I had a Twitter exchange with the Canucks in September asking about Adidas on-ice jerseys and they said they would have some available in their team store approximately November. Obviously that's about now so team stock available for sale is probably a ways away.
  14. In-hand reviews of the new Adizero Indo Jersey

    If there's one thing I will never understand with average fans who don't care where the jersey comes from, is how they don't even notice how horrible the fake jerseys look. I understand that some are better than others in terms of appearance, but so many have wrong colours, incorrect fonts that aren't even close, uneven striping, crooked names/numbers, etc, etc, etc. Maybe I notice it more as a Canucks fan as fake Canucks jerseys are among the worst in the league. They look like a 4 year-old drew on them with crayons.
  15. Islanders Wave Customization

    Yeah, but which type of kiss cut? The full kiss cut like the 3 (blue on top of orange on top of white) or the kiss cut like the 4 (white on top of blue with the strip of orange on top of both)? There's two different kinds of customization on this one jersey. (On that note, I suppose that technically both are accurate as the pic is from a game worn jersey haha.)