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  1. Indo Edge Quality Control Disaster

    I agree with this sentiment. I was in sports retail for a number of years until last summer and one of the many reasons I fell out of love with it is that most manufacturers simply abandoned quality control. It was so hard to actually *sell* anything to customers for at least the last few years.
  2. Canada #8 Font

    This is bothering me to the point of finally asking if anyone knows why Nike has trouble with the #8 on Team Canada jerseys. It's hard to see on Fabbro's jersey as he only has the single digit on his jerseys, but looking at Dubois, you can clearly see that the #8 is thinner than all other numbers Nike puts on Canada's jerseys. It looks ridiculous to be frank. I included a photo of Strome's arm number to show that the other numbers are all the same thickness.... just not #8. Does anyone know why? It's not the first tournament I've seen this.
  3. Repair - Customization

    Thanks. Checked out their website on the weekend and they seem good. I sent an email for them to see this morning but have yet to hear back. Here's hoping.
  4. I recently acquired a white Nike Netherlands hockey jersey from the late 1990s. As is apparently an epidemic with these old IIHF jerseys, the numbers were peeling. Advice I got at a local customization shop was to throw it onto the heat press and the problem would be fixed. As we found out in doing that, Nike used two-layered silk screen (we thought it was vinyl) and the orange top layer basically melted into the bottom blue layer. Obviously we did not heat press the arm numbers and I managed to save them with dabs of krazy glue, believe it or not. My question, is if there are any customization places in Canada who can make twill numbers for this jersey that I can have sewn over top of the damaged back numbers. This is my preferred method of repair over trying to have vinyl cut and pressed on over top as more heat pressing may cause further damage. If I need to send the jersey to have this done, that's not a problem. Any information and/or advice is appreciated.