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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I was looking for months and could never find anything outside the Sioux Shop. They carry Reebok (stock getting lower I'm sure) and the new CCM authentics, but they are full price. If you're in Canada, they do use UPS to ship, who do have brokerage fees that increase with the value of your item (I used Worldwide Expedited, which includes the brokerage, and shipped direct from EPS last week) and you will get nailed on duty by the CBSA.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Mail Day! Too bad the flow is done for the season, but I'll be the best looking MFer at the game March 31.
  3. Seeking any help at all finding the following patches (the patch in the Demitra photo I'm referring to is the "LasVegas" patch on the bottom hem..biggest and best photo I could find). Totally looking for another miracle. If they just can't be found, can they be reproduced?
  4. Canucks Jerseys Customization

    Yes they do.
  5. eBay version 4.0

    You'll see Tuesday/Wednesday
  6. eBay version 4.0

    I get that some shipping companies have bases in certain cities. A jersey of mine finally shipped from EPS the other day via UPS (also via UND, who I asked about EPS' advertised delay and I'm guessing they got on them to hold their guaranteed 4-6 week turnaround time). It went from Rockford to Addison, which is where O'Hare Airport is. You would think it would get on a plane to Canada there, but nope. It went to Indianapolis, then to Lexington, before being flown to Seattle and then to where it is now in Vancouver.
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Mail day from Keener! More than thrilled with how these turned out... Easily #1 for my customization needs, being in Canada. Norway "flag era"... Thanks to Brilliant! for the Warsteiner patches! Belarus early 2000s Blues Starter Mesh
  8. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    That Facebook notice this morning makes me weary. I asked UND to get an update on the jersey I got through them in January. They told me last week that my jersey was shipping back to them early this week. I hope this hasn't affected that. I wonder why EPS doesn't expand their business with the amount of individuals who use them for their quality of work. Thankful for Keener up here in Canada these days.
  9. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    You mean Smyl and Bure.
  10. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    No, it's EPS. I referred to them in our email conversation and it's known they do UND game jerseys.
  11. The Want List

    After some confusion in emails with the Comets store as to what is and is not an authentic jersey (all I can do is laugh lol), I'm now seeing if anyone can possibly help getting a 54 or 56 in this style. I'm assuming game worns may be the only option, but miracles do happen sometimes.
  12. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Looking for another "probably not"... I'm hoping to find the ADK patch the Utica Comets wear. The team is willing to sell me an authentic jersey but not the ADK patch. Any help is appreciated.
  13. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    I'm getting the sense that they're phasing out individual customers like ourselves. No Facebook posts in roughly 6 weeks and their last tweet was November 3/17. I also ordered a Reebok 2.0 UND jersey right from the team store in January and in my emails with them, they told me their customizing company doesn't want them to tell anyone who they use because they would rather have a business pay in bulk (which does make sense from a business point of view). They told me it was a company near Chicago, which made it obvious, but it also made me decide to pay for it all with the Sioux Shop because they guarantee 4-6 weeks customization, whereas if I get the jersey and send it to split the cost, I might get my UND Boeser jersey by puckdrop of the 2018/19 season. Anyway, back to the Spring Sale topic... looking back at their Facebook history (which is not long), they posted March 17/17 that their sale began the following Monday, which was March 20. Still a couple weeks until anyone should realistically expect any advertising.
  14. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    I've been tempted to email about a spring sale (have a Devils stadium series needing to be done), but I never know if I'll get my a$$ chewed out when I send any kind of a question. Customer service definitely is not EPS' strength.
  15. 2018 Pyeongchang patch

    Given that Nike didn't even make replica jerseys aside from Canada and the US, I would think that the only place these patches ever saw the light of day besides during games, is in the famous IIHF jersey room at the arenas.
  16. According to EPS' Facebook page, they can do it. I'm interested in how the jerseys are done. From the best I can see on TV, the 'C' and 'A' are sewn on but the names and numbers are heat pressed. (Anyone else know for sure?)
  17. UAA Seawolves - CCM Years Curious as to what years the Seawolves wore these jerseys. Obviously it's mid-2000s, but I can't find anything to tell me exactly what years.
  18. UAA Seawolves - CCM Years

    Is that based on the note in the link that says the player played there from 03-07 or are you confident that's when this style was worn?
  19. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Like I said, I know how unrealistic that idea is. Fakes aren't going anywhere sadly.
  20. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I missed a lot in the fake jersey discussion! Rather than going back to read it all, I'll chime in with my two cents... I get that people want a deal. In the end, if someone isn't going to spend what it costs to find a licensed jersey, I'm not going to instigate an argument. When I managed a sports retail store, I saw more than a fair share of fake jerseys on my customers' bodies. I said nothing unless asked, and most of the time, giving an honest yet polite answer as to whether or not they got a good deal on the real thing was met with hostility. Whatever, you're mad, good for you lol. One guy I remember did drive me to lose it a bit and as him why he's spending as much on the hat I'm ringing through for him as he did on his jersey that's supposedly the real deal. I lost that $45 sale, but I was ok with that. Guy was maybe a buck-fifty soaking wet, no taller than Theo Fleury and he was adamant that his skin-tight Bieksa jersey was the real thing. His little-man syndrome went into full effect when I told him there's no way that the jersey he was wearing would fit over an NHL player wearing equipment... nevermind the fake strap I could tear with my bare hands and the logo that looks like a 4 year-old drew it onto the jersey with a wax crayon. (I didn't use those terms lol, I just grabbed a licensed premier jersey off my rack to show him.) As for the topic branch-off to other illegal products, the factories making fake jerseys in China will stick to making fake jerseys in China. Those factory owners are not likely taking jersey money and making s*** like fake drugs. That said, money spent on fake jerseys absolutely supports illegal, and often child labour. Some of your $30-50 on a fake jersey can absolutely fund organized crime. That, to me, is my biggest problem with people knowingly buying fake jerseys. If you try to open someone's eyes to that, you get told off... for the sole reason that the person telling you off thinks a jersey should cost as much as a hat or t-shirt they are willing to pay full price for. My main ire is directed at the teams and the NHL. I remember some years ago, there was a "fight the fake" campaign for some NHL teams, meanwhile douchebags were likely selling fake jersey out of their trunks in arena parking lots before games to fans with tickets. If teams really want to "fight the fake", they would employ people who know what they're looking at to stand at the turnstiles and not let anyone in the arena with a fake jersey. (I know how unrealistic that is!)
  21. It arrived today v. 8.0

    In this case, it's not like Made In Canada game jerseys don't exist. We're not asking them to make something special. If you have a customer willing to spend upwards of $400 CDN for one, you make the sale and there's so few of us who care about it (in comparison to how many fans don't) that making that sale when it's there isn't going to put a dent into their needs. The old company I worked for never carried everything everyone wanted in the store or even within the entire company, being Western Canadian, but we had a large list of products we could bring in if we had a paying customer. Then the bigger company bought us and that ended, s*** hit the fan in many other ways and life went on lol.
  22. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Believe me, I get it. I'm just an old grumpy b@stard who grew up managing sports retail when every customer's want meant something. Companies getting bigger and not giving a f*** about customers is reason 1 of 6,597 I left the company I left a couple years ago.
  23. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Stole my thunder. It's blatant false advertising and it also hampers efforts for those of us who want an Adidas Made In Canada game jersey. Staff in team stores and retailers are trained to sell the Indozeros as game jerseys. Adidas hockey's twitter account will like and retweet every product compliment they get, but when I ask politely if/when the actual game jerseys will be available, they don't respond.
  24. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    Almost embarrassed to ask, but is Nike making any replicas of any team other than Canada and USA? I'm assuming 99.9% no chance on the "Olympic Athlete From Russia" jerseys, but it would be cool to have even a replica.
  25. Found the Belarus cyrillic red jersey I've always wanted on eBay recently. It's an authentic, size 52 so I jumped at it knowing that it lacks any IIHF tagging and patch. I don't care about an IIHF tag inside the neck like a lot of jerseys from this era have, but I'm curious about the lack of a patch on the bottom right hem. Does anyone know of any tournaments this jersey was worn without an IIHF tag? It's appearing to me that the older IIHF patch (globe with italicized letters) is impossible to find. The newer IIHF patch (thick, bold letters) was on this jersey in 2005, so that's an option... but I want to turn this into a Ruslan Salei jersey, and he did not play at the 2005 IIHF World Championships. He did however, play in 2006 Olympic qualifying that took place in February 2005, when Belarus was obviously still using these jerseys... but I have been unable to find a photo showing the back of a Belarus player at this event. I don't know if they had an IIHF patch at that event, or if they did, which patch it was. Any help with pics or information is appreciated. Pics of the jersey currently en-route to me...