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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I just spoke to my contact at the Canucks team store. And the price posted seem to reflect what I was told as well. The Canucks official team store has a promo of $200 for the "authentic" with name and number thrown into the price. Otherwise, the "authentics" are $200 for just the blank jersey. And appears to have the fight strap too. Time will tell whether this is still a premiere/authentic combo like jersey. The pictures he sent me was of the "on ice authentics" but whether that's what people are buying is another thing. Presales are until July 31. Or while quantities last. I believe I read that. I might see it up close on Monday if I can make it out to the team store. Keep you posted with pictures of course.
  2. Proper number style question

    Hahaha okay thanks. Good to know.
  3. Proper number style question

    Sorry but, "EPS"? Keep seeing this on a few threads.
  4. 2016-2017 New Jersey Watch

    Not sure if this was posted but found this online. Anyone confirm this?
  5. How do you store your Jerseys?

    Hangers, in my closet. Try to have a long sleeved shirt that separates the jerseys from the rest of the clothes next to them.
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Yup! I just rolled it around a little and it was gone. If you go wild on it, then I could see why you might have had a little more of a mess. Same patch? 2016 versus the 2017 allstar skills competition patch? Aren't they different from year to year? Fingers crossed they do become available?
  7. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Got home from work and found the package from Patch Collection. Looks like the legit one. Glad it doesn't have the hard backing. Now I'll wait for the NHL Allstar Skills Competition patch and pull the trigger on that when it becomes available.
  8. NHL Team Customizers

    I see. Thanks for reply. From what I gathered, they might have had someone else do their customization but the employee was a few years on the job and only know of Central Crests and said he would look into it but never did get back to me either. But not a problem. When I look at the lettering between the replica and authentic, they look pretty identical. Even though I was told that the authentic lettering and numbering are a bit thicker. Still can't see the difference though.
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sorry, I meant the NHL logo patch on the front collar. I've seen two different looking patches.
  10. NHL Team Customizers

    Not sure if this is in the correct thread but when I spoke to an employee at the Canucks team store, they get their work (customization) done by Central Crests and the other one is CYC I think. Never did ask what CYC was. Majority of customization's are done with Central Crests.
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    A question for you all. the NHL logo in the Blues jersey has a texture looked to it. Almost like it has a mesh look to it. Is that new? Like current edge 2.0 update. Again sorry if this was covered somewhere else. Love the collection on this thread. We all love our individual teams yet share a passion for authentic jerseys.
  12. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Yes. Somehow went "duh" and forgot how to quote correctly. Not my first rodeo yet it's been years since entered a forum post. Thank you
  13. The Patch Thread 2.0