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  1. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    I wish I could say it was my first year, that may excuse things a bit. It's just been, um, let's say productive in finding a bunch of jerseys on the ever evolving want list.
  2. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    It's been a busy year so far
  3. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    Doesn't it just make your heart sink when you add up the postage over a 6 month period......
  4. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    Yep, not gonna be a JB issue anytime soon. Definitely not alone in your desire to own Ultrafil jerseys.
  5. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    Sydney mate. I've been pretty active lately, my bank account could use a hiatus. Was more thinking of any clearances. What are you focused on?
  6. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    Too easy mate, we should maybe team up on JB deals in future. I was referring to geographical location and lack of funds; it was so hard to get jerseys here for so long
  7. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    More relevance. You're in Aus as well right?
  8. A "jersey collecting is an illness" thread.

    This thread is classic. All so relatable. Currently I have 5 jerseys in Canada, 1 in transit from JB and 1 in Michigan that I will collect in October. Oh, did I mention I live in Austraila and have 3 blanks here that need to find their way for customising at some point and the boxes of hidden jerseys the wife is oblivious to? I also work in a performance based industry so I make deals with myself that if I can achieve X then I can buy Y jersey or whatever; love the justification. Genuinely need to chill as upcoming holiday has been expensive and I still need to get my game tickets......
  9. The Want List

    Why don't you join forces and contact JB direct for a direct multi buy? I bought a few jerseys in one hit at sub retail. Also casually mentioned I'd be after something if they got stock, they did over the weekend, emailed me and we arranged another direct purchase under retail price.
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I may be in the minority but I always really liked the Canucks Heritage jerseys. Looks great.
  11. "Stitched"

    Typically the females are more aggressive so perhaps she is smiling. These and white tailed spiders are the two I want nothing to do with.
  12. "Stitched"

    Have not seen one in years. Didn't like seeing it either. Would not recommend/10
  13. "Stitched"

    Funnel webs aren't even that big, but yeah, forget that. Those bastards are not to be trifled with. I do not live near them thankfully. Yes it is, I've seen it at multiple pubs on tap. I'll take a photo next time I see it
  14. "Stitched"

    It's not the big ones you need to worry about mate. Typically I will catch and release any I find inside as they do a good job of killing off flies and mosquitoes in summer. I'd leave em alone but wifey doesn't like them. They are like reef sharks, fine to be around and they'll leave you alone.
  15. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Originally the collar bugged me and the lack of numbers made them look a bit bare. Now that I have one, I actually like the old ribbed collar. Spot on about the whiteness of the jersey mate, it definitely stands out. I'd buy another given half a chance.