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  1. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    First I've heard of someone needing a *smaller* size (much less 2 sizes down) Adizero vs their Edge size.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thank you. I wasn't aware. Love to find a 17/18 gamer (GI/TI or GW).
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Is PX now doing the customization for the Devils? Is that new for 17/18? Thank you.
  4. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yeah... I guess what I was wondering was how long from "pre-order to delivery." This sounds like a case where they did not sell it as a pre-order; it came into stock at some point. The individual bought it sometime after and picked it up the same day. Didn't really get to the intent of my question, which is more or less 'how long is one likely to wait if they click on pre-order today?"
  5. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Ah, OK--I thought these were listed on their site as *pre-orders*, which is why I asked.
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yes, it's true. When I used to play (defense) I was 5'11 & 190. I'm now a skinny bike racer (150 & 6% body fat in season), so... *shrug*. In light of the other posts about the distance from the nameplate to manufacturer logo vs the distance to the numbers, that's also why the nameplate is a little closer to the numbers than one might see on other sizes. Then again, the numbers don't exactly look small on Jagr, and he wore a 56 or 58: Yep -- and the Jagr is actually a 50! I could *play* in a 52 with light shoulder pads. I did check--Jagr wore the "C" that year and played in the game the night they retired Leetch's number (although he had no points in 23' on the ice).
  7. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Arrival #2: 2007/2008 Rangers Edge 1.0 customized by Arena Wear, with the Leetch retirement patch.
  8. It arrived today v. 8.0

    New arrival #1: I had this blank for a while. By the time I figured out I wanted to customize it Arena Wear no longer had the nameplate material. Took a hot minute to source that. Yeah, #30 is a pretty basic choice here, but I dig it. 2012 Winter Classic // NY Rangers // Reebok Edge 2.0 MiC
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Nice! Mind if I ask how long it took from order to arrival?
  10. Proper number style question

    Not to mention there is normal variation, and lots of time the actual gamers are NOT shown the level of care that people might thing. This forum has countless examples of re-use/re-purposing and more. They're tools, not art. Gotta be a frustrating business for EPS, Keener and others to get hammered on tiny details. (I say this as someone who appreciates attention to detail).
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Nice! Out of curiosity, when did you place the pre-order?
  12. Customized youth NHL jerseys -- what are my options?

    Figured I'd answer my own post in case anyone is looking in the future. I found many places offering youth jerseys but was not particularly impressed. It seemed like the (youth) Reebok Premier jerseys might be a bit better choice than the Fanatics version. Although no one will confuse either with the on-ice adult counterparts or even the adult "authentics," the Reebok Premier seemed a little less like a long-sleeve t-shirt than the Fanatics Breakaway. The two final contenders were CoolHockey with "pre-stitched" customization or Great Plains Cresting, who I though could only do the pricier hand-stitching (CAD100). I jumped at a sale price via CoolHockey on a Friday night as I was a bit worried about hitting a deadline, and the Flames shop was not able to provide an immediate answer to a few questions. Early the following week I found out that the Flames could do heat transfer at the arena for substantially less than hand-stitching and still send it out with my jersey, but it was too late to cancel with CoolHockey. To their credit, they were LIGHTNING fast. I knew going in that the crest would be sublimated (and slightly glossy), then stitched to the jersey. I understood from the CoolHockey site that "pre-stitched" customization meant: "Numbers and letters are pre-sewn then applied by heat." Turned out that the numbers and letters were sublimated, like the crest, then sewn to the jersey. This was a nice surprise. As stated above, this isn't an on-ice jersey, though through an 8-year old's eyes it might as well be a gamer. [Note: For some reason the Flames "C" looks a little more jagged in this photo than it does in person; that seems to be a factor of the material (which has horizontal lines in it) and the reflection.]
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Definitely not as sexy as many others posted here, but, hey, it DID arrive today; I figured I'd make my first contribution to this thread. Background: I'm taking my little boy on a 3-game Flames road trip. We're not Flames fans, but we are Jagr fans. (I have a few Jagr jerseys--not sure I'll *wear* this in the arenas we are going to, though perhaps bringing it will attract a bit of attention.) This is just an MiN Adizero (sigh... @Devilsguy -- that's a nice MiC one, and @Mcmanus I do dig that Edmonton sweater even if it's not MiC); it did come out pretty well. I'm OK with the patches, crest, numbers and letters -- I just don't LOVE the material compared to the Reebok Edge MiCs.) I'd love to have waited for a MiC version; however, with the timeframe I had to make the call to either go with an Adidas Jagr that's not an on-ice sweater, or a Reebok Mic which would not have been accurate for a Jagr. The first two are of my Adizero, completed by Great Plains Cresting; the second two are a youth Reebok Premier done via CoolHockey, who really killed it with the turnaround. CoolHockey descriped the customization as "pre-stitched," which I took to mean as heat transfer. Turned out to be single-layer sublimated crest, numbers and name, but they are stitched on. The price was also fantastic. My boy is thrilled, and he'll probably wear this to his actual hockey practices and pond hockey, as well as spill stuff on it. I should have some more interesting things to post in the coming weeks and months. Youth jerseys below. [Note: For some reason the Flames "C" looks a little more jagged in this photo than it does in person; that seems to be a factor of the material (which has subtle horizontal lines in it) and the reflection.]
  14. Customized youth NHL jerseys -- what are my options?

    Thank you. A while back my kid was faced with a choice between a really nice Rangers Winter Classic jersey (everything was stitched) and a flimsy, screened Rangers home jersey, he chose the latter. My wife was trying desperately to convince him to get the WC jersey (I'm kicking myself now as I didn't check which model it was) as it was pretty sharp, but he kept saying no. I then pointed out to her that one was $175 and the other was $70. She stopped trying to convince him.
  15. Customized youth NHL jerseys -- what are my options?

    Thanks for the feedback. Were these premier jerseys? It's hard to tell if the crests of these Fanatics jerseys are screen prints; it appears that they are. Sewn-on numbers might be overkill on a jersey with a screened crest. Any recommendations for the style of jersey to look for? It looks like an XS adult jersey *might* be pretty similar to a Youth Premier L/XL. Pit-to-pit looks the same, but the adult may be longer. My initial search on that was inconclusive. Thanks!