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  1. Las Vegas... Black Knights?

    Wranglers has been used by 3 different teams in Vegas, though 2 of them were baseball teams in the 50's. Could work to use that one, though obviously won't have as many specialty jerseys as the ECHL team did. I am curious on how long the league will remain at an odd number of teams and who will be next to get back to an even number to balance the divisions. Still holding out for Seattle, but until they have an arena plan, I know that isn't likely to happen.
  2. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    For the Islanders, I would go Peca or Yashin myself. For the Oilers, Doug Weight.
  3. Jersey Foul: wearing a team that doesn't play to a live game?

    There are many people who only own 1 jersey. If it is a hockey jersey and they go to a hockey game, I personally have no issue with it as they are still wearing the proper sport at least. Now when you wear a hockey jersey to a baseball game or something like that, then that would be a no-go for me.
  4. what's going to be your next jersey?

    Have a few priorities to take care of when it comes to finances, but am definitely hoping to get a Sabres Eichel jersey.
  5. Bands you have seen live

    I am definitely looking forward to the 10th. Heading down to Austin for the Iron Maiden and Megadeth show, my 2 favorite bands on 1 ticket, gonna be amazing.
  6. Best Photomatched Gamers

    Some of the game matches on this are great. Unfortunately my Rucchin gamer doesn't have many distinguishing marks, am still happy to know that he was wearing it when he scored the OT goal in this game.
  7. Getting out of the hobby

    If you were to get rid of anything, do not get rid of the hard to acquire, rare stuff. These are items that you would likely never get back no matter how hard you tried. Getting rid of things like an Ovechkin Capitals red jersey is one thing, getting rid of a WBS Game Worn that was only worn in one game is another.
  8. Buffalo Sabres new alternate jerseys

    Well, as one of the Sabre fans here, all I can say is...Ick, what the hell were they thinking?
  9. Kovalchuk Retires!!!

    As one of the bigger non Devil Kovalchuk fans that I know, just read this and was completely surprised. Though before the lockout ended, he did express an interest in staying in Russian but the agreement between the NHL and KHL pretty much prevented that from being an option this past season.

    This thread is for Deals and Steals. While people are entitled to their opinion, personal attacks will not be tolerated. You can disagree with someone all you want and you can post your disagreement, but at no time will there be any personal attacks. Personal attacks will be dealt with by the moderation team and warnings will be given via pm to that person. If actions continue, further actions will be taken by the moderation team. Now lets get back to talking about hockey and jerseys.
  11. REEBOK 2.0s coming out this year?

    Glad to see that the 2.0's are now available and they are going away from the Indo's. The biggest disappointment to me is the $300 price tag for a blank 2.0, but it is the way the market has gone in just about every sport the past few years.
  12. So I have been to quite a few events at American Airlines Center and recently I was at an event there and I noticed that of all the banners that the Stars have hanging, they are all from the Dallas Stars era. They have nothing other than the retired numbers banner that acknowledges their time in Minnesota, and even that doesn't say Minnesota, it just has the numbers. I was wondering how the other relocated teams have handled their past.
  13. Hockey East Patch?

    USCHO and Hockey East used to sell them, but I haven't seen them online in quite a while.
  14. This site hasn't be updated in a few years but it is a good resource too.
  15. NHL Lockout.

    ESPN has a list of players that have signed overseas and which teams they signed with.