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  1. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

  2. Replica or IndoEdge... would you?

    You can purchase an authentic retail hockey jersey just the same as the teams do. Then you can have that jersey lettered by the same customizer who lettered the teams jerseys. The only difference between your new jersey and a game issued jersey is your jersey was never in the possession of the team. This is the goal of most of the collectors here. You have an authentic jersey not a replica. If you want to get technical, wouldn't a backup jersey that a player wears because blood got on his "original" jersey be a replica? Wouldn't every jersey made after the "master" jersey was designed be a replica? I know I am being a bit of a jerk here, but using the dictionary to define hobby classifications is a bad idea.
  3. It arrived today v.

    I meant on the game worn jerseys.
  4. It arrived today v.

    Ribbon fight straps were used on the mesh versions in the first part of the season. When they switched to knit they went with the reinforced button style fight strap.
  5. It arrived today v.

    82 - 83 Mike Murphy. Knit version only worn in second half of the season. The Kings would switch to CCM branded jerseys the following season.
  6. SLC Customization Error Assistance

  7. Question about Starter jersey for LA Kings

    Yes, Robitaille Starter gamer.
  8. It arrived today v.

    Wow! a Dokken reference. Wonder how many here actually got that. I have seen them many times. From small clubs to big arenas. The last time was at a Six Flags Magic Mountain if you can believe it. How low do you have to sink when you start playing at amusement parks.
  9. Game worn jersey questions

    Not sure I get the fear of wearing gamers out in public. Granted I am not wearing my best gamers out, but I almost exclusively wear game worns to games. I don't eat during the game I eat before and when I do I take my jersey off...simple. Yes, I have had a beer spilled down my back by the drunk behind me. Got home, washed the jersey on delicate cycle and back to the way it was before the spillage. The only real risk of washing out wear is if the jersey hasn't been washed since the wear(stick mark) was added to the jersey. I purchased a game worn and was handed the jersey immediately after the game. The jersey was drenched and there was no way that sweat soaked jersey was hanging next to my other jerseys. There was a stick mark on one of the back numbers that faded even though I washed the jersey without detergent. Had I not picked up the jersey after the game it would've been washed by the team and the stick mark would've been gone anyways. Exercise a little care and enjoy your jerseys...isn't that why you purchased them?
  10. New Arrivals v6.0

    Not surprising, fact. Be happy you have a repair.
  11. New Arrivals v6.0

    Hump Day Yeah!
  12. Do 2.0 gamers just not show wear?

    I think part of the problem is the stick tape used now is different than it was in days past. I have seen many stick marks visible one game and not the next. They wash out. Also many of the players are using white stick tape. That being said, I have many 2.0 gamers with numerous repairs. Just depends on the player and how often that player goes to the boards. A player may play a rough and tumble style, but if those hits aren't along the boards there won't be as much wear. Dustin Brown comes to mind. Top five in the league in hits but rarely much wear on his jerseys. Kopitar plays along the boards and his jerseys are loaded with repairs.
  13. Ducks to bring back the Mighty Ducks jersey!

    With the Stadium Series game in late January I would think they need to come up with a third jersey. Unless they plan on having all the Legends Night games in the beginning of the season. Gotta love the Kings with all their jersey changes.
  14. New Arrivals v6.0

    What is really amazing is that there is actually a repair on the jersey. For as much as he throws his body around, there is usually very little wear on his jerseys. I have a couple and have seen several others over the years and I can only recall one other with a repair. It might actually be the one you purchased. Welcome to the addiction!