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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Adidas needs to make the jerseys available. I'm not going to buy a golden knights jersey until I can get a legit on ice jersey. I've gone the meigrey route before when I was an avs fan, but would like to avoid buying gamers just to have a real jersey due to having more responsibilities in my life now. I refuse to buy the crap they sell in the store and online with the fanatics made jersey. I just wear different vgk hoodies to games. I cringe at the awful jerseys that I see at vgk games.
  2. Need help with Avalanche jersey!

    Strip the 7 and add a 9 and you got a MacKinnon jersey.
  3. Stripping Help - Suggestions Welcome

    Who does glue removal here? I'm looking for someone to remove glue from a couple of stripped jerseys. Or should I send it off to EPS?
  4. Winter Classic 2015

    West teams need to start hosting more of these outdoor games.
  5. Another question about sizing

    I wear a ccm 6100 48 and wear a edge 2.0 52, but since 2.0 are hard to get so I buy game issued 54. It's a bit big on me, but i rather have a 54 2.0 than a 52 1.0.
  6. When's the next big MeiGray sale?

    I hope that there will be a good sale this winter. I can't wait til next summer. We'll see if they want to clear out inventory. I'd like to buy two more team issued jerseys to strip and customize and possibly a Duchene game worn before they go way too high in the next few years. I should have bought his game worn when they were going for $950 a few years back or even when they were $1250. At least I practically stole a O'Reilly game worn before he had a breakout season.
  7. Thanks! I'll call them up this week.
  8. I can find the black 3rds in premiere and EDGE for home and away, but not EDGE for the 3rds. If anyone can send me a link to where I can find one I'd really appreciate it.
  9. The EDGE 2.0 thread

    This indo edge issue is really crappy. My gf wants to get me a jersey for christmas, but I refuse to get an indo edge. I guess I gotta get a edge 1.0 from stitches or hunt down a 6100.
  10. The EDGE 2.0 thread

    The plastic shoulder patches of replicas (premier) make it a no go for me otherwise I probably would like them.
  11. Colorado Avalanche Name Plates: Off center?

    I found a reebok 6100 dark jersey that I want to buy but I would need a donor jersey for denver athletic to make a nameplate. Would a dark 550 or this ccm uncrested colorado jersey work? ccm uncrested colorado jersey
  12. It is good or not?

    authentic or not? My link
  13. Hockey Metal

    I bet snoop wore that ducks jersey the year after they won the cup. I can't stand that guy. He's always bandwagoning on teams that win championships.
  14. Zig-zag sewing machine

    My mom was a seamstress until arthritis ended that part time at home job, but she had 3 expensive machines made by bernina that would probably be overkill. I'm sure any midrange sewing machine would do the job. I think the most important thing would be practicing on some tshirts with cheap patches then moving on to jerseys.
  15. Premier Jerseys Fall apart easily?

    My premier jersey that I wear for every game while watching at home for good luck (well not so much good luck this year) is in great shape after 4 washes. I have a lg steam washer and dryer and just use the steam setting. It uses less water.