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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    If it turns out I am wrong, I'll eat my words, but this really annoys me about these different levels of "authentic" jersey created first by Reebok, and now by Adidas. Salespeople are not educated enough about the differences, and although unwittingly, provide misleading information to customers. I'm willing to bet that those pre-ordered "authentics" that arrive in September will NOT be the same as the on-ice jerseys on the display mannequins.
  2. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    When Atlanta moved to Winnipeg, Reebok made retail 2.0's for the Jets but Indos for the other teams. Perhaps a similar situation here? Of course I'd love it if all teams got Canadian-made retail authentics, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  3. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Pretty much anything can be found on eBay. Maybe not right now, but if you keep looking, sometimes for months or in some cases even years, you'll eventually find it. I just found something this week that I've been looking for for over 4 years! (Don't worry, a reasonably-priced authentic of the type you're looking for probably will turn up within a few months, or maybe even less.)
  4. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    They should be the same, but the CCM was probably made a few years later and in a different factory, so I can't say with 100% certainty that they are identical, but from what I have seen, I can't say there is any significant difference.
  5. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    I hadn't even looked at the price. Even if the jersey is indeed mint, the current reduced price is not cheap by any means. I was able to get a new Koho authentic of that model for the same price a couple of years ago. Don't quote me on the stitching job (I'm lucky that I don't have to pay for my stitch jobs), but if it's just a zigzag stitch around the crest and shoulder patches, I wouldn't think most people would charge over $10. It's looking more and more like the hem letters are already stitched, so hopefully you wouldn't have to worry about those.
  6. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    The crest and shoulder patches are not stitched down (which is the way they come from the factory). The LOS ANGELES letters on the front hem may be stitched down, but I just can't tell for sure from the pictures. Don't let the fact that the crest/patches aren't sewn down stop you from getting the jersey, because all the CCM's and Kohos are that way. And as I mentioned before, you can always get that done by someone.
  7. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Remember a while back, when PatchCollection was shipping officially-packaged NE NHL100th patches, and then switched to repros for a while when their stock ran out? Some of us got screwed there (although they did replace them with legit ones later). And then a bit later there was a new batch of NE NHL100th patches, but they were cut slightly differently from the first batch. Sometimes you never know what you're getting, even when a seller indicates they are selling official patches... I've bought from the seller "opportoonity" before and got a good patch.
  8. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    If those are Indos, at least the airknit pattern looks similar to what is expected for the on-ice jerseys.
  9. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    I figure if you wait a little longer to customize your WCOH jersey, once the new NHL game jerseys are released, this new airknit should be readily available to EPS (or any major customizer, for that matter) for nameplate material.
  10. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    Gamer nameplates had the same "airknit" as on the back panel. EPS's nameplate material resembled this, but it wasn't exact.
  11. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    That's what it sounded like in the article, but it seems to be contradictory to what I was told by a team customizer. I had the impression that only a few teams would be having their lettering done by Adidas, with perforated numbers. I too hope that article is wrong about that.
  12. EPS the best/only place for WCOH customization?

    Both EPS and Keener seem to be able to accurately reproduce the shapes of the letters and numbers in the WCOH fonts. However, both customizers have slightly different hole patterns (whether sublimated dots or perforations) in the numbers compared to those of the gamers. Neither customizer has an exact pattern, but overall I'd say EPS has a slight edge in accuracy, at least for the jerseys I checked (Teams Canada and USA). The following table shows the number of rows of perforations in the sleeve numbers and back numbers of the gamers, compared to EPS' and Keener's versions. The first number in each pair of numbers refers to the number of parallel horizontal rows of perforations in a horizontally-oriented number segment like the horizontal bars of a 3 or 8. The second number in the pair is the number of vertically-oriented rows of perforations in a vertical bar like a 1, or the spine of a 6. These numbers are only accurate as far as I can tell, based on photos I've seen of their work, and jerseys I own. Blue USA: Sleeve- gamer 5/5, EPS 4/5, Keener (sublimated?) 5/5 Back- gamer 13/13, EPS 14/14, Keener (sublimated?) 15/17 White USA: Sleeve- gamer 3/3, EPS 2/2 Back- gamer 11/11, EPS 11/11 Canada: Sleeve- gamer 5/6, EPS 5/6, Keener (sublimated or perforated) 4/5 Back- gamer 11/15, EPS 12/15, Keener (sublimated) 10/16, (perforated) 7/13
  13. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I realize that. Like I said earlier about the Kings crest, there must be a layer of red airknit material in the center of the crest which is completely separate from the airknit jersey panel beneath the crest. This top layer of airknit is most likely sitting on top of a white base twill layer. The black strip of twill looks like it goes over the white twill, but it's also higher than the red airknit portion, which is why I said it looks kiss-cut.
  14. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    The Devils' crest looks like it's actually kiss-cut.
  15. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I think there would have to be a complete, solid piece of white twill as the crest base. A piece of black airknit would go on top of that, with the silver merrowed border tacking down the edges of the black airknit piece. At least that's how the WCOH crests appear to be constructed.
  16. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Interesting. Just curious then, what would customizers use that for on a jersey? I don't think any team ever used it for nameplates, right?
  17. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I was assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that mfitz was referring to Edge "stretch mesh," which was not unique to 1.0's. (It was the stuff used on the backs (as well as in other places) of both 1.0's and 2.0's, and is the material that most NHL teams used for nameplates on Edge jerseys.) The materials unique to 1.0's were bubble mesh (the water-repellent stretchy stuff on the front and arms of the jersey), and x-trafil (smooth, tightly knit material on the shoulders and parts of the sleeves). I didn't even know if Reebok made those materials available for sale- were you by chance referring to one of these 2 materials? If so, then I misunderstood someone's comment, and sorry for any confusion my post may have caused.
  18. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    That new air knit material seems pretty lightweight. I would think it's possible that those parts of the crest might actually start to tear from repeated abrasions, slashes, etc.
  19. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    The jersey material in the new crests appears to be a plain polyester knit (much cheaper than the Edge stretch material, I'm sure) and I would imagine it actually is cheaper than twill.
  20. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    I was told by someone in the know that the design was not going to be very different at all from the Edge. I have a feeling they're going to be similar to the WCOH design, which would be fine with me- I really liked how they fit, less baggy-looking than the Edge.
  21. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Interesting. Good from a price standpoint, but it makes me more inclined to think that somehow these will be significantly inferior to the on-ice ones.
  22. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Is that $200/150 price level (authentic/replica) in Canadian, I wonder? Even if it's US, that's still a great price, at least for the authentic anyway. Some might think that the authentic price might be low because they will probably be manufactured overseas, but I seem to remember that the Canadian-made WCOH authentic jerseys were under US$200, after currency conversion.
  23. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    The material on the front looks to be the same stuff used in the WCOH jerseys.
  24. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    Not necessarily. The Koho is of good quality; if the only thing that bothers you is that the crest and patches aren't sewn down, you can have that done yourself, or by a tailor, or by a customization company. Including shipping, $95 is a bit pricey for a replica, but the seller does say it's new. I don't believe anything's new unless I see tags on it, lol. The LOS ANGELES letters on the hem are not shaped the same as the authentic ones, if that matters to you. (The ones on the CCM look much better.)
  25. L.A. Kings throwback confusion

    The pics of the Koho are too blurred for me to be sure if they're stitched or not. Starters, as I mentioned earlier, have stitched logos. Maybe by "sewn" the seller meant they are "embroidered," but I'm referring to something different- that the patches are stitched down to the jersey and not just glued on. On the CCM the crest and patches are not sewn down. Maybe the LOS ANGELES letters are, but I can't tell from the pic.