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  1. It is good or not?

    I have a 1990’s black Kings ultrafil with no CCM logo or NHL shield on the hem. I figured this Hawks jersey might possibly be a weird one like that, and the owner just added on a badly done 80’s-like CCM logo along with the Gunzo’s emblem.
  2. It is good or not?

    I’m aware of the 1980’s semi-pro CCM’s, but (sorry to disagree with you), I don’t think this Hawks jersey is one of them. That crest never appeared until the 1990’s, the neck tag is the exact same one that started to appear on Hawks pro jerseys around 1993 (after the Maska Ultrafil tag was phased out), and there’s the small size tag next to it that was removed, which is also a 1990’s only feature. I’d say it’s more likely the post-1991 fight strap already came with the jersey as opposed to being added on later. I still think this is a 1990’s jersey with the hem tagging altered.
  3. It is good or not?

    Not a chance it’s early 80’s.
  4. It is good or not?

    Looks fishy to me. That jersey doesn’t look like it was made until around 1993, well after they stopped putting the GUNZO’S logo on the hem. That style crest, the fight strap, what looks like a small size tag that was removed from the neck, look like post-1991 as well. The CCM hem logo looks bad- what happened to the big block logo that should have been there?
  5. Team Lettering Sources (Current as of 10/01/2017) Anaheim - A. Dolling (2012-Pres); Monkey Sports (2010-2012); Sublistitch (2008-2010); Cutting Edge Sports West (2005-2008); AIS Custom Uniform (1993-2004) Atlanta Thrashers - Bobcat Athletic (2009-2011); AIS Custom Uniform (1999-2009) Arizona/Phoenix – Artcraft Sports Apparel (1996-Pres) Boston - Custom Crafted (1987-Pres); Stall and Dean (~Mid 1970s) Buffalo – Jersey Express/Action Spot Sports (1990s; 2014-2016); Big Bear (2009-2014); SSC Custom Apparel (2002-2009); Exclusive Pro Sports (2000's?) Calgary – Great Plains Cresting (2005-Pres) Carolina – Exclusive Pro Sports (2001-Pres); Custom Crafted (1997-2006) Chicago – City Sports Lettering (1995-Pres); Gunzo's Sports (1980s) Colorado – Denver Athletic (2000-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (1996-2000) Columbus - Bobcat Athletic (2009-Pres); Sublistitch (2008-2009); AIS Custom Uniform (2001-08); Cutting Edge Sports (2000-2001) Dallas - Blake's Sports Lettering (1993-Pres) Detroit - Sports Haven Pro Shop (1997-Pres); East Side Team Sports (1985-1997) Edmonton – Elite Sportswear (1998-Pres); RMC Sports Manufacturing (xx-1998) Florida – Exclusive Pro Sports (2016-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (1997?-2016?); East Side Team Sports (1996-97); Potvin Sports (1995-96) Hartford Whalers - Custom Crafted (1990-1997) Los Angeles – Bobcat Athletic (2009-Pres); AIS Custom Uniform (1988?-2009) Minnesota North Stars - Team Choice (1988-1990); Steichen's Sports (1970s-1988, 1991-92) Minnesota – Exclusive Pro Sports (2017-Pres); Heritage Embroidery and Design (2012-17); Cunningham's Sports (2000-2012) Montreal - Cutting Edge Sports (1990s) Nashville – Exclusive Pro Sports (2014-Pres); John Gray (2011-2014); Cutting Edge Sports (1998-2010) New Jersey - Philly Express (2017-Pres); Exclusive Pro Sports (2005-2017); Custom Crafted (1989-2004); Gerry Cosby & Co. (1982-1989) New York Islanders – Stitches NY (2007-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (1995-2007); Exclusive Pro Sports (2005-06?); Pro Specialty Corp. (1993-95); Syosset Sports (1983?-1989) New York Rangers – Arena Wear (xx-Pres); Gerry Cosby & Co. (1950s-1990s) Ottawa – Cutting Edge Sports (1996-2004) Philadelphia – Philly Express (2010-Pres); Ruberti's (1990s-2010) Pittsburgh – Pro Knitwear (2011-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (2000-2011); Century Sports (1980s) San Jose - Jersey Express/Action Spot Sports (?-Pres); Exclusive Pro Sports (2000s?); Custom Crafted (1991-?) St. Louis – Liebe Athletic Lettering (2005-Pres); Custom Crafted (1987-2004) Tampa Bay – Bobcat Athletic (2009-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (1995?-2008); Pro Specialty Corp. (1993-95?) Toronto - Sports Lettering Company (2009-Pres) Vancouver - Cutting Edge Sports & M.P. Embroidery (1997-1998) Vegas - Exclusive Pro Sports (2017-Pres) Washington – Exclusive Pro Sports (2008-Pres); Cutting Edge Sports (1995-2008) Winnipeg - All Canadian Emblem (2011-Pres)
  6. Canucks Jerseys Customization

    That’s what I do now. Whenever I can get my hands on the real stuff, I send it in with the jersey.
  7. Canucks Jerseys Customization

    Maybe things have changed recently, but whenever I’ve asked them for ultrafil plates, I’ve gotten something back that looks very much like ultrafil, but it’s not exactly it. I’m actually fine with it though. I posted some pictures in an earlier thread showing the material texture:
  8. Canucks Jerseys Customization

    There are a few pictured on Keener’s website:
  9. If you wash the jersey after the acetone has dried, the stains don’t seem to come out. Have you tried applying acetone, rubbing it into the affected area to dissolve the colored staining, and BEFORE the acetone dries, rinse it out thoroughly with cold water? This has worked for me a few times.
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    You’re one of the lucky ones. Most of us with Photobucket accounts got notices saying that we would no longer get 3rd party hosting unless we paid a subscription fee, which iirc was at least $400 a year. Like others, I just said f that and switched over to Flickr.
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    If you’re not paying big bucks to Photobucket, you’re probably going to have most of your pics blocked from 3rd party hosting. Try Flickr (what I use) or imgur.
  12. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I see them all except pics 8 & 9 on my phone.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Some real beauties there!
  14. It is good or not?

    It’s not sewn through both layers of the hem- from the inside you can only see the stitches made through and around the border of the swoosh.
  15. It is good or not?

    It’s possible to pay an embroidery company to duplicate the NHL shield and stitch it into the jersey fabric, provided they have no issues with the logo copyright. Probably not cheap, and I don’t know how accurate it would have to be to satisfy you, but it’s at least possible. It also shouldn’t be hard for a customizer to cut a piece of twill in the shape of a swoosh and stitch it on. Don’t know if the trouble would be worth it to you though.
  16. It is good or not?

    The swoosh looks like it’s a patch, but the NHL shield is embroidered directly into the jersey. It will be difficult to get the shield to look exactly the same as the original; it’s not like just buying an authentic patch from National Emblem.
  17. It is good or not?

    On that Burke gamer on eBay, I’m not sure how good the lettering is- is it really a gamer? Maybe one of the Devils gamer experts here could comment. Here’s a white big block/no shield 89/90 that was converted into a 91/92. Once again, a Burke!
  18. It is good or not?

    Oddly enough, this is available on eBay right now: I’m pretty sure that during 1989-90, the Devils had small block logos on some jerseys, and big block ones without NHL shields on others, like this one: So maybe you don’t need to bother adding the NHL shield.

    Sorry the coupon didn’t work out for you. I actually used the coupon to pick up something from JB. I was just about to e-mail him anyway to get the jersey off eBay, but the coupon actually worked out better for me, and I ended up saving $63 off the regular price.

    Thanks for the clarification. Since the coupon seemed to work on just about any item, it didn’t seem fair to me that any seller would just be forced to take 20% less without any choice in the matter.

    How does the 20% off coupon work for the seller? Is the seller supposed to just eat 20% of the selling price or does he/she get compensated somehow from eBay in the form of funds or reduced seller fees?
  22. NHL Team Customizers

    Last year an IJBB member posted a video showing this company lettering an on-ice jersey for a newly-acquired Canadiens player. The video was probably done 3-4 years ago, so if they were indeed the official team letterer, I don’t know if they still are now. It sounded like they had worked with the Canadiens for a long time though.
  23. NHL Team Customizers

    Interesting. Are you sensing that they are the team letterer, but they just don’t want anyone to know about it?
  24. NHL Team Customizers

    It might possibly be a company called CSG International (, but I’m not certain at all. If you happen to contact them and can get a confirmation on this, please let me know.
  25. It is good or not?

    It’s just a normal Edge 1.0, nothing unusual.