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  1. NHL Team Customizers

    I ended up talking to a different person at the post office and was able to get my St. Pats sent out about two weeks ago with no problem. They told me it'd take about one or two weeks to get there. I hope it's there by now so they're able to start it and have it done in a week or so. I should be getting it back in a few. While SLC is slow for the summer I would really like to get my Leafs Centennial Classic sent in so they can get it done before training camp starts and they get busier. I'd like to get it out on Monday. For the Centennial Classic, I imagine they have all the materials? All I'd probably need to ask is for them to do it to on-ice specs with a matching EDGE nameplate. Anything else I would need to mention for that one?
  2. NHL Team Customizers

    Will do. Strange but I went to my local post office to send the jersey out today and they claim that SLC's postal code is incorrect. It says M1H2X3 on the order form but the post office claims it isn't in their system and that the code should start with "M3" instead of "M1". To my displeasure I couldn't even ship my jersey out today and will have to wait until Monday to call SLC and see if they have it listed wrong online, which I doubt is the case.
  3. Great advice! I'll remember the credit card analogy.
  4. I'm not quite sure I know exactly how to identify whether my patch has that plastic backing that needs to be removed or not. Does it usually always have the "Warning" sticker? For instance, I don't think this 100th Anniversary patch has any backing that needs to be removed but I'm not positive:
  5. NHL Team Customizers

    I'll print a picture out and include it. That way I'll be safe. How about when it comes to patches? Any specific way I should tell them I want my 100th Anniversary one applied to my St. Pats or will they take care of it on their own?
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    I'll be sure to check for the plastic backing. So this patch is authentic, right? I don't have any spray adhesive but I'm sure if I note on my order form that I want it above the right sleeve numbers they'll know where I mean. Good idea for the future though.
  7. NHL Team Customizers

    I might just ship it out from my USPS two minutes away from my house and avoid all the extra trouble. I'm going to ship it out tomorrow so I'll decide then. Saving $30 may not be as worth it as I was thinking considering the hassle. I bought a box of those bags you mentioned so I'm all set there and thank you for that. I'm including a 100th Anniversary patch for them to add too. I trust they can take care of putting it in the proper location on their own? I'm going to make a note to add it for me on my order form, of course. Say I want to send in one of the Leafs Home 2.0's worn from 2011-12 to 2015-16 to make it a Nylander. Would I have to specify that I want it to on-ice specs from 2015-16 or would I not have to worry about it and they'll take care of it and know what I mean? I'm not sure if anything changed between those seasons with the Leafs' font or materials for that jersey.
  8. The Patch Thread 2.0

    I'm sending out my Leafs St. Pats 2.0 to SLC tomorrow to be lettered and bought this 100th Anniversary patch for it from The Sabres Store at KeyBank Center a few months ago: I'm assuming the National Emblem one would be the authentic on-ice one for this patch but just wanted to make sure it's good to use. This is the first time I'm having a patch added to a jersey I'm sending out. Also, should I do anything with the patch before including it with my jersey to be sent to the customizer or will they take care of it? Just want to make sure I shouldn't open it and remove any backing before I pack it up and ship it.
  9. NHL Team Customizers

    Thanks for mentioning that. Since supplies is limited I'm going to knock that one out first and do up a Matthews St. Pats. I managed to get ahold of SLC today and for anyone who is interested, they still have the green felt that they used for the team's on-ice St. Pats throwbacks. They told me it'd be $110 for them to letter that one. Now that I think about it, I didn't ask them if that was CAD or USD. In addition, I'll have to pay to ship it and have it shipped back, so it'll be a pricey job but will be worth it to ensure it's done accurately. For other Leafs jerseys, they usually charge $85. Again, not sure if they mean CAD or USD. For those who have already used customizers, how would you recommend I ship my jersey out to ensure it doesn't get damaged in transit? What kind of packaging should I use? I'm right near Canada so I'm contemplating crossing the border and shipping it out from there to save some money. I'd need to find a Canada Post location closest to the border. I'll be coming from Buffalo and crossing over to the Canadian side of the Falls.
  10. NHL Team Customizers

    I have a Leafs Home 2.0 that I purchased from the Baron that I want to get lettered as a Matthews, obviously for 2016-17. SLC would be the customizer who did these, right? I notice they have an order form on their site. Has anyone ever dealt with them? Would I even need to call them or would submitting the order form be sufficient? Around how much do they charge? Also, how should I tell them I want this done and what kind of materials should I have them use? Would they have everything needed or would I need to buy anything to include with my jersey when I ship it out? I'm still quite new to this and want to do this right so hopefully there are a few Leafs experts here that can educate me on their 2016-17 jerseys. I also have the St. Pats and Centennial Classic 2.0's that I might get done at a later time but I'm undecided on which players to get for those, so I just want to get the Matthews Home one done for now.
  11. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Just like many here, I'm in regular contact with the Baron, too, and as of a few weeks ago he told me it's unlikely he or anyone else will be able to get the made-in-Canada authentics. We don't know what the future holds but from the looks of it right now, our only hope of getting them are by buying gamers or TI's, which sucks for everyone but even more for those of us who wear smaller sizes like myself, which completely eliminates the option of customizing our own like we've been doing ever since the Baron started doing his thing. What are everyone's thoughts so far on what you might do this season? Personally, I only like collecting the Canadian authentics. I can't see myself buying any Indo-made jersey at this point in time and certainly not the replicas. As of right now, my only option seems to be to wait and see if we get access to those Canadian-made authentics in the future, even if it's a few years down the line, so it doesn't look like I'll be buying anything for a while in this new era. Maybe I'll eventually grab a few gamers but for now there's not much available to me. Even the TI's will be far too big for me and won't be available in 46's. We've all been hearing about this for months now and it's disappointing for sure. I was really hoping to get a Canadian authentic Golden Knights home for their inaugural season, too.
  12. It is good or not?

    This isn't a current eBay auction but I purchased this Sharks away 1.0 on eBay almost a year ago to the day and wanted to know for sure that it's real before going about getting it lettered. The only reason I'm questioning it's legitimacy is because I noticed one thing was different on this one than any of the other Reebok 1.0's and 2.0's I own. For some reason, the sleeve tags were on the right sleeve instead of the left. Every other jersey I own has the tags on the left sleeve except this one. Can anyone confirm that this one is still the real deal and clarify why the tags are on the opposite side?
  13. When the adidas jerseys release next year

    Great question to bring up and I've been thinking the same thing lately. Wanted to have some light shed on this from those who have gone through a jersey switch to a new manufacturer because I've never been through this before. I of course remember when Reebok took over but I wasn't nearly the avid collector I am now back then. What are you all doing for the rest of the season and into the offseason as we await Adidas officially taking over next season in regards to your jersey purchases? Are any of you going to use this time to herd up any 2.0's that you may be missing? That's what my plan has been and I've been doing that for a couple months already. However, I wanted opinions as to what you think may be available and at a cheaper price in the coming months. Like many of us here, I go through a lot of the popular retailers, including JB. My main concern is knocking out as many 2.0's as I can from my list before Adidas starts releasing the new stuff. However, I'm finding it may be better to wait on certain teams and specific jerseys because there may be a ton of these still out there and going on sale in the near future. Instead of investing boatloads of money right now that I can use on other things, do you feel it's better to wait it out? Of course, there are some jerseys that I don't want to miss out on and that I see JB only seems to have limited numbers left of (I don't imagine he'll be getting any more in himself and this will be it). For example, he only seems to have a few Flyers home 2.0's left. Do you expect more of some of these that JB has to surface in the future for cheaper prices? And then, you see a ton of Blackhawks and Penguins 2.0's in JB's inventory, so those don't seem to worry me as much. I don't mind investing in the rare ones that I might only have this chance to get but I wouldn't want to foolishly HAVE to get some of these now in fear they won't be available only to see them out there for cheaper in six months. What other retailers may make them available? I know RCS just had a sale but unfortunately, they had nothing in my size. Looking for 46's will probably make this harder for me than someone who wears a bigger size. Just wondering what advice anyone might have for me in regards to if I should wait and refrain from purchases for a few months or if some of these won't ever be available again once they're gone and I should scoop them up. I collect all 30 teams and have been building a collection of at least one of each from each team as I can.
  14. I'm wondering what everyone thinks of getting a gamer autographed. What does an autograph do to the value of the jersey? With any retail jersey, obviously an autograph increases the value. However, I feel like some collectors might frown upon getting a gamer signed because they feel it takes away the on-ice "feel" of the jersey. What do you think? I have the opportunity to get a gamer of mine signed this weekend if I choose to but I'm very torn. I'm actually more on the side of leaving it alone. I'd like to hear some opinions though before ruling it out.
  15. NHL Team Customizers

    So is Jersey Express/Action Spot Sports the same company? I Googled "Jersey Express" to find their website and when I clicked on it it redirected me to the site of Action Spot Sports. I'm attending a signing with Kyle Okposo on October 19th and if I can get a Sabres 2.0, send it in to be customized, and receive it back in time, I'd like to have him sign it. Does anyone know if the Sabres will be using the same customizer this year? Or should I not risk it and hold off until the season starts just in case they change? Okposo hasn't played a game for Buffalo yet and I want this jersey to be for 2016-2017. Has anyone else sent in a Sabres jersey to them? Their site says the turnaround is three weeks or so. If that's true I should be safe for October 19th if I buy one and send it in soon. Assuming Buffalo's customizer isn't changing this season, that is.