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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    You're right on the crooked part and I know even the gamers aren't going to be flawless. I see what you mean looking at that photo. The "O" and "N" being up a bit too high is probably the most noticeable thing to me. That's what I might need to get fixed.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    At least I know it's not just me being picky! It seems to me the lettering including the hyphen are definitely incorrect. The imprints I can probably get out somehow and there's nothing I can do about the tags, although I was planning on taking them off anyway at some point so it doesn't matter much.
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0[user]=146233675&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2 I apologize if I wasn't supposed to use links. I couldn't find the appropriate way to just upload the photos to the thread. I got my Ekman-Larsson Coyotes Throwback back from Artcraft today. I want to get your opinions because I'm honestly not satisfied with the work they did. My biggest concern is regarding the letters. They look blatantly crooked to me, especially those of "LARSSON." The "O" and "N" at the end seem to be lower than the rest, as well. Another concern is that the hyphen looks really uneven. One side is rounded and the other looks pointed. The other issue I have is that the numbers came back with about two slight imprints on the back "2". I hope there's a way to get rid of this. Last, I sent the jersey in with tags and it came back with none. This is the second time getting it back. The first time they put a nameplate on it when there shouldn't have been. All in all I've been waiting patiently for this one and I feel disappointed again. I'm not sure where to go from here.
  4. Nameplates Needed

    I need a red EDGE material nameplate for my Panarin Hawks Home 2.0. If anyone has any, please let me know.
  5. NHL Team Customizers

    Just as a heads up for anyone sending in any Blackhawks EDGE era jerseys to CSL, mine has been stuck there for a few weeks after I got an estimated turnaround time of about a week before I sent it in. The person I spoke with on the phone before I sent it said they had all materials. I called them today and checked on the jersey and was informed that they are completely out of red EDGE nameplate material and won't be getting any back in. They're waiting on CCM material and luckily I called before they just used that and called me to bill me and send it back. I specified that I wanted it to on-ice specifications with layered numbers and a red EDGE material nameplate so it's weird that they didn't call me back explaining to me that they didn't have all the materials anymore to do it as I requested. Would have been a foul if they did it before I got ahold of them.
  6. Thanks furiousd. I hope they'll be able to clean it up for a relatively low cost, maybe even free like you said. I'll have to call them Monday. Should the jersey still look okay when the nameplate comes off? Luckily it's a dark color and isn't an Away white or anything. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable.
  7. First Time EPS Questions

    I'm glad you mentioned this. When I saw you had both customizers listed in overlapping seasons in the customizers thread I was a bit confused. This makes sense. Can we assume it was only EPS for 2015-2016? If I understand you correctly, they only used both until around 2006. From then on, it seems like it's been solely EPS? For this 2015-2016 Hanifin, I'd probably need to just ask them to customize to on-ice specifications with a matching EDGE nameplate and they'd probably know what to do from there. Should I include anything else? I'm still not familiar with all the types of cuts yet and I haven't been able to find many gamers to reference.
  8. NHL Team Customizers

    The woman I talked to from Artcraft regarding getting my EDGE Kachina Throwback done told me the Coyotes have never used nameplates, as well. The problem I had when I received mine back was that they put a nameplate on my Ekman-Larsson Throwback. I believe this is due to my own personal error, as I think I could have possibly accidentally asked them for a nameplate because I was sending out a bunch of jerseys to different customizers at once but it's funny that you're saying they're telling you the same thing. It seems like the Reebok-era ones shouldn't have nameplates. They've customized the Coyotes since they got to Phoenix so it's hard to believe they wouldn't know what they're talking about but how can the gamer you saw be inaccurate? Very odd situation.
  9. It took Blake's about only a month to do my Seguin and return it to me. I'll post pictures at a later time but they did a great job and it came out perfect. I also sent in my Coyotes Kachina Throwback to Artcraft Sports Apparel. The customer service on the phone was great. The woman I talked to told me I didn't need to send any photos to go by or anything and that they had all the materials needed. All she said to send was a note saying I wanted it done to on-ice specifications with the alternate captain's "A" patch. They were very helpful and the turnaround time was only about two weeks. However, I noticed upon receiving the jersey back that they put a nameplate on it. I checked more photos again and the jersey wasn't supposed to have a nameplate at all. Everything else looked fine but the nameplate is definitely not supposed to be there. Now, one of two things happened. Either they made a mistake and put one on or I, who at the time thought the Coyotes didn't have one for on-ice specs for this jersey, made a mistake and perhaps accidentally wrote down that I wanted a matching EDGE nameplate included. With all the jerseys being packaged up and sent out recently, it could very well have been my own fault and I could have just made an error when I wrote down what I wanted done. Since it's the Kachina Throwback, the jersey's black. How would you guys go about having this fixed and done the way it was originally supposed to be done? My best bet I'm sure is to call Artcraft and explain to them what happened and send it back and see if they can strip the nameplate and re-do the lettering without it for another charge (maybe they won't charge me the full customization amount if I'm lucky). Is this what you guys would suggest doing? I don't think I want to touch it myself because I have no experience with doing the work on my own. Since it's a black jersey do you think it'll show much after it's redone correctly without the nameplate? Again, this could easily and likely have been my fault and not theirs. I'd bet on it being me actually. Simple mistake and the first time I messed up customization directions. I just want to get it fixed so it's done the right way. Big pain of having in shipped back and paying extra to fix it now but I learned to be extra careful next time.

    Had I seen this when it was still available I would have grabbed it without thinking twice. That's a steal and my size.
  11. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Anyone know where I can get an authentic Adam Foote Number Retirement Night patch? I'm going to get a rookie MacKinnon done up very soon and I'm contemplating whether to get the patch to put on it. Patch Collection nor JB seem to have any. I'm indifferent about if I should bother or not. I love the idea of rookie jerseys and if the patch was worn every single game for that season, it'd be included. I'm just not sure I want to bother to replicate a jersey worn for one night just because of a patch when I can replicate his first home jersey fine without it.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'll make sure to include that information. I'm going to get it on its way. Hawks never had a Lextra NHL shield on their Home and Away, did they?
  13. Any Hawks experts out there? I contacted CSL and their turnaround time is only a week or two. I want to have a 2015-2016 Panarin Home done up. I bought the jersey from the Baron. Besides customization to on-ice specs with a matching EDGE nameplate, anything else I need to tell them? It's my first time having work done by them.
  14. First Time EPS Questions

    Can anyone confirm that EPS did the 2015-2016 Carolina Hurricanes gamers? Just wondering what to ask for if I send it in. I have a Home Hurricanes I want to make into a rookie Hanifin.
  15. Hmm. I spoke with them a month or so ago and they told me cash or money order only. I sent cash. The woman on the phone needed to ask a few questions to whoever her manager was while I held on the phone so maybe she was mistaken and checks are also accepted. Maybe you were who I saw that posted the photos of the Away Eichel in another thread. I'm local as well and while I haven't heard 100% from anyone, it seems likely that they were indeed the 2015-2016 customizer. I'd like to get a definite answer, of course, but I'm very tempted to drop it off soon in person and just get them to do the job. I've been wanting that one for a while and the jersey's been in my closet ready to go for quite some time.