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  1. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Is Patch Collection the go-to for patches for most of you guys? I checked out NE's site and the prices seem pretty close between both. I might place an order with that promo code for a few that go with a few jerseys I have waiting to be shipped out.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    How long ago did you send those in? I'm still waiting on my Devils 2014 Stadium Series Jagr to be finished and I sent it in sometime in September.
  3. First Time EPS Questions

    Thanks LAK! Good to know.
  4. First Time EPS Questions

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm how EPS charges. On the form they ask you to print out and include with your jersey when you send it in, there is a box for payment information. Do I just provide my card type, number, expiration date, etc. and they will email me and charge me when it's finished or will they send me an invoice to pay via email when it's done?
  5. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Thanks! eBay is naturally quite helpful but I was thinking of I couldn't think of it yesterday for whatever reason. They used to have a bigger selection. They don't have as much as I remember now.
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    I'll check National Emblem's site. Isn't there another site that sells authentic National Emblem patches? I can't remember what the name was but I know there was another one I've seen.
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. Of course, I would never get a number that doesn't match the jersey! That's the type of thing that'd make many of us around here cringe.
  8. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Does anyone know where I can buy an authentic Flyers 50th Anniversary patch and an authentic Flyers Ed Snider "A Flyer Forever" patch for the Flyers' 50th Anniversary jersey worn last season?
  9. First Time EPS Questions

    I have a 2014 Stadium Series Devils from the Baron that I want to send in to EPS in the near future to customize as a Jagr. I've never sent anything to them before. I see I can fill out the form on their site and they have a Stadium Series jersey option. They did the on-ice ones, correct? Would I need to provide them with any information as to what I want done or do they already know and have all the materials needed? Mine has the neon green neck tape inside with the Lextra NHL shield. I have no idea if this would match the gamers. Finding a picture of Jagr's gamer for that one is pretty tough. From looking at photos of him wearing it it looks like it was a Lextra shield.
  10. I know everyone has different opinions and preferences but I was just wondering how you guys feel about getting a jersey done with a player's "rookie number". For example, Brett Pesce of the Hurricanes came into the League wearing No. 54 in 2015-2016. After completion of his rookie season, he changed his number to No. 22 the following offseason after he had cemented himself as an NHL'er. The reason I ask is because I want to do up a William Nylander Leafs Home. Nylander has a bit of a unique situation though. He made his NHL debut in 2015-2016 and wore No. 39. However, since he didn't play in 25 games that season, his rookie season wasn't technically until this past season, when he wore No. 29 and the Leafs wore new jerseys. I'm feeling like I want to go with the 2015-2016 No. 39, even though he only played 22 games in that jersey because it was the jersey he wore during the season he debuted in the NHL even though his real rookie season wasn't until the following year with a new number. It was still the jersey he wore in his first taste of NHL action. I know there's no right or wrong answer but I just wanted to see what you all think of those "rookie numbers". Personally, especially if you followed the player and/or liked him before he got to the NHL, I think having his first number is kind of cool. It's definitely more unique and might signify you liked the player before his career really got started, which would feel especially nice if the player became a good one. How do you feel about this? No doubt some people hate those ugly, high numbers. Again, I personally think they're more unique and definitely rarer to see, so I don't mind them. Some, however, probably want the current number of the player instead of an old one that likely looks less appealing to most. I can see both sides.
  11. NHL Team Customizers

    I ended up talking to a different person at the post office and was able to get my St. Pats sent out about two weeks ago with no problem. They told me it'd take about one or two weeks to get there. I hope it's there by now so they're able to start it and have it done in a week or so. I should be getting it back in a few. While SLC is slow for the summer I would really like to get my Leafs Centennial Classic sent in so they can get it done before training camp starts and they get busier. I'd like to get it out on Monday. For the Centennial Classic, I imagine they have all the materials? All I'd probably need to ask is for them to do it to on-ice specs with a matching EDGE nameplate. Anything else I would need to mention for that one?
  12. NHL Team Customizers

    Will do. Strange but I went to my local post office to send the jersey out today and they claim that SLC's postal code is incorrect. It says M1H2X3 on the order form but the post office claims it isn't in their system and that the code should start with "M3" instead of "M1". To my displeasure I couldn't even ship my jersey out today and will have to wait until Monday to call SLC and see if they have it listed wrong online, which I doubt is the case.
  13. Great advice! I'll remember the credit card analogy.
  14. I'm not quite sure I know exactly how to identify whether my patch has that plastic backing that needs to be removed or not. Does it usually always have the "Warning" sticker? For instance, I don't think this 100th Anniversary patch has any backing that needs to be removed but I'm not positive:
  15. NHL Team Customizers

    I'll print a picture out and include it. That way I'll be safe. How about when it comes to patches? Any specific way I should tell them I want my 100th Anniversary one applied to my St. Pats or will they take care of it on their own?