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  1. Thanks! Actually I've been on a break from jerseys and started focusing on my guitars. Only so much cash to spread around lol.
  2. Before the Baron was known to me (and even when I discovered him I don't think he had these yet) I found an authentic Rangers Winter Classic jersey in my size (46) in Cosbys. $500. Before customizing. This was in the spring after they played the game.
  3. Lettering a 96 Starter Rangers

    Cosby's doesn't do this anymore??
  4. I can't quote on my browser here at work for some reason....I agree with CJ- the winter classic crest gets in the way and you totally get used to the flexibility the standard 'RANGERS' layout provides. Did you ever try to sit down and play a guitar with that WC crest riding up and poking you in the chin?
  5. No, which is why I do not own a Liberty head or Stadium Series. *hides in bunker awaiting the barrage of attacks for disparaging the Liberty head*
  6. 2015-2016 New Jersey Watch

    Bland. Bring back the fisherman. I'm serious.
  7. I wear 46's and I believe Arena Wear (Rangers' team customizer) had to slightly "shrink" or modify the number on the back of my Callahan road jersey to appropriately fit on the back. You can't tell at all and it's better than if it overlapped onto the bottom stripes etc. I wonder how'd they fit Zuccarello on a 46 though......
  8. eBay version 4.0

    I was watching that....I didn't think it would end up going that high.....with less than 8 minutes left it was around $40
  9. NYR Heritage Jersey Help

    I'm sad to say that EPS cannot 100% accurately do the NYR Heritage customization.....did you have them do the hem numbers as well? They did one for me and when I compared it to one from Arena Wear (the team customizer) you could see the differences.
  10. Bands you have seen live

    Interesting...other than age, what else is up? (Counterparts was very very good. This I will give you.)
  11. Can you get Edge 1.0 or 2.0 made in size 46?

    I'm 5'5" 135....what would you like me to wear???
  12. Ice Jerseys ticket exchange

    Looking for 4 tix to Rangers/Caps on 3/29- want to bring the kids so no too picky on seat loaction. Also looking for 1 ticket for 2/8 vs. Dallas
  13. Nameplate How To

    Similarly (but compeletly unrelated): You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine
  14. It arrived today v.

    Congrats Tom on the haul- especially the Drury! I know you've been looking for one for a while.....and now you can stop eyeing my Sjostrom, lol.
  15. It arrived today v.

    Looks good- 7 of my 8 home/away shirts of the "caw faw" (blech!!) were done by them within the past 2 years but I can't understand why they are ever so slightly off with the spacing of the letters. Here's a blue Leetch IO got off eBay that was done by them in the 90's: