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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That Deadmarsh is beautiful. He is near the top of my list for an identical blank Kings jersey.
  2. ProPlayer Avalanche jerseys

    Interesting! Thanks.
  3. ProPlayer Avalanche jerseys

    Old thread bump! Can anyone confirm/deny that the Avs 1999-2000 Pro Player jerseys used stacked twill instead of kiss-cut. Thanks!
  4. Nameplates Needed

    Friends, I'm looking for a burgundy Pro Player nameplate. Needs to be quite large as it's for an Avalanche Andreychuk jersey.
  5. 2017-2018 New Jersey Watch

    Take this for what it's worth but, I was recently at Great Plains Cresting (customizer of the Flames) picking up some name bars, and I asked the lady who worked there if the Flames were making any jersey changes for next season with the Adidas/Reebok switch. She said they would be, but still finalizing the design.
  6. The feedback thread

    I bought a couple 2000 patches off of chow_hound, which was an easy and pleasant transaction! I believe he still has some left (red and blue), if you're looking.
  7. It arrived today v.

    That Shanahan is glorious. Your collection is just filthy.
  8. It arrived today v.

    Beautiful Reggie!
  9. World Cup Of Hockey Jerseys

    Interesting. While I don't particularly care for the dark Europe jersey, I think the white one is beautiful. Love the colors. Although, I'm not sure I'm sold on the different colors on each arm.
  10. World Cup Of Hockey Jerseys

    Canada's jerseys are really nice, but I feel like they either need to add a black layer to the numbers, or remove it from the logo. Or even just have it somewhere else on the jersey. The logo itself isn't too bad, but I'd almost like to see 'Canada' text below the leaf? It's seems like it's just cut off at the bottom, like it hasn't finished loading yet.
  11. World Cup Of Hockey Jerseys

    Chris Creamer tweeted that each team will have a home/road sweater. Not sure why they're not unveiling both? Edit: I believe he's getting that info from Eric Bodamer, who's twitter page says he's an NHL uniform designer for Reebok/Adidas.
  12. Does anyone hate "their team"'s jersey?

    As a Red Wings fan, I couldn't be happier. I even like their SS jerseys this year. Now, as a Flames fan, pretty disappointed. I've never been a fan of their Edge look. Although I do like their third jerseys, and their throwbacks are nice as well. But I'm not in the camp that thinks the Flames should go full retro. I feel like the yellow and white bleed together too much (on the red jersey), plus I've always enjoyed the addition of black into their color scheme. I'm desperately hoping for an overhaul with the Adidas change. All that being said about the Flames, I own 5 of the jerseys I don't even really like. Go figure.
  13. It arrived today v.

    Thanks! There's an abundance of good choices from that alumni team, can't go wrong! Who are you going with?
  14. It arrived today v.

    The Kiprusoff 1.0 was a local buy & sell find, and the Yzerman was a birthday gift from my wife (courtesy of JB).
  15. It arrived today v.

    Thanks! I was very impressed with his work. It was actually reviews from folks on this board that sent me his way. The Osgood was a last minute choice and I had a bit of buyers remorse after sending it off, but once I got it back, I was really happy with how it looked. Especially in person, that orange really pops out.
  16. It arrived today v.

    I got my order back from Keener this week. My first time using him, or anyone other than Great Plains (Flames jerseys), and I was incredibly happy with his work. A very exciting day!
  17. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Thanks! I wasn't really sure about the size either, specifically with the Red Wings patch. It says 3'x5', does that seem right for a shoulder patch?
  18. The Patch Thread 2.0

    I recently acquired a 2003 All Star jersey and was going to get it customized as a Lidstrom. But I need some patch help! Can anyone confirm if these are the patches I'd need? And if not, any thoughts on where I could get them? Sweden: http://www.ebay.com/itm/181977196882?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Red Wings: http://www.sportsk.com/redwicopa.html
  19. 2016 NHL All Star Jerseys Unveiled

    I quite like them, actually. Nice and simple. They look pretty nice customized, too. I'm having a hard time comprehending all the hate. They're not the greatest all-star jerseys of all time, but that doesn't make it a bad jersey.
  20. It arrived today v.

    Awesome Shanny's!
  21. It arrived today v.

    Haha, I talked to the guy that sold these, he didn't want to ship them (I assume, he stopped responding to me once I asked if he could ship). Great pick up, and for a great deal (even for the asking price).
  22. Kolbe31's Sale/Trade Thread

    Make me an offer!
  23. Hey guys, I've got the following two jerseys that I'm hoping to trade. I'm not opposed to exchanging cash+jersey if we determine your jersey is worth more than mine. Looking for size 52-56 coming back my way! Steve Yzerman - Red Wings - Nike - 52 - $160 Shipped - Open to any trade offers, but would be excited about anything Brendan Shanahan/Curtis Joseph related. Blank - Team Canada 2002 - Nike - 44 (BNWT) - $150 Shipped - Again, open to any trade offers. Ideally I'd be able to trade it for an identical jersey, just a bigger size. Thanks for looking!
  24. NHL tags and tails guide

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help!
  25. NHL tags and tails guide

    I recently picked up an authentic Rangers CCM jersey (hem logo), and that CCM logo has a small hole in the first C of the logo. Based on the look of it (clean, no 'burn' marks), it seems like it was put there on purpose. I vaguely remember someone posting on here about something similar. Any ideas?