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  1. Does IJ or any other site have the jerseys from this current IIHF World Championships?
  2. The first set of jerseys on the shopusa site are what they used this year?
  3. I'm not exactly sure on the site it was bought from though, that's the thing. I had asked but she forgot the name. Just gonna edit that out because I had thought that was the site
  4. Got this today for Christmas, was wondering if this was a fake or not. Family member got it at a website (not sure of the site) Pictures: http://imgur.com/qgJcGgj imgur.com/ yY6sfZt imgur.com/HMqOHon http://imgur.com/XbSjlJT, http://imgur.com/R26Qxoj http://imgur.com/04ddzGI http://imgur.com/h4ktE3n http://imgur.com/ai8jOQ4 http://imgur.com/h53oHAy http://imgur.com/eTFap26 http://imgur.com/VUlivr2 http://imgur.com/NMcMVcb http://imgur.com/8yLI94T
  5. It arrived today v.

    Just in time for Christmas
  6. Grammar error in description of jersey

    When I get my Coyotes jersey and if it has LNH on it I am gonna be very peeved. I don't think it will though hopefully
  7. While looking at Arizona Coyotes jerseys I noticed an error in grammar in the description of both the home and away jerseys. It says "Performance polyester engineered interlock or striped knit collar, with LNH shield logo patch sewn to bottom of front collar fabric insert." Instead of "NHL Shield"
  8. I'm honestly thinking of getting an Arizona Coyotes Max Domi jersey customized from IJ of course. I really like Domi's skill and how he plays the game. One of my favorite players already and he's a rookie. Probably gonna go with the home premier. so what's gonna be your next jersey?
  9. It arrived today v.

    Got my first jersey from Icejerseys today. Nino Niederreiter Minnesota Wild home jersey. It's a premier though, but it's nice to have everything stitched at least. Sorry for the bad picture quality, had to use an old iPod to take pictures as my phone has no space. Front Back
  10. Estimated ship date was today but my order already says completed..
  11. bit of a mistake in jersey description

    It's already pre-customized D: what's weird is that it doesn't say that for the pre-customized alternate jersey. Think I'm just gonna go with a Niederreiter one instead.
  12. was looking at a mikael granlund jersey on icejerseys and i noticed it says it will have an "A" sewn on. one problem, Granlund doesn't wear an A. should i buy it anyway?
  13. customization laugher

    Last I checked the bruins colors weren't black and apple juice colored http://shop.nhl.com/Boston_Bruins_Jerseys/Reebok_Tuukka_Rask_Boston_Bruins_Premier_Home_Player_Jersey_-_Black
  14. Look at this. See how one authentic is $360 and there's another that's on sale? The one that's on sale is clearly and indo-edge, but look at the one for $360. It looks like one of the Made in Canada ones! Is this finally then end of the Indo-EDGE???? http://shop.nhl.com/Boston_Bruins_Jerseys_Authentic