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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Whew! Got that McD just in time! 😉
  2. Carey Price Gamers

    I would tweet Chris Kreider.
  3. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Some noob started that here a year or two ago with a Wild-wing Jersey. He really believed himself too.
  4. It is good or not?

    She sounds like she’d fit perfectly on the NBC NHL coverage team with Pierre, Emerick, and Milbury.
  5. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY SLIM! I hope your friends and family treat you well today, because that’s not what this thread is about! 😘
  6. Probably not that bad since they aren’t cranking out Nash jerseys by the dozen and don’t have to worry about 3-4 playoff sets for another couple of years.
  7. Goalie jerseys preference

    But if you did it the right way, I would have bought soooooooo many Brodeur jerseys off of you by now. ...and then sold them back to you.
  8. Goalie jerseys preference

    I used to not care, but since primarily collecting gamers now, I’d only put a goalie on a goalie cut jersey. But then again, look at my user name.
  9. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    It’s like Tinder, but a lot less trips to the doctor.
  10. thebiggoalie's bigfatsalesthread

  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Sometimes, a buy-none-get-none-free really is the best sale.
  12. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Maybe he meant he’s sending it back to Pittsburgh.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Nope. I had a few Pens gamers from that era and the numbers were significantly narrower than they would be later on in the 90’s.
  14. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I don’t care for Molson, but I’d buy a few duplicate bottles from you so I can complete the quest faster.
  15. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That’s the nicest pickup I’ve seen in a while, and unlike the Rangers, that probably doesn’t leave as terrible of a taste in your mouth.