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  1. Mfitz804’s sale thread: The Jersey-Go-Round

    Sorry bro! Total BS... Lol. Fn moron.
  2. For Sale Thread

    Seller PM me about the Sakic.
  3. For Sale Thread

    Sakic $100cdn?
  4. Mfitz804’s sale thread: The Jersey-Go-Round

    Who did the cresting? Can it still be customized properly? Any one know?
  5. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    Anyone know where the Team Canada 2018 Olympic jerseys are made?
  6. It arrived today v. 8.0

    So what are the differences you notice w the 'issue' vs 'authentic'??
  7. It is good or not?

    Especially if the Lemieux is a game issue. Probably sell the Steve Y.
  8. It is good or not?

    Theyre selling in my city. And the Yzerman and Lemieux are $150 cdn. Going to pick up right away. : )
  9. It is good or not?

  10. It is good or not?

    Either way. Price is Right. Has this too I think I'll grab. And what about the Alfie?
  11. It is good or not?

    The guy seems to have a bunch of obscure stuff. From a real gamer I found has the 66c in it and 6 is same person... Same printing.
  12. It is good or not?

    What do we got here? Best picks I got.
  13. Adizero Game Issue

    Hey peeps, I'm looking for an Avalanche Adizero game issue. I'm just wondering in general how hard game issues are to find. No just for the Avs but for any team. If anyone can point me to a thread or perhaps a site selling any game issue it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    All I can do is shake my head... Unbelievable. I guarantee not a single one of those designers can skate.
  15. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    LOL... Puke on both of these... Gotta be a joke...
  16. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Got a game issue Colorado 3rd jersey. 2.0 from last year (Meigrey, #2 Joel Chouinard GI ). I want to customize it to a Duchene (Which is why I bought #2) but the name plate seems to be on there pretty good... It almost seems glued on the edges or pressed or something..??? Anyone have any ideas or experiences stripping these things???
  17. Need help with Avalanche jersey!

    Mackinnon wears a 56... Lol. If this matters. I just got my jersey from Meigrey to strip and send to DA and do as a Mack. And I'm in the same boat. I don't know if I should tackle it myself. Where the top of the namebar is placed it almost seems to over lap the seam that goes across the top of the back which makes for removal of the plate very difficult looking. Cause it looks like I could mess that up. But I think the numbers look relatively simple with a load of patience. And ohhh... I like going the Meigrey game issue route. Obviously... It's what I did. Lol. But I hope you get something nice. Its funny you point that out. I never run into burgundy 2.0s either now that you point it out. I didn't realize that though.
  18. So I bought this exact jersey just now...Got a sick sick deal... I'm 99.9% confident it's legit. I paid $85USD!! The guy has a great rep on Ebay and has some Euro gamers as well. But I want to customize it to a Weber. Does anyone know who does the Preds jerseys? Also I want to do a 10 year patch on it, which I found on ebay, but am wondering about foul... Are all the 2.0 from 2007-2011 or are some of this style 1.0s? Thanks in advance guys!
  19. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    Thanks! I actually have that one on my watch list.
  20. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    Brandon... I've been looking at patches but hey all seem to be a dark blue but some say they are 4x3. EBay, Amazon, some smaller sites. Are you able to post a link to a legit Authentic path? Cheers!
  21. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    Thanks guys!!!!
  22. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    Figured that much... Easy to deal with. And I found the link... So what year is this? Would it be a foul putting on the 10 year patch?
  23. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    Here's the guy I bought it from.
  24. Nashville Preds - Weber Customization Questions.

    I bought it off of him aside from Ebay. So he pulled the listing. I offered to purchase that way. So the jersey I showed there that is from Jerseybaron is a 2.0 I'm just wondering why he has 2.0's and no 1.0's if they're that rare? A bit confused. Sort of a null point... If I get a 1.0, I get a 1.0... I'll live for $85... I have a picture on my phone I'll see if I can upload it later. The guy has other gamers that he's selling on eBay I trust he knows a 1.0-2.0... Hmm.. I'm gonna msg him.