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  1. Hi 

    could you please provide measurements for the leetch starter white liberty?



    1. Zeshy25


      Sure. Will measure tonight and send it over. 

    2. trueblue2735



      have u had a chance to measure?


    Hi guys, I have a 96/97 liberty that i'm sending to EPS. Been reading all your helpful information here, but still unsure of what exactly to tell Josh.From the information i've gathered here the gray drowshadow layer and white layer on the numbers should be thinner on the starter than the koho era but is it enough to say to make those layers thinner? Does anyone have specific measuresments for these layers? I'm having it customized with Beukeboom, are there any specific instructions regarding the name as well? Thanks in advance for all your help! Ray
  3. Any reliable method/source for turning vectors to woodmarks?

    Rangers heritage
  4. Any reliable method/source for turning vectors to woodmarks?

    Josh at EPS said he doesn't make/sell vectors and wordmarks anymore. Any other place I can get a vector logo made?

    Rangers white indo edge on sale for $118. Only 2 left in stock so better hurry.
  6. custom NHL jersey from Hockey monkey are the numbers right?

    Hockey monkey still has some edge 1.0 available. Use code clean20 for 20% off.
  7. The Want List

    Looking for New York Rangers heritage jersey with vector and retired numbers. Size 50 or 52. Preferably blank, callahan or girardi but will consider other players. Thanks in advance.
  8. Rangers Jersey Arena Wear Customization

    The steam ironing worked! Thanks LAK74!
  9. Rangers Jersey Arena Wear Customization

    Hey guys thanks for the responses. I really appreciate the help as I want my first edge jersey to be as close to pro as possible which is why I chose arena wear. I'll try the iron tonight but if that doesnt work then i'll have to contact arena wear about this. Has anyone else had issues with arena wear's work? Anyone know thier email address? I'd like to email them pictures but it seems like their website is down. I dont know if i'm being nitpicky but i also think the z-stitch on the name letters is a bit too large compared to the numbers. First pic is name vs number. Second pic is name on mcdonagh from arena wear vs staal from pro jerseys.Thoughts?
  10. Rangers Jersey Arena Wear Customization

    Hey guys, I recently got my McDonagh back from Arena Wear and noticed a few things that seem off to me. Wanted to get your opinions to see if it is normal or if I should send it back. Please let me know what your opinions are. Thanks in advance! 1. (first 2 pictures) When I lay jersey flat the number is wavy. I assume it is because the jersey or kit wasnt flat when they sewed the number on. 2. (last 2 pictures) Some edges were not cut straight.
  11. 2000-01 Rangers Alternate jersey?

    is this what your looking for?|240%3A1318
  12. rangers vintage jersey

    i was able to get the wolfpack jersey when had the 70% off coupon. i was also able to find pictures of both korpedo and girardi with the 10th anniversary jersey. Korpedo wore number 44 and Girardi wore 48. i'm leaning towards korpedo right now but that could change anytime. haha. now the search continues for a ccm 550 white rangers jersey in large. if anyone knows of where to get one let me know.
  13. rangers vintage jersey i offered $60 and it was accepted. on a separate note i want to get some opinions. i got a hartford wolfpack 10th anniversary jersey. should i get it customized with girardi or korpikoski?
  14. Look what I just bought!

    52 is a little too big for me. I'm only 5' 8" 180lbs. But maybe i'll wear it under a sweatshirt. how much you looking to sell it for? what replica rangers jerseys do you have that you are willing to part with?
  15. Look what I just bought!

    hey akteon do you have any other rangers jerseys for sale? if you do let me know i'm always in the market.