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  1. I caught the last of the Sharks-Avs game in progress and wow! The Sharks looked good in that spell. Nice goal by Pavelski towards the end of regulation. Had to go to the grocery store for a late night run, so I missed the Setoguchi goal.
  2. I like the ring of the Arizona Coyotes the more I hear it.
  3. I didn't watch any of the Sharks-Avs game, so I can't really give an assessment on the game other than what I've read on their boards. I'm gonna watch the next one to see what I think of it. I hope you're right and they do win tomorrow night, the continued flame outs in the playoffs of a team that's as good as they are in the regular season is crazy. However, it'd be impressive to see such a young Avs team upset the Sharks. I was very impressed with the Habs last night. I think Halak could be a pain-in-the-you-know-what for the Caps this series, if game 1 is any indication.
  4. Aren't they though? They are becoming the San Diego Chargers of the NHL. Sounds like the Coyotes-Wings game was pretty kicking. My wife watched it in our bedroom and I was in the kitchen doing some homework and I could clearly hear how loud it was in Jobing.com Arena. That place looked neat in the white out.
  5. I'm not putting too much into the Sharks, which means they'll probably up and surprise me and make the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm hoping the Coyotes oust the Wings, its time for them to have a nice playoff run. I'm not putting too much in the Avs and don't expect much out of the Kings yet. Personally, I think the Capitals and Blackhawks will meet in the Finals this year.
  6. Got my holy grail of jerseys today and my first Edge jersey. The Dallas Stars!
  7. I was disappointed that the Stars didn't do anything other than the Lehtonen trade before the Olympic break. This past week has not been good to them for the playoff race. I was impressed with the Coyotes moves, especially getting Morris back. I was actually kinda surprised that he didn't resign with the Coyotes after being traded to the Rangers at the deadline last year. The Coyotes were quite busy, getting Wolski, Morris, Schneider, Stempniak, Picard, and Nokelainen. I expected a little more out of the Oilers. I am thrilled they picked up Ryan Jones on waivers from the Preds. That gives me a jersey to get next year.
  8. I watched bits and pieces of the China-Finland Women's hockey game. That was interesting to watch. I didn't catch the end , but what I saw, China was hanging with Finland pretty good.
  9. While we lived in Phoenix, my wife and I collected pucks of teams that we saw play the Coyotes. I got a Coyotes puck eventually (we usually got one per game). It was a Claude Lemieux player puck with the old Coyote logo on it. A buddy found it in the parking lot of Jobing.com Arena one spring afternoon after the season ended in 2007. He gave it to my wife and I to add to our collection and we still have it to this day. My most prized ones, however, are two Indianapolis Ice pucks. The first one I got at my first ever hockey game, 1/27/90, when they played the Milwaukee Admirals. It has the old Ice logo on one side and the Blackhawks logo on the other. My dad bought me that one. Then the second one was a handout we got when we went to see the Ice play the Flint Spirits on 3/9/90. This one had the Ice logo on one side and the game and event night on the other.
  10. To me, that guy lining up with him in the face off looks like he's trying not to laugh.
  11. Great...chalk up another jersey on my "must-have" list. I have a feeling the Devils are going to do quite well selling these things.
  12. ZoomZoom18


    http://cgi.ebay.com/NHL-Edmonton-Oilers-He...e#ht_4295wt_939 Just out of curiousity, does anyone by chance own one of these? I've seen these in a few places for sale. I don't know if I'd get one of a team that never literally wore a sweater as a jersey, but some of the ones available are interesting.
  13. The Stars and Oilers have had some intense games the last few times I've watched them play. The Oilers are in Dallas the first Friday (I think) in April and I may have to go check that game out for kicks. Unfortunately, they have been bad this year, but hopefully the Stars are in the middle of a playoff push at that time. Right now, March 20th (the Senators) is the only game that I want to see badly, but the next Oilers-Stars matchup is starting to bump it.
  14. I was amazed at how big the U.S. looked in those navy jerseys. That goal by Backes was a thing of beauty. I was impressed by Malone, or what I saw of him. Unfortunately, I caught bits and pieces of the Canada-Norway game. I did hear that Iggy had a hat trick.
  15. http://oilers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=516957 "The Edmonton Oilers announced today the American Hockey League Board of Governors has approved the relocation of the Oilers’ inactive AHL franchise from Edmonton, Alberta to Oklahoma City for the 2010-11 hockey season.

 Oklahoma City will become the home of the Oilers’ primary affiliate, the proving ground for the franchise’s top draft choices and prospects." I am stoked about this move. I like the Oilers and their history. Lafountain, I'm not sure how far OKC is from Wichita Falls, but this could work in your favor as well. Now there's another option for pro hockey in this region. I've found Oklahoma City is much easier to navigate than the area around the American Airlines Center. Its about 2-2 1/2 hours from where I'm at in Durant (Southeastern Oklahoma). Occasionally my wife and I make a road trip up there. According to the article, they'll be playing at the Cox Convention Center. We're already talking about making a couple of trips up there for games. Not to mention, the Oilers have a pretty good rivalry with the Stars. I hope it carries on with the OKC team and the Texas Stars. The Blazers ceased operations last summer from the CHL and this has been rumored for some time. I'm thrilled to see they finally made it official.
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