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  1. I'm not sure if this ever gets posted here, so disregard if it's inappropriate. I started by looking for a Patrick Sharp jersey for my wife, since we're both big 'Hawks fans, and then thought about getting a jersey for myself. Looked on Craigslist when replicas were $160 at Sports Authority. I realized in time that there were so many fakes, but by then I had seen real jerseys and was hooked on the quality. It took me a while but I found this site, which helped me avoid a Patrick Kane All-Star fakeroo on eBay that I had purchased, but voided the next day. I ended up with a 2011 Indonesian
  2. Hopefully, this is a link to the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donnyork/sets/72157633629272551/
  3. OK, I'm pretty darn sure this is real, and I just bought it. The one thing I haven't seen before is that there is no Reebok tag on the inside collar. Can someone confirm that this is a real Edge? There is a tag on the inside of the bottom of the jersey which shows it being 7231A with 09/11 date. Here's pics.
  4. I'm the second newest newbie here. But I've been looking for an authentic Blackhawks Edge jersey. The easiest ways to tell with the Blackhawks, in my month of learning about this, are as follows: 1) When you see the jersey inside out, the black and white stripes on the bottom are actually printed on the real ones, and tend to be sewn together on the fakes 2) The Tomahawks on the shoulders are embroidered in a traditional "back and forth" embroidery on the fakes, but are layered in kind of a chain stitich on the real ones such that one green stick is on top of the other which is on top of
  5. Wow, I went to the 'Hawks game last night and we were in SRO (only Ticketmaster tickets we could get). I was really noticing the jerseys, since I was virtually the only one without one. At least up there, a bunch of Premiers and almost all the rest were fake Edges. I can really see the Tomahawk fakes now, not to mention the embroidered Reebok tag above the #, rather than a Reebok patch. Holy crap! Does everyone shop on CL? I know I am, but I'm looking for a real one (needle in a haystack).
  6. Thanks. I prefer home red and would consider away white. Not too interested in Winter Classic or black or green.
  7. So I've been scouring eBay and Craigslist. CL is 98% fakes here in Chicago. I had a possible long distance seller of a nice Edge jersey, but he has been pretty flaky so that doesn't look like it will work. Not worth the risk to Western Union (?!) him the dough and hope he actually ships it. Where else should I be looking? I'm going to the game tonight as well as game 5 against Detroit, but am pretty sure that I won't have a jersey before the end of the season. And if the 'Hawks win, there will be none to buy and if they lose, I won't want one! (just kidding). But really, where should I
  8. Yeah, that's a beaut. And it only costs twice as much as the one I'm considering, which is only 1.5 times as much as a good deal on a Premier. Doesn't take long to get out of control. lol. I know what's next: might as well get a Game Worn. Might as well have it autographed by j. Toews. Might as well sell my house and buy TWO jerseys! :-)
  9. Thank you! The thing I have noticed in my brief time trying to find a real one is that the fake ones not only may have the wrong color fabric holding the strap, but they also do not have the zigzag "X" in the middle.
  10. Sorry the pictures are so small. I had to stay within the 500 kb limit. If someone wants to see a higher resolution picture, I can upload one or two with greater resolution. I do realize this is the inferior Indonesian Edge, but I believe it is still a "real" Reebok. Looking for confirmation...
  11. I'm pretty sure this is real, although the size is not ideal. Can the experts please confirm?
  12. Thank you all. I am getting smarter by the day, but it will take a long time to get to where y'all are. I appreciate the guidance.
  13. Thanks ankle skater. What are the best ways to tell if a 'Hawks jersey is fake? I have found that the usual giveaways for me are when the black and white stripes on the bottom are different pieces of material sewn together rather than one piece that is printed black and white, and when the patch holding the fight tag doesn't have zig zag sewing. Or if the "Reebok" or Reebok symbol above the number is not a patch. Now that I have found this site, perhaps the best way is for me to post if here. Seriously, I am brand new to this, all I want is one nice 'Hawks jersey for a decent price, an
  14. Thanks, but I'm looking for a home (red) or away (white) jersey. Not so interested in Winter Classic or black.
  15. I'm looking for a Blackhawks jersey, preferably home (red) but ok with away (white). Probably a size 46 or 50. Would prefer one already customized (I like lots of their players), but will consider a blank as well. Thanks....
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