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  1. Thanks much guys! Very informative!
  2. forgive my innocence and lack of knowledge, but what about them stands out as "these are definitely fake"? thanks in advance. I'm still training my eyes to spot fakes.
  3. looks like you bought the last 1994 cup patches. They're out of stock now. I really need to get a 75th patch. I want to try and put together a Red Wings away jersey from Lidstrom's rookie season.
  4. first time player. I'm a little iffy on the rules. By Trade do you mean with another player or just selecting a different player from the "rounds" during the week, and then you get the new players stats from that point on? thanks all.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know have for trade or know of a place that has the Rangers 2001-2002 9-11 Ribbon patch. I've only seen one on ebay and I lost the bidding on it. It was the only one I've ever seen online in the last year. Thanks.
  6. b0bb33z3r

    Authentic vs Replica

    I'm in the same boat as a lot of you. I'd love to buy strictly authentic, but due to money I have to stick to authentics.
  7. cool, thanks! 2X might be a bit too large tho. How do these run? (I'm 6'1", 210)
  8. decent replica is fine for the budget I'm on for now, thanks for the input!
  9. I just saw this one: ebay: Alt Rangers Jersey any experts see anything wrong with this? or should I keep an eye on it. Thanks guys.
  10. that's my biggest sticking point right now. $300 for a blank jersey is insane. I just don't have the money to throw on a blank authentic. I'll gladly accept donations from all you guys loaded with cash
  11. Is that really all it is? If that's the case, that's pretty weak There's definitely enough room on the XL to put the letters higher and space them out more going down. Oh well, I still love it.
  12. from what I can tell, on the edge and rep home blue jerseys the R in RANGERS starts WAY too low compared to the on ice jerseys (on ice jersey the R is level with the lowest lace eye, on the Edge and Rep jerseys it's well below the tip of the V in the collar). Is that normal or am I just seeing things?
  13. Thanks. That's kinda what I figured. I was just worried it was like a 50/50 split and you really had to worry about what you were buying. I'm looking for a 75th Anniversary Rangers patch and I only see one out there right now but it's a lot shinier than the one www.nhlpatches.info has listed so I was wary. Guess I don't have much of a choice.
  14. When buying patches on ebay, is there a big knockoff market for NHL patches that a buyer should be aware of, or are they mostly legit? Thanks all!
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