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  1. zilch

    Rangers lettering size

    Could someone possibly give me the lettering/number size for Rangers jerseys? More specifically starter era (total height of back, sleeve, and letterers). Also did Gretzky ever wear a C on the white Liberty? Thanks, Zilch
  2. This is why I’m having a debate with myself and why I put off lettering some of my Blues jerseys. Do I make it look like crap, because that’s how all of CC jerseys looked or do I make them look nice. Either way all of these little details for each team is sooo awesome. Never knew about the predators fully sublimated nameplates.
  3. Liebe does NOT or won’t sell adidas nameplates (to just random customers anyway) they just use an air knit and sublimate the royal or air force blue. This must be new because the last time I talked to them you had to supply the nameplate or it just went directly on the jersey. I did talk to a different person than I usually do though.
  4. Put a sheet of parchment paper over the number and heat with either a heat press or an iron but I wouldn’t go above 320 degrees
  5. Thanks guys. Since there are like 7 different ones on eBay does anybody have a go to seller or just find the cheapest price?
  6. Does anyone know if the Cup Final patches are different for team issued and retail? I'm assuming the "Authentic Collection Emblem" is the way to go? Sorry obviously I've never had to worry about this before.😊
  7. I was wondering if anyone has a gamer Calgary Adidas third jersey that they could give me some measurements of the back/sleeve numbers and name. Also if the lettering is kiss cut or stacked.
  8. zilch

    2019 ASG Customization

    Awesome. Thanks for the help!!!!
  9. Boy am I kicking myself for not buying that Lemieux from you. ☹️
  10. zilch

    2019 ASG Customization

    Does anyone know on this years All-Star Game jersey if the number is outlined/based in the color that the jersey it is going on? (on white jersey black with pin holes on white twill). Looked at some of the gamers on the NHL auction, but can't really tell with the quality of the pictures. If so are they kiss cut?
  11. He is corect on everything he says, the fluid smells horrible and if you hit your fingers with the sharpest stream it will pierce your skin and could cause major damage. We use these in our screen shop to get pen holes of ink left behind on the shirt after screen printing and to get major glue our of heat transfer letters being removed. They do work, although sometimes leaves a ring around the area, more noticeable on lighter color jerseys.
  12. zilch

    Bruins lettering size

    I was wondering if anyone could give me the dimensions of the Bruins lettering from the Edge jerseys years? (total height in names, back and sleeve numbers, and A's and C's)
  13. Was there anything like that on his Blues jerseys?
  14. That’s an awesome pick up..... well the player for us Blues fans that is
  15. I think they are referring to the jersey patch just being on a square piece of twill instead of it being contour cut.
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