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  1. I know it’s not el Salvadoran so I’m worried. Lol
  2. Ok I’m worried as hell about the Chinese writing. If It’s fake, it’s immaculate compared to most. The sewing worked is better than some adidas if seen . This is the only mesh I own so I have nothing to compare it too.
  3. I think I got duped. I know edges in and out. Bought this Starter blank Liberty Mesh. Came in a plastic Starter bag That had some Chinese Indonesia writing new with hang tags on the neck. Has Asian writing in the fabric care tag. Crest looks great fight strap is a starter. It’s the cleanest fake as far and sewing I’ve ever seen
  4. ok thanks, I guess it was just the neck tagging that may have changed. I’ve seen the earlier starter center ice tagging and the later circle logo
  5. Unless I missed it, it doesn’t say which years they wore mesh. I’ve seen some with the same rear tagging that are normal starter fabric.
  6. Speaking of Rangers, what year did they wear the Starter Mesh Blue Libertys?
  7. Thanks. I did alright then. Picked one up new with tags for 125 plus shipping
  8. Hey guys, been a while. Don’t want to start a new thread for it but what’s the average going price on a Blue Rangers Liberty Starter Mesh Authentic?
  9. For you knowledgeable Lightning fans, I grabbed a road Tampa Bay Lightning Reebok Edge Authentic customized with Community and then the number 01. The jerseys appears to be related to the unveiling of the Blue and White Reebok rebrand. The jersey looks exactly like like the graphic version at the bottom of the page on this link complete with the Reebok logo on the back of the neck and the updated shield on front. https://www.nhl.com/lightning/news/lightning-unveil-new-logo-jersey-systems-along-with-vision-and-brand-aspiration/c-551150 Is this one of the jerseys they gave away to season ticket holders that year? I was debating about stripping it and finding a wordmark for the back of the neck but if it’s kind of a piece of history, I’ll leave it the way it is, especially since I got it for 45 plus shipping.
  10. Has Minnesota been putting any Adidas on their hockey lodge site. I didn’t see any.
  11. Thanks never really dealt with them. I don’t really care who the player is as long as its in my size so I’ll probably grab one of the cheapest ones.
  12. Might end up grabbing a Columbus MIC from meigrays. Do they do any Black Friday coupons?
  13. Yeah all mine have them around the stitches. I’ve seen others that still have chunks left. Never saw any of that with reeboks.
  14. One things I’ve noticed with Indos is that some of them still have pieces of that white backing paper on the inside of the jersey that a lot of fake jerseys have. All mine were bought from legitimate sources but it’s even more shoddy craftsmenship.
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