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  1. For you knowledgeable Lightning fans, I grabbed a road Tampa Bay Lightning Reebok Edge Authentic customized with Community and then the number 01. The jerseys appears to be related to the unveiling of the Blue and White Reebok rebrand. The jersey looks exactly like like the graphic version at the bottom of the page on this link complete with the Reebok logo on the back of the neck and the updated shield on front. https://www.nhl.com/lightning/news/lightning-unveil-new-logo-jersey-systems-along-with-vision-and-brand-aspiration/c-551150 Is this one of the jerseys they gave away to season ticket holders that year? I was debating about stripping it and finding a wordmark for the back of the neck but if it’s kind of a piece of history, I’ll leave it the way it is, especially since I got it for 45 plus shipping.
  2. Has Minnesota been putting any Adidas on their hockey lodge site. I didn’t see any.
  3. Thanks never really dealt with them. I don’t really care who the player is as long as its in my size so I’ll probably grab one of the cheapest ones.
  4. Might end up grabbing a Columbus MIC from meigrays. Do they do any Black Friday coupons?
  5. Yeah all mine have them around the stitches. I’ve seen others that still have chunks left. Never saw any of that with reeboks.
  6. One things I’ve noticed with Indos is that some of them still have pieces of that white backing paper on the inside of the jersey that a lot of fake jerseys have. All mine were bought from legitimate sources but it’s even more shoddy craftsmenship.
  7. That’s nice, I have one of those Chicago’s Hossas and a Sharks Burns 3rd. The numbers are absolute crap. I got the Hossa for 50 bucks so I figure I’d try this trip it and just have it blank. This is the Hossa after being hung up in the closet for less than a day.
  8. The Indo Adidas are crappy but as others have said atleast they are cheaper. I would never pay extra for a precustomized Indo unless it was from here or Cool hockey or somewhere that does the full tackle twill customization. This plastic lettering marks up and creases bad. It’s absolute garbage. Ive played stick and puck in a few Indos and they seem to hold up. Obviously not doing much to tear it up though.
  9. Which teams are the easiest and most cost effective for getting a MIC. I’ve seen a lot of Avs and a few ducks on secondary markets.
  10. Excellent! Thanks for the response. Not a big fan of the thinner patches. Feels pretty cheap to me
  11. Two part question. Can anyone confirm or clarify that the shoulder patches of the Adidas retail are made of different material then the Reebok Edge authentics? Is this one of the new weight reducing tactics? If anyone remembers my question about the Ottawa patches, I got my hands on the Canes third and the patches are made of the same thin flexible fabric like material as the Ottawa Indo adidas. They are not the same patches as Canadian made Reebok’s but neither are they the same as the Reebok Premiers. Second part of the question is, does the shoulder patch material differ from retail and Canadian made adidas? Is this just something on some retail jerseys.
  12. The jerseys itself is fine but the customization on that New Jersey retro is god awful. Looks like a cheap fake.
  13. Worse comes to worse I’ll just leave it. A guy had two CCM Canes NWT, one blank the other the Ward got both for under 100. Harder to find Canes authentics other than Edge and Starters.
  14. Does anybody have any experience stripping one of the CCM “NHL player” stamped authentics. Just won a 2003ish Carolina jersey customized with Cam Ward which he never wore. I’m guessing it was made for the never played 2004-2005 season. Got it for a great price so not entirely worried about it if I can’t. Wondering how bad the glue is.
  15. AeroFishOne

    eBay version 4.0

    I can never hit these coupons right. Either I don’t have any money, the item I want doesn’t end in the right timeframe or the one jersey I want sold before the coupon.,
  16. I could stand everything else on the jersey but the current logo on the shoulders in the normal color kills it. They should have recolored them silver or something. Somewhere I was reading that this is just the anniversary jersey and will only be worn for one year. After that people believe they will go back to the orange third. Might have read it on the Chris creamer board.
  17. I haven’t either. I sent them a message so we will see if they reply.
  18. Well considering the only teams that I would pay full price or even half full price for an Indo don’t offer Canadian authentics or game worns on a regular basis. Yeah it’ll keep me from spending on teams I don’t care that much about. I bought one of the Wild homes for about 135is through Benhsports on eBay to see how I liked them. Wouldn’t pay that again for another one unless it’s Carolina or the retro Phoenix. Got the Senators for 50 bucks. I could deal with all the other issues for that price if it had embroidered patches. Especially to skate around in.
  19. Yeah don’t know what’s up with that. Both were bought from legitimate sellers. It’s probably going to keep me from buying another even if they are cheap unless I can verify the shoulder patches. I didn’t mind them as much with the embroidered patches but I don’t want single layer shoulder patches,
  20. Yeah it’s standard Indozero, both the Wild and The Ottawa are but the Wild has the embroidered patches. Both have the same standard made in Indonesia tagging.
  21. Question for you folks. Just got an Ottawa Adidas from Coolhockey. Judging by the tagging I think they got some leftover stock front the Ottawa Team store. The customization is the single layer twill which I expected however the shoulder patches are single layer screen printed twill as well. I had previously purchased a Wild adidas and the patches were embroidered. I didn’t think their was differences in the standard structure of the jerseys. Anybody have an answer?
  22. Yeah. Reeboks i normally buy54. Have to buy 56 in adidas. I get my jerseys larger so I can wear over pads when playing. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do that with this one but it will be fine at that price to just have for the collection and wear around, Thanks though for the heads up. Great price for a customized even though indo Jersey. Waiting for a Canes MIC. Didn’t get to go to the Summerfest to see if they had any during he equipment sale and haven’t seen anyone post.
  23. Coolhockeys eBay store called sportshirts has Kyle Turris Ottawa Home Adizero up to size 54 for $50.00 bucks American with 9.99 shipping. I’m a 56 but for that price I swung.
  24. Any new updates about Canadian made retails. I’ll get the new Canes but I’d like a Canadian if they be close to releasing them. September is when they will be available.
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