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  1. I think the side numbers will overlap on to orange on the authentics. Look at the jerseys durring the games. All the jerseys with double digits overlap.
  2. I agree with JeffB. I have some jerseys that I had customized and they have some minor differences from the gameworn jerseys. The differences are very minor. In this case its not worth the risk of ruining the jersey for such a small adjustment. It is a nice jersey. I have seen it many times since the Penguins are in my teams division. I really didn't notice the problem until you pointed it out. So its not that bad.
  3. It looks like the nameplates are higher up on the gameworns. It might be a difference in the kits. The gameworn jerseys might have slightly shorter numbers.
  4. He is the current part-owner, head of hockey operations and head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. He will have to resign as coach if he feels that coaching is the problem with the Coyotes. He will not be fired. He should take some tips from Mario Lemieux. Leave coaching to someone else.
  5. I bleed orange and black. I grew up with the Flyers. As a true Philadelphia sports fan I hate all other teams.
  6. You might have a point. The Starter jersey is a size 48. Look at the front photo on webshots.
  7. Here you go. The first one is a Koho. I can't find a photo of the back of Lemieux Starter jersey but you can see that it is a Starter from the other players. Lemieux Back Photo Lemieux Starter Jersey
  8. The NHL expanded way too much. Their should only be 24 teams not 30. The talent pool is diluted. The leagues greed along with Gary Bettmans idiacy is destroying this great sport. Now the economy. It would not surprise me if the league lost a few teams. That would be good and bad. To bad about the parking situation in Phoenix.
  9. First I would like to know why the new Edge design has the bottom of the jersey cut like a baseball jersey. It looks like the players have some weird flap on the front and back of the jersey. Overall the design of the Rbk Edge gets an F-. EAST • Atlanta Thrashers: F All 3 jerseys are bad. • Boston Bruins: C- Not great. The 3rd gets a D- • Buffalo Sabres: C The new 3rd gets an A • Carolina Hurricanes: B The 3rd gets an A • Florida Panthers: F Bad • Montreal Canadiens: A A Classic. The 3rd white gets an A+ • New Jersey Devils: B The Same old Devils. • New York Islanders: D- Nothing special. • New York Rangers: C- Its the Rangers. • Ottawa Senators: C Not bad but not great. The 3rd jersey gets a D. Its just too much. • Philadelphia Flyers: C- The sleeves are just terrible. The 3rd jersey is nice it gets an A+ • Pittsburgh Penguins: C- Not bad but not good, any of them. • Tampa Bay Lightning: C Ok. The 3rd gets a B • Toronto Maple Leafs: C- To plain. The 3rd gets a B- • Washington Capitals: C Better than what they had in 2006-07 WEST • Anaheim Ducks: D To plain. • Calgary Flames: A Good work on the design. Looks good. • Chicago Blackhawks: B The same old classic. • Colorado Avalanche: D- Can't touch the classic. • Columbus Blue Jackets: B Better than what they had. • Dallas Stars: F Plain. Dallas and a the # on the front. Wow! No creativity here. • Detroit Red Wings: C- Poor decision on moving the "C" and the "A" from the left to the right side of the jersey. • Edmonton Oilers: D Could have done better. The 3rd gets a C • Los Angeles Kings: F Bad. The 3rd gets a D • Minnesota Wild: C Not bad. • Nashville Predators: D Its not mustard yellow. • Phoenix Coyotes: D- All 3 are bad. I didn't give it an F because of The Great One. • San Jose Sharks: A All 3 look good. The teal is the best. • St. Louis Blues: B Not bad. The 3rd gets an A • Vancouver Canucks: D- Reminds me of the Hartford Whalers but it falls flat. All 3 are bad.
  10. I am struggling with the same problem. I am ready to send the jersey to icejerseys to get it customized. I have been thinking about this since Richards was named captain. Get the "A" or the "C"? I will never buy the current jersey and I want to have my jerseys as authentic as possible. I know you made up your mind but I am still in undecided.
  11. 10 Authentics. All old style. Koho, CCM, Rbk(based on the CCM 6100). 1 CCM Replica. 1 IIHF Nike Authentic.
  12. CCM 6100. The perfect jersey, imo. What was wrong with this jersey? Nothing. League greed had to ruin another good thing in my beloved sport.
  13. Here is a good look at the difference between the Rbk Edge and the CCM 6100.
  14. I looked at the replicas at a local store. The lettering kits on the jerseys are a joke. The material the jersey is made of feels cheep to me. Reebok or greed destroyed a good thing.
  15. The replica Rbk Edge jerseys are garbage. I don't know why anyone would buy one.
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