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  1. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

  2. slimcutta

    eBay version 4.0

    I'm useless when it comes to the intertubes...but every bit helps, ty
  3. slimcutta

    eBay version 4.0

    This anyone here? https://www.ebay.com/usr/la405hell?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  4. slimcutta

    eBay version 4.0

    This one too, eh? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Dino-Ciccarelli-Minnesota-North-Stars-Authentic-CCM-On-Ice-Jersey-/323882684672?hash=item4b68e99100%3Ag%3AuIEAAOSwgjddUa4b&nma=true&si=aGa9KPHGF22l6NuZFuidIVGM5yk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. slimcutta

    NJ Devils experts...

    a) buy a book b) read the book c) live, laugh, love http://thejerseybook.com/1983-1993/
  6. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Can someone else please post pics of Meigray Expo and move this thread along? Next retort gets warning...for whatever that's worth, lol...then we start locking things down. Good times
  7. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Bah, that's no reason to turn down a free book...I'd have more appreciation if you'd said - "We were offered a copy, but realized it was about the Ottawa Senators and turned it down being it's about the Ottawa Senators" As far as your beef, he's a great seller and you have great rapport in private chats! Let's make lemonade, people!!! Lesson here is - don't ever try to talk to MFitz in public, PMs/DMs only Seriously, though, as I can certainly attest to, we've all made some good, sometimes great relationships in this hobby. Other times we have a bad dealing, don't see eye to eye on a topic, or a culmination of issues, ultimately leading to (perhaps needless) drama and negativity. If folks have legit gripes with breaking the rules, bad dealings, harassment, etc. I'd encourage you to reach out and report it and we'll do our best to make things work again. Often, even if/when we do squash it publicly, it doesn't fix it behind the scenes. With that in mind, I'd encourage you all to either mend those bridges (should you feel it worth it) or avoid as best possible dealing with the other party. ....bah! I'm too slow. I really don't want to lock the thread, so please stop.
  8. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Ok, please stop now, you've both reiterated the same opinion repeatedly. a) post counts and familiarity do count, moreso with shady/casual overnighters, hence the min post count to post in the sale thread, for example b ) no matter how many post counts one has, anyone and everyone should be free/able/willing to contribute information...it'll either provide new insight, or open a conversation, and provide new insight c) I'm not sure I quite understand the beef here, but I do know Mike's generally a pretty nice guy...sarcastic as all hell, but seems genuinely decent and not out to provoke anyone intentionally, and I feel like most board members who see him post regularly, would be of a similar opinion d) did no one get their free Sens book and take a picture of Marc? WTF e) trick question, the answer is e) all of the above
  9. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    He's so fun to watch play, eh?
  10. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Ha! Yes, 'cause it's definitely your fault...'bout time you apologized If you're just looking for the Sens book and already ordered the first, just email/paypal info@thejerseybook.com the shipping. No need to go through the order page FYI. Thx MF
  11. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    It was an issue selling through Amazon.ca/Amazon fulfillment center in Toronto, which is where the bulk of books currently resides...Amazon only recently opened up the option for .ca to sell to US/European markets, but there are significant fees and other logistics involved, and I haven't yet taken the time to get that sorted - been busy with other stuff lately. That said, I kept some books with me here in Ottawa, and while I haven't advertised much re yet, they can actually be purchased directly from my site on the order page for anyone in North America. http://thejerseybook.com/ordernow/ That goes without saying
  12. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    **except on race day** I think we're both happy you pulled the trigger on that one
  13. slimcutta

    Meigray Expo 2019

    I won't be there, however Pat Lelliott and Marc Gratton are driving down from O-town, and so I sent 100 or so Sens books with Marc to hand out to you mugs. Kind of a 'thank you for the support', I'm offering them for free with the purchase of 1983-1993 and I would imagine a good portion of those initial sales are from most of the collectors who'll be attending, so go bug Marc and get yourself a free Sens book. If any of you bought the first book and would like a free Sens book but won't be attending the show, just email me your details and send $15USD to pay for shipping (anywhere in NA), to info@thejerseybook.com and I'll fire off a Sens book for ya If anyone doesn't have one yet and is interested in the first book, a Sens book will be included automatically with the purchase of 1983-1993. You can also use the code PERFECT10 to save 10% or SAVE20 to save 20%...why have both/why would anyone chose the former, you ask? 'cause if you've been on the boards for a minute and have seen posts from Fitzy, for example, you might not be surprised what some people will select, given the option. Also, I like to experiment Lastly, given my general lack of online presence the past couple years and a steady stream of inquiries, I'm going to start producing some jerseybook newsletters starting this fall, coinciding with Pens book release and details re, 1994-2004 timing, and overall updates in regards to other jerseybook initiatives. Oh, and please do me a favor - if you're at the expo, when you get your Sens book from Marc (or Pat), please request to take a picture of the two or three of you with the book (or any candid pics of Marc really) and post 'em here after the fact. I would love to see as many different pictures of Marc at the show as possible. Also, don't be afraid to use any fun filters your cell cameras may or may not have...'cause unicorn Marc or ballerina Marc, etc, would really make my day Happy collecting! http://thejerseybook.com/ordernow/
  14. slimcutta


    Bruins, Leafs, Red Wings, and Hawks (before Tazer bought them all that is) used to pop up all the time...Rangers and Habs seem to be the most elusive.