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  1. Negligible author + unfounded sense of entitlement = happy birthyear!!!
  2. 2 whole months of bday wishes?! I can't speak for the rest of you, eh, but I'm having a gay old time! #flintstonesrules #gayoldtimesrule
  3. Arena Wear for a white liberty rangers jersey?

    We need a North American postal system...I dislike imaginary lines
  4. In Canada we're known as z-list celebrities, but it's pronounced 'zed', the way it's pronounced in every other country and in every other language in the world...but I digress, eh? #monthlongbday
  5. Nay...I'd have reached out Hoping the future brings more - I like getting out and meeting you mugs
  6. Team in decline - cheap jersey flood?

    Thankfully the success of the Senators (or lack thereof) has never had an effect on continuously rock bottom prices
  7. It is good or not?

    Sorry to disagree with me?! Why, I oughta! I figured the crest was added after the fact, but you're right on the size tag removed - good catch, didn't notice that. So early 90s prototype or one that made it out of the factory sans hem tagging? Seen that before too. Either way, definitely franken jersey.
  8. It is good or not?

    Cool. And I thought I was getting old!
  9. It is good or not?

    Joseph Shilen, Ken Kaszuba, and Gewargis Envia, thanks for your support, your books went out this morning Sounds like a polish version of the three stooges, no?
  10. It is good or not?

    In the late 80s, CCM put out retail 'semi-pro' jerseys that features pro cut stitching/tailoring, double-elbows, shoulders, and full sized crests, however, no fight straps, and the collar tags were different than on-ice jerseys, most of which featured a 's', 'm', 'l', 'xl' sizing. Other main tell-tail is the rear hem features a sewn on CCM red red blue patch. Not to be confused with those that appeared on some of the earlier CCMs as early as '83. That blackhawks is one of those semi-pro's, with a '91 and newer (flat button) fight strap put in, and poor replica sewn hem tags. Dude just removed the patch, and had someone embroider both logos, and wrote '52' with two little lines underneath to confirm authenticity Some examples of said 'semi-pro' - Being one of the larger, if not the largest supplier of retails at the time, a lot of 'em came from Gerry Cosby's and feature their rear hem tagging, as noted on the Neely 'nucks and blank hawks in the album. I didn't outline these 'semi-pro's' in the book, I'm sorry, please forgive me
  11. Right? *sigh* Thanks fellas I started posted some more content, and finally got things (well, sorta) straightened out with the Senators...only took me 40 years If you're bored or just need more hockey jersey goodness in your life, check out the stories behind the stories: More to follow!
  12. Yzerman for Sale

    Truth is stranger than fiction...I don't remember that wedding day, but clearly I had a blast. Now someone buy this man's jersey!
  13. Comprehensive jersey history

    Finally, someone understands me! 1983-1993 is still available, but running low...which is good news. Thanks again for all those who've supported my efforts Sens will be released once I get pics of their NHL100 outdoor jerseys (finally!). Pens is not far behind. 1994-2004 I'm trying for 2018, but TBD 'cause despite filling a lot of gaps, it's a crap-ton to document. My site will be updated shortly with some great blogging goodness that includes some amazing collections, and to answer the thread question, I've been working in the background on an overall database that will cover late 70s to present day, all's just that, well, it's going to take me a while longer, as it's also a crap-ton to document. The Sens ordeal has been really crazy, and yeah, you guys are going to be the first to know, but lots of content coming very shortly. I love you all!
  14. Rise up against Indozeros

    You guys are the best! Post 1: We need to band together and rise up against this grave injustice...Adidas has to hear from the little guy, and while individually we may not wield a tremendous amount of power, together, we can...nay! We will start a revolution!!! Here, brothers, take this empowering information and let's show them once and for all!!! Now who's with me?! Post 2: Have you guys seen Jeremy Scott's 2015 fall collection? Post 8: Remember the cola wars? Post 10 through 26: Oh, I don't upset tummy these days means I usually stick to a cold ice tea and a sugar cube on the side as a little treat to myself.
  15. Un géant québécois du chandail de hockey voit le jour

    TY for posting this