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  1. slimcutta


    ...just too bad he's constantly smiting me
  2. slimcutta


    I'm totally stealing another member's thunder here, and up to him if he's going to share, but any better steal than a first year California Golden Seals jersey for $86? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golden-Seals-Hockey-Jersey-California-NHL-/323807121418?hash=item4b6468900a%3Ag%3AJvsAAOSw-Nhc20lH&nma=true&si=5ANL3MneWoBLjXORg07hdLwB9Zw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Couldn't have gone to a nicer guy, though, so at least we can all feel better about that And check, the seller's also posted the old trunk the jersey sat in for the past 50 years - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jenny-Lind-Steamer-Dome-Top-camel-Trunk-Wood-Antique-Restored-Refurbished-Brass/323576741822?hash=item4b56ad3fbe:g:69gAAOSwGIZcAdTw&frcectupt=true
  3. I'm not quite sure...but I can tell you that when sewing, always remember pattern placement is key
  4. slimcutta

    Did I mention there are some jerseys for sale???

    Yup, pretty big: 29" pit to pit at the gusset seam, 35" center collar to sleeve end, 33" shoulder to hem
  5. slimcutta

    Did I mention there are some jerseys for sale???

    Some sold, some price reductions...let's go people, no love for the Sens nation? (rhetorical, Fitzy )
  6. slimcutta

    7287 Production Cards!

    Atta boy. Man, I can just picture you licking your lips as you google translated that as fast as your sarcastic little fingers could type
  7. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Heh, not quite...
  8. slimcutta

    7287 Production Cards!

    Google translate down again? I kid because I love. That said, this doesn't seem to be overly straight forward, but then again, I don't work in haute couture. 'Taille' in french is normally used for the size of a garment or the length of someone's body and can also mean how something is cut, and tailleur is taylor, so 'taillage' is just referring to the overall cut and 'classage' is class. couture = cut posé = laid (eg – how it’s placed) gance = **haven’t a clue, never heard it before** coude = elbow prép. = short for préparation = preparation corps = body épaule = shoulder man = short for manche = sleeve bande = band poig = short for poignet = wrist/cuff ferm éclair = short for fermature éclair = zipper fermé = closure coté = side surpiqure = stitching dessus = on top dessous = underneath couv. = might be short for couverture = cover collet = collar soufflet = gusset ruban = ribbon oeillet = eyelet bout = might be short for bouton = button patinoire = skating rink bord = edge gilet = vest, or in this case referring to the body of the garment plaquette = placquet patte = foot, but with placquet likely referring to sleeve end opening broderie = embroidery ‘braid’ and ‘piping’ are what the French call ‘des anglicismes’ which basically means they’re english ‘cause there’s no french word for ‘em
  9. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Jeez, am I stripping a hoodie already, lol? '02
  10. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    The Goldsworthy is outstanding...best collars/cut of any jersey style, imho. Great job right thur!
  11. slimcutta

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Always getting something new in the mail, but not sharing nearly as much as I should these days....that said, was going through my old patch stash, and after buying several Adidas hoodies at a great price, decided I'd dress them up, along with an older cottage hoodie that I recycled a Pens crest on. Before - #slightimprovement #thatsrightIsew
  12. slimcutta

    a question about born-on-date

  13. slimcutta

    Did I mention there are some jerseys for sale???

    1998-99 Kevin Mota Sudbury Wolves, 54, $80 Team owner Ken Burgess "KB" memorial patch plenty of wear, np and fs removed
  14. slimcutta

    Did I mention there are some jerseys for sale???

    '90-91 Lindros, 54, mint, $375
  15. slimcutta

    Did I mention there are some jerseys for sale???

    1999-00 Pro Player Hawks, 56, $170