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  1. steve108819

    It arrived today v.

    Didn't pay the ebay listing price either. Made a fair offer to the owner outside of ebay. I'm surprised how hard it is to find pictures from the game these were worn in.
  2. steve108819

    Your favorite jersey of 2015

    Todd Ewen 1986-87 rookie year Blues
  3. steve108819

    It arrived today v.

    Been looking for one of these for awhile. I can FINALLY cross it off my list. Light wear as expected, but wear none the less. A few board burns, stick marks, and a little bit of paint transfer.
  4. steve108819

    St. Louis Blues Set Three Jerseys Sold By Fanatics Authentic

    Fanatics is NOT partners with the Blues. Since this post started the Blues playoffs sets have appeared at the team store for MUCH more reasonable pricing. $800 for Oshie again (still overpriced for an over-rated player).
  5. steve108819

    St. Louis Blues Set Three Jerseys Sold By Fanatics Authentic

    The Blues organization is completely incompetent when it comes to game worn jerseys. The man in charge is named George Pavlik. He told me face to face in January that he was releasing the Blues set 1 jerseys to NHL.com auctions within a week. Never happened. They can't figure out what to do with their jerseys. Sometimes they end up in the team store, sometimes they end up being auctioned at NHL.com. Hell, sometimes, such as this case, a third party buys the whole set and rapes the buyer. The team store sells Oshie for $800. Why should anyone pay $3000?
  6. steve108819

    It arrived today v.

    2002-03 Chris Therien playoff set
  7. steve108819

    It arrived today v.

    Set 1 2013-14 Nazem Kadri 2013-14 Set James vanRiemsdyk
  8. steve108819

    It arrived today v.

    2002-03 Set 1 Mikael Renberg
  9. steve108819

    What jersey did you wear today?

    Wore my 94-95 Todd Gill Leafs home gamer in an attempt to bring Luck to the Buds. It failed.
  10. steve108819

    Can you get Edge 1.0 or 2.0 made in size 46?

    I've always wondered this. Who wears a size 46? I'm 5'11" and 170 pounds. I would never consider anything smaller than a size 52 in the old CCM or a 54 in an Edge. Do people wear jerseys tight like t-shirts these days? Reebok youth size large measures out to a 44. Are there really that many little people on the boards?
  11. steve108819

    Blues 25th patch

    Black circle is 3.5". Measurement taken from my Lee Norwood gamer.
  12. steve108819

    Vinyl printing question - NHL?

    The vinyl is not durable at all over time. I have an 86-87 Blues gamer that is an exercise in preservation due to the vinyl numbers.
  13. steve108819

    Jersey Foul: wearing a team that doesn't play to a live game?

    Because you look like you're with the Make A Wish program and it's your special day.