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  1. It is good or not?

    pretty sure this is fake but I haven't seen any like this before, the size tag, fight strap, and crest all look 'off'. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mike-Ricci-91-92-Quebec-Nordiques-CCM-Jersey-90s-52-/170975849018?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item27cef46a3a
  2. Nameplates Needed

    Looking for white or burgundy Starter mesh for 95-00 Avs jerseys (not sure if Pro Player used the same material, someone here probably knows)
  3. The Want List

    I would do unspeakable things for a legit french version Cup anny patch
  4. It arrived today v3.0

    haven't been on here in a few months, figured it's time to return. picked this up for $125 BIN on ebay last week, going to slap a cup patch on it.
  5. The feedback thread

    big ups to gwarjis for a great Admirals jersey and patience in waiting 10 years for me to actually pay him.
  6. Game Worn Auctions.net

    oh hey guys, will anyone let a complete stranger put a few thousand on their credit card? I'll write you a check, swear!
  7. It is good or not?

    the 7 doesn't look right to me either
  8. It arrived today v3.0

    NICE Jay, I never saw that one on ebay but I'm glad it went to a good home. definitely adds a new element to your collection
  9. Rockford Icehogs Edge 2.0 Transition?

    what are the dimensions on the horizontal patch?
  10. Hockey Metal

    I work in music so I get to talk hockey with alot of bands. off the top of my head- Kyle from Flatfoot 56 is a huge Blackhawks fan, I couldn't find a pic but you can sort of see the bottom of his Hawks tattoo on his left arm (guy in the Hooligan shirt) Danny, the singer of The Audition, is a big Red Wings fans, we usually have a beer-fueled debate when they come through town. Veil Of Maya someone already posted, but those shirts are rad
  11. The feedback thread

    got a great jersey from MountainKing, I've had a few transactions with him now and he's always been a great guy to deal with. and he's a Blackhawks fan so he gets bonus points
  12. It arrived today v3.0

    WOW that Sakic is one of the coolest jerseys I've seen on here! congrats on the great pickup
  13. It arrived today v2.0

    way to go man, nice save!
  14. Rockford Icehogs Edge 2.0 Transition?

    count me in the club looking for a Pepsi patch, older style. if you end up making some I'll buy a few for sure.
  15. It arrived today v2.0

    those look great Jay! I see you finally have a few Footers in the collection now, the Ozo ASG jersey is great too.
  16. It arrived today v2.0

    I'll...3rd that or whatever, those are some of the best USA jerseys ever.
  17. It arrived today v2.0

    fresh out of the trading post thread. thanks to MountainKing for the great jersey, and for including a piece of airknit to cover up the RBK logo on the back

    sweet, glad someone on here got it!

    looks good to me, especially for a Nike, seems like those are screwed up alot.

    ha, came here just to post that one. I have an Amonte and that one isn't my size, but someone needs to scoop it up for that price.
  21. It arrived today v2.0

    2nd one from DA-
  22. It arrived today v2.0

    1 of 2 I'm getting this week from Denver Athletic, who once again did a stellar job
  23. It arrived today v2.0

    Jay how did I not know you had those Foppa's coming in?? amazing pickup, hopefully I'll get to see one in person tomorrow afternoon
  24. It arrived today v2.0

    I've gotten a few jerseys off ebay recently that were crammed into tiny square boxes, one so bad I sent it back because the twill on the crest got creased several times. now when I win any jerseys I tell the seller to ship it flat or I'll send it back
  25. It arrived today v2.0

    thats rad! where did you get the Katrina patch, I'd like to toss one of those on my Dunc rookie.