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  1. No one cares go back to watching s***ty baseball like the rest of Chicago
  2. WGAF win more than one outdoor game before you try to join the adults table kthxbye
  3. Washington is a tiny market paying that much for a coach would have completely bankrupted him.
  4. At least a 58 in EDGE 2.0. You will swim in it.
  5. Adidas isn't going to take any of you seriously until there is a change.org petition.
  6. No s*** that the Vegas gamers are holding their value for now. Most of them out there are from the Inaugural/Cup Final season and those are going to be more in demand. :lol:
  7. 🔍 🔍🔍 🤔🤔🤔
  8. That wall of text was what ended the government shutdown.
  9. Almost all the gamers I have seen have nameplates. Comes down to how exact do you want to be. If the font differences bother you more than the material differences, you might be able to get a proper name done with the proper material if you buy an old Jagr gamer with the bronze material and chop it up.
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