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  1. guam64

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Adidas isn't going to take any of you seriously until there is a change.org petition.
  2. guam64

    The Current Situation of the Secondary Market

    No s*** that the Vegas gamers are holding their value for now. Most of them out there are from the Inaugural/Cup Final season and those are going to be more in demand. :lol:
  3. guam64

    customization laugher

    🔍 🔍🔍 🤔🤔🤔
  4. guam64

    *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    That wall of text was what ended the government shutdown.
  5. guam64

    It arrived today v. 8.0

  6. guam64

    Capitals black alt customization?

    Almost all the gamers I have seen have nameplates. Comes down to how exact do you want to be. If the font differences bother you more than the material differences, you might be able to get a proper name done with the proper material if you buy an old Jagr gamer with the bronze material and chop it up.
  7. guam64

    Capitals black alt customization?

    IIRC they were semi kiss-cut. Blue over white over bronze.
  8. guam64

    Capitals black alt customization?

    EPS did mine in the picture a year or two ago so as long as they still have the material you should be good to go. As mentioned above the proper customization used the same bronze dazzle material as the jersey instead of bronze twill. I remember seeing a Bondra gamer that didn't have the "A" on it. Hadn't seen that card before. Now I need to get an "A" for my jersey. :lol:
  9. guam64

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    The players usually get to keep the 3rd period jerseys. The NHLPA gets the warmups, NHL Auctions get the 1st, and each team's GW program gets the 2nd.
  10. guam64

    Capitals black alt customization?

    The answer would be yes. Don't believe Bondra was an alternative captain before 2000. 👍
  11. guam64

    Help with Sharks Jersey Please

    These were made for the 2004-05 season that was cancelled by the lockout. Some TI stock got out during the lockout (I had a Kings one) but most were recycled for the start of 2005-06 with the new NHL shield patched over the old one.
  12. guam64

    NHL TV Subscribers?

    If they still blackout nationally televised games then you are in luck since just about every Hawks game is on national TV, which means you can use your subscription to watch actual NHL teams instead.
  13. guam64

    IIHF World Juniors Jerseys

    The other teams from the tournament were from real countries.
  14. guam64

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    It must be the same Sharks fans that think Brent Burns is good defensively.