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  1. Thanks guys. I ended up telling the buyer that $200 was the minimum price. He responded back and laughed (well, in Internet speak it was "Ha") and then he said he'll wait for the price drop and that no one will pay this much. Kinda funny...I have four watchers now, so guess someone is willing to? Anyway, I blocked the guy and didn't even answer his last message. Never have to deal with him again.
  2. This is my first foray here in quite some time, so please feel free to move if I'm in the wrong forum. I am selling a Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins game worn jersey on eBay that has two patches, an alternate captain A and a memorial patch for a player who passed away prior to the season the jersey was worn. The player whose jersey I own, Tim Brent, played here for one season and was still a key member of the team that went to the Calder Cup Finals that year. I'm on my third listing attempt of the jersey and currently have it at $200 start with a Buy it Now of $300. There are currently three watchers. This morning, I got a message from someone who asked to buy the jersey for $100. I told him no, as I feel that's too low for a game worn jersey. He wrote back and said when the player only plays one season with at team and then doesn't have much of a career otherwise, that my asking prices are too high. I told him thank you but explained the price will stay as is and I won't sell the jersey for that low. He wrote back *again* and now wants to pay $125. Even during MeiGray sales, I have never gotten a gamer that low and certainly don't expect to. I have not written back to him yet, but am considering telling him that he either needs to be willing to pay the price listed or move along. Am I being unreasonable here by not wanting to give away a game worn jersey for so little? Is it fair that I'd rather deal with a buyer who at least wants to pay in my $200 minimum ballpark? I know some people may not see the value in AHL gamers, but I know in WBS at least, fans tend to go ballistic for certain players and rack up jerseys to $600, $700, even $800 or higher. This is not a specialty jersey; this is our road jersey from that season. Part of me, though, is starting to think this buyer feels entitled to a game worn jersey and thinks he is right and I am wrong in trying to sell my jerseys for a fair price. The way I see it, game worns regardless of player and team aren't cheap. WBS itself opens jersey auctions at $250 when we have them. What's the correct thing to do here? My eBay feedback is perfect and I don't want to get into a back and forth with someone who wants to lowball me.
  3. OK OK you guys win! I think I'm going to stay...but I may still cut down on the collection. I would just hate to have to give up some of my stuff, like the WBS specialty jerseys I've hunted down and the game worn my friend got me for Christmas last year (she has connections, let's just say). The jerseys under graphic sold me...
  4. I do enjoy it, but I know when I move I'll be giving up my season tickets to the team here...obviously haha, and I'm not sure if I'll have enough money to get a small plan to the Isles/Devils/Rangers. Part of the reason I was thinking of selling and keeping a few was because I didn't think I'd be going to as much hockey games, plus the money could help because you have to plunk so much down to rent. Ahhh crap...maybe I should change the topic to "considering leaving the hobby." Can't do that now I guess haha.
  5. I have about 30-40 jerseys in my collection. You guys are making me all reconsider and stuff! Haha.
  6. I don't have any size 50s or Blackhawks. Sorry about that!
  7. Hey everyone, I haven't been around in a while even though I have had some new arrivals in the last couple of months, including more luck with picking up some of the WBS specialty jerseys I've long desired. I meant to take pictures and come post but haven't gotten around to it for a few reasons (health issues, lack of time and energy, etc.) That said, it makes me a little sad to say that I've decided to stop collecting jerseys. I've had a lot of fun doing it for the last 3-4 years, but recently, I decided to move to New York City to better my career prospects. (I work in media and have dreams of working in media relations for a hockey team, but it has yet to pan out, and who knows if it even will at this point. So, I'm considering other areas of media/PR to continue my career, and NYC has a lot of them.) and to get a fresh start in my personal life. It's well-known that in NYC, you don't get a ton of space for the exorbitant rent you pay, even if you save money and share an apartment with people. I don't think the closests are big enough to handle my overflowing jersey collection. It's a tough decision because I love my jerseys so much, but this is a move I've thought about and feel like I have to make for my career. I was recently in NYC and went to my company's office to finally meet some coworkers after never meeting them in the three years I've worked at my job. (I have always worked remotely.) I work with a great group of people, and even though their main office is in San Francisco, I feel moving to NYC will give me more in-person interaction with them and help me out with the networking aspect, which in turn, opens more doors. That said, in the next couple months, I will be here to post my collection for sale and will be doing the same on eBay, talking to friends who might want to buy from me, etc. I am still keeipng a few jerseys, as they have sentimental value to me. For example, I'll be keeping the ones with personalized autographs from the player who signed them, and I will never be giving up my Darcy Robinson Wheeling Nailers jersey, as it doesn't feel right to sell the jersey of a player who passed away and I loved him when he was playing for the AHL Pens. Anyway, whatever ends up not selling I will decide if I am taking them with me (since I'll still have the Islanders, Rangers and Devils in close proximity anyway) or if I am leaving them behind to wear when I come home and attend games. It's been a lot of fun, and I feel a little down when I am missing out on the Meigray sales or see that the Baby Pens are getting new uniforms and I can't buy the jersey. But at the same time, this move means more to me than some jerseys and I feel if I don't leap now, I'll never get out of Wilkes-Barre, as there's not a lot of opportunity for me and I have no real reason to be here forever. Keep an eye out on the trading post for when I am ready to go. It's mostly going to be a Penguins fan haven, but maybe some of you will find something else you like.
  8. Well, just to close the loop here, I ended up re-listing what didn't sell for the THIRD time. Yes, I am persistent. Anyway, I tried knocking down the prices by $50 instead of $25 like I was doing. That seemed to help, as I moved five jerseys this time and made close to $500. Not ideal, but I will take it...especially being self-employed and having a huge tax bill!
  9. LMAO! That's a guilty pleasure song for me. Just don't tell any...oh it's too late...
  10. Didn't know I would start such a huge debate! I tried to work with one of the sellers who wanted to pay something lower. I gave him a price a little higher than what he had offered and asked him to let me know if he wanted to pay that. He told me he was at work and had to get back to me that night (this was on Monday), but of course he never got back to me. I did the same with another buyer, who, instead of responding to the message saying whether or not he would pay that, wrote back in all-CAPS and told me to call him and that he was "waiting" for me. Weird. My assumption is that neither of them were that serious to begin with.
  11. Curry1fan

    New Arrivals v6.0

    This was an impulse eBay buy, and I had almost talked myself out of getting it because I went away this past weekend. But, when the seller relisted it and dropped the price, I couldn't resist and picked it up. I had wanted this style jersey forever, and I figured better get it while it's there at such a good price. This is a Toby Petersen WBS Penguins St. Patrick's day jersey from the 2003-04 season. Petersen is one of the team's all-time most popular players, so that's also what enticed me.
  12. I am trying to dump some old jerseys, about 15 or so, that I am no longer attached to/wear. I list the starting price sort of higher, as I didn't exactly get all these jerseys for free (the majority I am trying to sell are authentics or game worn), and it seems like a lot of people think they can talk me into letting them have the jersey for a very low price or think they don't have to pay at least the starting bid! For example, I listed two jerseys for sale with a starting bid of $150. A buyer e-mailed me and asked if I would be interested in a package deal for the two at $300. I said I would be, but I couldn't end the listing early to sell the jerseys to them. They said they would keep watching the listing. Yesterday, after the auctions ended with no buyers, the same person e-mailed me back and now wants to pay $125 for one of the jerseys with no mention of the other one they wanted to buy! I am also selling a non-hockey jersey, a Derek Jeter replica jersey from the 2010 MLB All-Star Game. I paid good money for it in the Yankees Clubhouse store in NYC, and I set the auction to reflect this. Someone e-mailed me after the listing ended and wanted to see if I'd take $55 for it, which is about half of what I paid originally! There was no way I was going to sell it for that little. This is so frustrating and I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with the same thing on eBay. The first time around I tried to sell some jerseys, which was a couple of months back, I had buyers doing the exact same thing, asking me to lower prices for them by ridiculous amounts. What is with people? Personally, when I am a bidder, I don't try to go for anything out of my price range, and I would never e-mail a seller asking them to lower the price for me. I have used the best offer button a couple of times and gotten jerseys that way, but I don't have that on my auction. What should I do about this? Do I need a disclaimer in my listings or something about the pricing, or should I stop responding to buyers who obviously think they don't have to pay what is listed? I can't just practically give away all my jerseys, as I need to make money too.
  13. Bumping back up. I received a shipping label this morning to get the jersey back to Jersey Express, and they will fix the customizing on it for me. The AHL Store customer rep also gave me a 15% refund, which comes out close to $30, and they are paying for the shipping for the jersey to go back to Buffalo. Although I am disappointed the jersey may not be fixed before the season is over, it is still better than nothing, and I have plenty of others to wear. Not much complaining here!
  14. Got an e-mail back from the AHL customer service rep this morning. He said they'll be in touch with the customizer to see if my jersey can be re-done to the specs on the WBS gamer I sent them. Once he hears from them, I'll get an answer. Fingers crossed!
  15. I e-mailed the AHL Store in hopes of getting all my money back. I own Pittsburgh jerseys too and it looks like the customizer just slapped it with Pittsburgh specs. The return address on my package says Action Spot Sports Enterprise in Buffalo. Anyone ever hear of them? This is the first I have...
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