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  1. Late to the party, but I hate this too. And you're right, a lot of people with fake jerseys who claim they can't afford $300 jerseys can ALWAYS afford club seats or glass seats. I hate to judge, but there's a lot of irony in that to me. And I also agree with the others with the amount of fakes you see at games. I see soooo many it's unbelievable. I wish I could explain to people that they're not getting the great deal they think they are, but of course, this politically correct society disallows that. Oh well, such is life.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but the 4 and the 8 on the arms of this jersey look like they are each in a different font. http://cgi.ebay.com/Tyler-Kennedy-Pittsburgh-Penguins-48-Jersey-SIZE52_W0QQitemZ160421456203QQcmdZViewItemQQptZU_Hockey_Fan_Shop?hash=item2559dd294b Other than that, this is a hot mess.
  3. I can't believe someone actually bid on that. Or can I?
  4. Plus the lettering on that looks too thick...it doesn't look that big on my Crosby Canada jersey.
  5. That actually hurt my eyes. Haha.
  6. So either someone is either gonna be really disappointed or just be oblivious and be jumping for joy?
  7. Hmmm...looks like someone bought iron on letters from the local A.C. Moore (or whatever) and glued them on.
  8. I can't believe someone actually bid on it...
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-ANAHEIM-MIGHTY...=item414c15037c Oxymoron?
  10. Not to mention that the seller is also selling a Fleury WBS jersey with the same INCORRECT customization. And they are charging $300 for a REPLICA? I could at least kinda understand if it was an authentic but geez... And to the curious, here is what the customization on the black jersey should look like:
  11. Pittsburgh customizing on a WBS Penguins jersey? Sigh...I have this jersey style and the customizing is NOT supposed to look like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/MAXIME-TALBOT-WILKES-B...=item3ca8d116c5
  12. Kinda disappointed that SportsK raised their prices. It won't stop me from going there b/c they do an excellent job on customizing and have the superior customer service as well, but I was attracted to them for their value. Oh well. Like I said, the excellent product they provide will still make it worth it to me. I also want to get one of those blank gold replicas. I have tried Ebay but again, the only ones seem to be Lemieux ones. Nothing against Mario but I don't think I need two or three Mario jerseys in my closet. It's cramped with jerseys enough as it is. Oh, and I was able to secure
  13. While I would never buy a jersey from NHL Shop UNLESS they go back to the sewn customization that IJ does currently, I have noticed from looking at some jerseys in stores that some of the screen printing looks better on certain teams' jerseys than on others. For instance, I think the screen printing on the Pens' home and away jerseys look like absolute crap, but it's not as bad on their blue third jerseys. The Flyers jerseys look really cheap as well. But last Friday in a mall in NJ on my travels to the Nassau Coliseum, the Devils jerseys available didn't look too bad either. Neither did the
  14. Why do people think it's a good idea to customize a jersey in marker? http://cgi.ebay.com/XL-HOCKEY-JERSEY-STEHL...=item4a9c32bbc9
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Jersey-Devils-30-M...id=p3286.c0.m14
  16. Abid actually scored one of the weirdest goals in WBS Penguins history that I can remember. It was a normal goal by goal scoring standards, but it was the first goal of a game in 2005 against Philadelphia. I think the goal judge had fallen asleep b/c the puck definitely went in the net but the judge didn't turn on the light and the horn didn't go off so everyone just kinda sat there..with some people randomly applauding. Eventually someone's brain woke up and the goal celebration ensued.
  17. I do not understand why perfectly good sellers do stuff like that (I've bought player shirts from stadiumstyle; never had a problem)
  18. I've seen other jerseys like that on Ebay where people think they can actually sell one with their own name on the back. Why would they think anyone not sharing a name with them would want that? For what it's worth, that Syracuse jersey is pretty ugly to boot. In my opinion of course.
  19. The people on the official Pens boards where I post told me that they don't care about a perfect jersey, they just want a "close" one. Actually, someone on LGP put it in words I agree with: if these people think RBK jerseys are such crap, what do they think they are going to get when they purchase something for cheap from overseas? OK, so the lettering and logos are close, but what about the fabric and how well the lettering will hold over time? I wonder if it would peel off? I really wish all those fake shops would get shut down, but too many people are dumb enough to purchase from them.
  20. Here is the story I found on the topic. I don't live in Pittsburgh, so I don't know anyone affected by this personally. This happened last June around the time the Pens were in the Finals. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburgh...s/s_570699.html Also, a poster on LetsGoPens.com was one of the ones who had jerseys taken/confiscated. He placed an order for himself and some friends and all the jerseys were confiscated (5th post down, along with replies from others): http://www.letsgopens.com/scripts/phpBB3/v...13&start=75
  21. Read the Pittsburgh Pens boards sometime and they seem to LOVE the idea of buying Asian knockoffs. Why are my teams' fans so dumb? It's bad enough 95% of them are bandwagoners and now they are in love with jerseys from questionable websites. I tried to warn them, especially since counterfeits were seized and confiscated in the Burgh last year, but they don't seem to care. They think it's nice now, but we'll see.
  22. Madflava, no offense but I read Puck Daddy's jersey fouls every time he writes the column and the Cap fans are by far the worst offenders!
  23. It may have happened in DC, but that doesn't make it right...
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