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  1. A lot of really sweet 80's stuff posted the last few months. Nice @enzo269!
  2. Nice! You get that from Wes? I just traded that to him in the fall. Interesting to see how things move around. 🙂
  3. That is kind of ironic. Know what would save the planet more? Not producing extra jerseys. 🤣 Overall? Dumb. But of the bunch, Leafs, Wings, Caps & Rags all look pretty decent. Black ones I hate entirely. I might dig the Pens if the logo wasn't all yellow; maybe if it were black. The white ones specifically I kind of actually like with the gray stripes - looks a bit like a thermal sweater. But the logos are so hit or miss that I can't get fully on board. I'd never buy one, but seeing them for the games might possibly be interesting for particular players based on what teams they are on as mentioned above.
  4. blurryhaze

    Newer Jerseys

    I was actually just looking at your profile the other day, wondering where you've been at. Welcome back!
  5. At least with the NFL I can understand - the jersey is nothing without the player numbers on it. Not an NBA fan so I can't comment too much, but at least those appear to have the team name on the chest also.
  6. Anyone have a Pens Pro Player 99-2000 jersey home and/or away in a size smaller than 52? Prefer smaller than 50, but will consider 50 if I have to. Also looking for a Pens gold toe jersey with the small block CCM. Size 52 or smaller; blank, or one that we can determine would be a clean strip.
  7. "You wouldn't even have any jerseys if it wasn't for me getting you into hockey in high school."
  8. Any authentic Badger Bob patches out there available? Will make it well worth your while...
  9. It was a normal tag, but the ink they used just washed right away. I didn't even scrub or wipe it really.
  10. Can confirm that it dissolved off almost immediately, at least on the front of the tag. Giving it a go. 3-4 hours and two attempts and we're getting there. Might need a few more.
  11. Anyone with washing tips for durene? Obviously not going to put it in the washing machine....but what should be a light cream jersey has a bunch of yellowing that looks like it should clean out at least fairly well...
  12. WOW - NICE!! Very bold colors. Congrats. Is the yellow on the crest note a shiny material?
  13. I'm really not a Matthews fan, but that's an undeniably cool piece to have. Nice!
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