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  1. It was a normal tag, but the ink they used just washed right away. I didn't even scrub or wipe it really.
  2. Can confirm that it dissolved off almost immediately, at least on the front of the tag. Giving it a go. 3-4 hours and two attempts and we're getting there. Might need a few more.
  3. Anyone with washing tips for durene? Obviously not going to put it in the washing machine....but what should be a light cream jersey has a bunch of yellowing that looks like it should clean out at least fairly well...
  4. WOW - NICE!! Very bold colors. Congrats. Is the yellow on the crest note a shiny material?
  5. I'm really not a Matthews fan, but that's an undeniably cool piece to have. Nice!
  6. Stories like these are why I just about refuse to do any business whatsoever on FB. I made one trade very recently, but only because the guy had good feedback on other past trades. Plus what he was offering up for sale was a really rare item that I figured he at least was a dedicated collector. The entire transaction turned out flawlessly, but I was still very nervous all the way up until both jerseys arrived at their respective doorsteps. It's not a problem that's specific to just FB/Reddit...but the audiences in both of those communities are so large that it's nearly impossible to know who you are dealing with - unlike a tight-knit group like this where you get to know most everyone.
  7. Paging @slimcutta I know you did a how-to write up in this post, but the pics are long dead. Don't recall ever seeing a final version with the new logos sealed on, but I at least know you did the removal. @perthisthereason
  8. Anyone happen to have an authentic Pens 2010 Inaugural Season (Consol Energy Center) patch in navy blue? Bought one from Patch Collection and it was a bad repro that didn't match their auction photos.
  9. In my frame? Yup. I've noticed that there are slight variations from patch to patch on the 91 that are authentic, mainly in the highlight and shadow areas & sometimes in the orange overflowing beyond the boundary lines. Here's a couple game-worn auctions: Bobby Smith: Brian Bellows: Dave Gagner: Photo from Casey Samuelson's website for a Lemieux gamer:
  10. 😉 Supposedly it was from a stack of league-provided patches in the Hawks locker room that season, already sewn onto the swatch. I didn't pay any more for it than one without a story behind it, so whether true or not I don't care. It's an authentic patch and I like to think the story is real, so I kept it on the red because it's like keeping a memento from the enemy after the win. haha Michael's has some basic shallow shadow boxes. I can't remember which one I bought, but it was one of these: https://www.michaels.com/studio-d%3Fecor-shadowbox-black-6x14in/10223093.html https://www.michaels.com/studio-decor-shadowbox-black-9in-x-20in/10242167.html
  11. No joke, I had a work acquaintance once tell me that there was no visual difference between any of the skating Penguin logos dating back to the 1980 & 70s. Dude is a graphic designer. My wife is at least interested and feigns excitement when I show her a new arrival.
  12. Thanks guys. Honestly I've learned almost everything I know about this hobby because of you guys sharing how-to's, pictures and tips/tricks over the past 10 years I've been here - so thank you!
  13. Part Three, Grand Finale: These next three turned out great...still stunned that I found any of them, let alone all three... The first two had kits and old sewn-on penguin crests & the CCM was purchased from a board member blank with the same situation. I scanned in a photo of the logo and recreated it in Illustrator. Finally found someone that could screen print them down. Very fun project, and very satisfying to see through to completion. 1980-81 Sandow Away & Alternate (alternate is a little small, so it's the wife's...but still!): 1984-85 CCM that will be a Mario Rookie when I can get the chance to do it: These next two are the most recent acquisitions... 1986-87 Home/Away Lemieux Cooper set: And finally, 1987-88 Lemieux CCM airknit set: The 87-88 set was a really fun, LONG project. I stumbled upon both of those on ebay maybe two years ago around Christmas a few weeks apart from the same seller. Even before that I already had a blank black one I bought from @thebiggoalie back in 2013 maybe. The ebay finds were incorrectly customized with twill kits and were a nightmare to strip and clean. While I did that, I did some research because I already knew there were game-worn auctions for the white so that was easy to replicate, but very little, if any info in the form of pictures or video for the black model from that season anywhere on the internet. I spent months researching, because I knew there were 2 different letter/number font versions used that season. Early in the 1987 season and up through Feb of 88 the numbers were much thinner, and the shoulder numbers had white vinyl in the little loops of the 6s; to add to that, the "C" on the chest was a really unattractive, thin font as well. I just didn't like the look of it. I wanted the version that more closely matched the white one shown in the game-worn auction. Between a photo, a magazine and some promotional items (LOL multiple Snickers ads) I found on ebay I was able to come to a pretty good conclusion that I had all the details to have our buddy @TMLFAN make up both kits. Wanting to be 100% confident though, I searched a little bit more for some video. Turns out I ended up finding a guy with an ENORMOUS collection of old hockey game recordings and he just happened to have the exact game that the black jersey was used for the first time with the font I wanted. Bought a DVD of the game from him and got these things completed. I've had so much fun between these two and the three early 80s jerseys up top. Couldn't wait to share with the group.
  14. Part Two, odds & ends... 1991 Cup Final Lemieux to complete my set (both 91 Cup patches that I have sewn down are what I assume to be replica, but are 99% accurate compared to authentics): Was fortunate enough to land this from a board member a while ago; so pumped to find an authentic one (and unused, at that) that it will stay framed: Put together these little displays:
  15. So, as per usual for me I'm a little behind on "Arrival Day" but this is because I've been putting in a lot of work on these, sewing down myself, and they've all kind of finished up at the same time. At the same time, I kept stumbling on new things to buy and I kept not posting any updates. 🤷‍♂️ Not going to bother re-sharing all the things I've touched up, but I did go back and refresh a lot of my jerseys that had inaccuracies, most times resulting in complete strips/cleaning and putting down an entire new kit. Beyond that, I've got a couple of big project jerseys that have taken a few years to bring to completion that will come in a different post. Guess we'll start here with the modern stuff: 2017 Stadium Series (Edge 2.0): 2017 Cup Final Home/Away Set (Edge 2.0): Complete with fight strap Final logo detail (I used Avery iron transfers for these): 2018-19, 2019-20 Alternate (Indo): 2019 Stadium Series, Crosby (Indo): "Stronger Than Hate" Patches that were sold to benefit Tree of Life Synagogue:
  16. Fantastic jersey. Is that the one that was on ebay just a week or so ago?
  17. That Tocchet...I don't know if it's the patches on the shoulder, the general boldness of the lettering kit, the "C" or just the whole ensemble...but for the first time ever I pictured myself wearing a jersey with orange on it. Felt ok. Then I snapped back to reality. But seriously, that model of Flyers jersey might be the best they ever had.
  18. blurryhaze

    eBay version 4.0

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/89-90-Authentic-and-Rare-Golden-Toe-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Mario-Lemieux-jersey-48/283623155838?hash=item420941e87e:g:NiMAAOSw4SJdiU9t Incredibly over-priced considering accuracy...but big block CCM (sans the NHL shield) Gold Toe jersey. Needs stripped, replica all-star patch, but if you are desperately searching for that exact jersey. *shrug*
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