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  1. Nice Dan! Glad it turned out ok. Looks awesome.
  2. Hi, Looking for a Eric Lindros 92-93 Commemorative Jersey (1-300) each was individually signed by Lindros and has a LOA from Showcase. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rob
  3. rob77ta

    Meigray Expo 2017

    I will be there again this year with Flyers spanning from 1970-2017. Think this is my 5th straight year with a table. Hope to meet you guys there!
  4. Hi guys! Sorry I'm responding so late. The jersey is not game worn and probably was never in possession of the team. The fight strap is not the ones they used and the number font and crest are off. It's just a replica IMO.
  5. Bump. A couple of practice jerseys and a Matt Read game worn for sale!
  6. Congrats Mike! Gotta say my favorite is the Blackhawks home
  7. Hey Guys, Just caught up on about 30 pages of new arrivals....great authentics and gamers from a lot of you guys. I took a long nap
  8. A couple arrived this week. First up, 2013-14 Giroux road with nice wear. MGG LOA This white set 2 jersey was worn by Claude on the road from 12-15-13 through 2-3-14. In those 15 games, Giroux scored 6 goals and added 9 assists for a total of 15 points. The team would go 8-7 during that stretch of games. The jersey shows decent wear with the front exhibiting puckering to the crest from washings, three markings on the lower front, and the Captain's "C" proudly sewn to the left breast. The right arm shows two nice un-repaired holes/board burns, five black markings, and loose threads to the arm numbers. The left sleeve has two nice board burns, six black markings, and loose threads to the sleeve #8. The rear shows nice even wear with puckering to the rear numbers and nameplate, and a nice double cut on the top of the rear #8 that has been photo matched. The inside of the jersey exhibits a size 52 tag, pilling on the right elbow, and pilling to the left arm and elbow area. And had this one done up by Philly Express. Size 58 Ghost.
  9. A couple of new arrivals from 90-91 Tim Kerr 1990-91 Road Jersey. Size 54. Nice wear! This orange road jersey was worn by Tim Kerr during the 90-91 season, his last season as a Flyer. The front of the jersey exhibits a few markings on the crest, some black markings in various areas, and a 1" un-repaired hole on the lower left front. The right arm shows black markings throughout, a small board burn to the sleeve #1, a few board burns in the elbow area, an un-repaired hole in the elbow area, and an un-repaired hole above the elbow area. The left sleeve has a few black markings, a couple of decent board burns in the elbow area, and some smaller burns around the elbow area. The rear of the jersey shows nice even wear with some puckering to the numbers and an un-repaired hole next to the number 2. The inside of the jersey has 54 written on the Maska tag in blue ink and interior pilling under each arm. Jersey is photo matched. And this beaut HOF'er 90-91 Mark Howe Home Jersey. Size 50. This home jersey was worn by Hall of Famer Mark Howe during the 90-91 season (possiblly second half of 89-90 also). It has nice game use with the front featuring a few slash marks on the Flyers crest, numerous fabric pulls on the lower front, two 1/2" team repairs on the lower right front, and blood staining throughout. The left arm shows two small board burns in the elbow area, two light board burns in the black cuff area, a white mark with slightly torn material on the upper front shoulder area, a board burn or cut in the middle of the sleeve #2, and a 1" black marking. The right sleeve has four light board burns in the elbow and cuff area, heavy pilling on the outer cuff area, an un-repaired hole to the left of the sleeve #2, and a few black markings in the orange sleeve area. The rear of the jersey shows nice even wear with more blood staining, loose and missing stitching on the rear #2, more fabric pulls, and typical diagonal "Mark Howe" signature on the #2 that was obtained by the previous owner in June of 2003. The inside of the jersey features sweat staining, pilling in the right elbow area, pilling on the upper right back area behind the nameplate, and heavy salting to the fight strap buttons. More pictures of each jersey on the website below!
  10. 1998-99 Zubrus orange set 1. Byrons Hockeyland tag attached to fight strap. photo-match to black markings on left sleeve
  11. 2011-12 Claude Giroux Orange Set 1. Size 52. MeiGray LOA Jersey shows lighter wear with some black markings and board burns on the left sleeve. Jersey was worn for 14 games from 10/12/11 - 1/7/12 in which Giroux would post 6 goals and 13 assists for 19 points.
  12. 2013-14 Mason Home. MeiGray LOA. Nice photo-match to marks on sleeve #5
  13. James: that was my Boosh. Lol Sell it back! Slim: no you dittin
  14. They would have done the Koho
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