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  1. this may be a completely stupid thing to ask, but i have no idea what size to buy in authentic reebok sizes. heres a link to the jersey.. http://fanshop.sfgate.com/Colorado-Avalanc...9245186_PD.html i wear a size XL regularly, so what number would i get?
  2. Howler1933

    Fantasy Hockey Jerseys

    i love the nords jersey! but only the blue colors, teal ruins everything. owning that jersey would make my life. a Cleveland Barons NHL jersey would be F*ckin great too.
  3. Howler1933

    Players you love or loved to hate

    i haaaaate darcy tucker seeing him in an Avs uniform.. ughhh. makes me sick to my stomach.
  4. Fansedge.com, anyone ever buy anything from there? im looking to buy an autographed Roy jersey, not a big fan of ebay so im looking elsewhere.. theyve got it. but i dont want to sent 700 bucks and get ripped off. anyone?