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  1. That was me. The Sens store was anything but honest upfront but they did correct the issue for me.
  2. absolutely ridiculous....but you don't even have to be a canucks fan to like those sweaters..they're just mesmerizing. #mindblown
  3. Was never of a fan of the "D", this could have been the opportunity to revive the old "Mighty" theme and duck-bill mask. A pass for me.
  4. The Rangers relied on Henrik more than the Kings did on Quick in game 5. The flurry of shots on net against the Rangers in the OT periods speak for themselves.
  5. Best game I have seen in a long time. NYR played their hearts out...hats off to everyone who was part of tonight.
  6. HUGE Duchene you got there! Enjoy and congrats!
  7. Glad I didn't order a Florida (wanted Huberdeau...vector + piping rules that out) but am pleased to see the Hurricanes jerseys are 2.0s...I really want to get a Skinner now...
  8. bb83...how do you sleep with yourself at night knowing you don't own every 'Nucks gamer that has ever existed?
  9. Gretzky maybe a tad too obvious but who cares? Those things are so hard to get a hold of...I wouldn't "waste" it on anything less than Wayne if it were me.
  10. I have a Zibanejad converted already. You can see the vector outline from inside of the jersey but EPS applies the woodmark to a piece of edge material and sows that on so that it covers any trace of the vector logo. Not 100% accurate either but it's a hell of a lot closer if your player never wore a vector with that team. Pick your poison.
  11. Emailed EPS, they said loose wordmarks would be $15 a pop, and converting a jersey from vector to wordmark would be $25 per jersey. I believe they make the wordmark patches themselves. The vector looks like its considerably harder to replicate so I don't they'll be able to do the reverse conversion.
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